Grow Field Usage with Artificial Field Turf

Increase the demanding field usage with artificial field turf.  The overwhelming field schedule job feels like a juggle trying to schedule games, practices, and tournaments.  Field schedulers simply can’t meet the demands of regular fields.  Trying to accommodate multiple sports on a regular grass field is time-consuming.  Grass fields require lots of prep work and many unknowns of when they might dry out after a rain shower.  An artificial turf sports field takes the dilemma away from limited time schedules.  This is due to the flexibility that comes with an artificial turf sports field.  Instead of having a dedicated field for one sport, synthetic turf provides a multipurpose field.  Therefore, the field can host football, softball, baseball, rugby, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, and band practice.  As well as other outdoor events.

A synthetic turf sporting field provides more field time to host multiple events.  Now, coaches and sports players can utilize the playing field more for practices or games.  The increase in events means an increase in revenue.  With more field time available, club owners can bring in even more revenue through additional tournaments as well.  Sports fields with artificial turf allow for year-round playing time.  The seasons don’t have to end before the grass dies.  All by adding an artificial turf sporting field to the sports complex or school.

artificial field turf

A synthetic turf sports field provides low maintenance and more field usage.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Artificial Field Turf Saves on Maintenance

Sports fields contain tedious prep work of mowing, watering, seeding, and laying sod.  Field maintenance eats away at field usage time.  As a result, players have to wait for the fields to be groomed.  Additionally, the wait can become even longer for re-sodding or re-growing fields.  Synthetic turf sporting fields provide readiness for game time with none of the wasted maintenance time.  So, the wet field condition can not become worrisome to cancellations.  Underneath the synthetic turf fibers is a highly advanced drainage system.  This means the drainage system allows for fields to dry quickly without having to cancel games or practices.

NexGen Lawns can assist your sporting complex or school with increased field usage through artificial turf.  We carry a wide range of field turf available for purchase online.  Each product contains different attributes.  Therefore, please give us a call today to learn more about which artificial turf product fits your sporting needs.  You can reach our artificial sporting turf experts at 1-888-844-0672.