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As Artificial Grass Installers operating in Oklahoma City, NexGen Lawns has residents’ needs well and truly covered with our advanced range of artificial grass products.  Specially developed over the last 3 decades, our range of artificial grass products adapts to many different environments.  Whether you require artificial grass in Oklahoma City for a school playground, sports field, dog run, putting green, or for your lawn at home.  NexGen Lawns in OKC has the options right here to help you moving forward.

If you are looking for artificial grass installers in Oklahoma City, you have certainly come to the right place.  NexGen Lawns has all the skills and expertise to make sure the job is done properly.  From our Oklahoma base, we can visit you at your location in Oklahoma City and gather all the information we need to professionally install your new artificial grass surface.  Working on a commercial and domestic level, it doesn’t matter how big or small of an area you want to refurbish.  NexGen Lawns has artificial turf systems at our helm to change the way your lawn or sports field looks, functions, and feels.

Artificial Grass in Oklahoma City Options

As someone who is considering purchasing Artificial Grass in Oklahoma City, it’s extremely important for you to understand the features and benefits of each different option.  NexGen Lawns has made a point to talk about just a few of these options below:

Home Artificial Grass in Oklahoma City

Artificial Grass Oklahoma City

Having home artificial grass in Oklahoma City installed is a smart move.  Not only will you never have to mow or water your yard again, but your grass will also stay green all year round, even when exposed to sunlight or the waste of pets.  Think of all the time you can save not having to tend to your lawn every week to mow, edge, pick, or kill weeds.  Or the money you have to spend to pay someone or a company to take care of the yard.  No more need to fertilize and put down harsh chemicals that could leach into our drinking water system over time.  By having artificial grass in Oklahoma City you will save money on your watering bills.  By eliminating watering your lawn you will be helping to save one of our precious resources, our drinking water.

Our Rapid Flow drainage backing will allow water to flow right through our residential artificial turf and into the rock base below the synthetic grass in your yard.  This will allow children, pets, or yourself to go out in the yard without the worry of mud puddles.  Both during or right after it rains.  Muddy foot or paw prints that once plagued the halls of your home will no longer be present.  Instead, you can relax in the comfort of your synthetic lawn in a pure sophisticated fashion.  Your pets will enjoy your artificial lawn grass in Oklahoma City too!  Therefore, call for an artificial grass yard to help you enjoy your time without the worry of lawn work.

Pet Grass Oklahoma City

Artificial Turf for Dogs in Oklahoma CityDogs can enjoy artificial grass surfaces just as much as they love regular grass, if not more.  The problem with regular grass is dogs like digging things up and traipsing their muddy paw prints through the house.  With pet grass, Oklahoma City digging in the yard is eliminated.  Instead, return your lawn to a welcoming place for any activity.  Clean-up is quick and easy on our pet grass in Oklahoma City.  The waste does not get ground into the dirt like normal grass.  Instead waste sits on top of the synthetic grass for easy pickup.  Then, K9 artificial grass simply rinses off by hand or by mother nature.  Dogs can also feel irritated by insects, allergies, and other pesticides found outdoors.  Synthetic grass for dogs can help alleviate your pet from these irritants.  Pet owners will see the true benefits of having pet grass Oklahoma City installed at home.

Pet resorts, dog parks, and doggy training centers are ideal areas to have artificial grass installed as waste is easy to clean up, and our advanced drainage systems allow urine to pass through.  Trying to upkeep a grassy area takes a lot of time and is about impossible due to several furry paws running in the same spots over and over.  Concrete can be cold and harsh on dogs’ paws making them uncomfortable and sore.  Pet turf comes designed to handle the rugged nature of pets through the strength of the fake turf.  Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the area will be easy to upkeep for many many years.  Your dogs will definitely love you for having K9 artificial grass installed as they can play and roll around until their heart’s content.

Artificial Turf Oklahoma City for Sports Fields

Artificial Turf Oklahoma CitySports fields require a high level of maintenance as grass needs to be kept short, green, and fresh.  This can often be expensive and extremely time-consuming.  Groundsmen spend hours each day maintaining sports fields.  However, this money spent paying them could be filtered back into clubs for other things.  A one-off cost with an artificial turf Oklahoma City for sports fields will enhance your sports field in a massive way.  Plus, you will still notice savings in many years to come.  Why wouldn’t you want artificial sports turf installed at your sporting venue?  Baseball, soccer, football, field hockey, lacrosse, bocce ball, and golf course can all improve significantly with the installation of artificial grass surfaces.

Players’ performance will improve as they will get used to an artificial turf sports surface which plays consistently 365 days a year.  One synthetic turf athletic field allows for accommodations of several different activities eliminating the need for multiple fields.  The usage of an artificial turf field means it does not require the heavy monitoring of grass.  Since natural fields wear and tear leaving you stuck waiting till the grass comes back.  Additionally, with lights, an astro turf style field can play 24 hours a day.   NexGen Lawns offer a range of artificial grass in Oklahoma City products to suit the needs of your sports field.  Feel free to call us for assistance.

Artificial Putting Greens Oklahoma City

Backyard Putting Green Oklahoma City

The people of Oklahoma City love a good game of Golf.  We find this to be true with most places in Oklahoma, and America for that matter.  They love it so much that they now want artificial putting greens in Oklahoma City installed in their backyards at home.  Why?  So they can practice chip shots and putting whenever they want, without having to drive to the nearest course.  With a NexGen Lawns backyard synthetic putting green with artificial grass fringe you can have your own personal residential putting green.  Plus, you won’t have the high maintenance of a traditional green.

The artificial putting green turf can handle chip shots up to 200 yards away.  Allowing you to work on chip shots up to practicing with your driver to improve your approach onto the green.  Working on your game from home on an artificial turf putting green can seriously benefit your Golf game.  Plus, stand you in good stead at your next tournament or competitive game with pals from work.

NexGen Lawns can fully refurbish Golf Courses with our artificial grass surfaces, or we can focus all attention on your tee lines or putting greens.  With a golf synthetic tee line your golfers can practice their swing anywhere without having to work around worn-out spots.  The power is totally in your hands, but exactly like sports fields, maintenance will be reduced significantly.  Thus, you can save your club a lot of time and money through synthetic grass Oklahoma City surfaces installed by NexGen Lawns.

Artificial Grass for Playgrounds Oklahoma City

Playgound Turf Oklahoma City

Playground areas can be a wrecking range for children who like to get their hands dirty, dig holes, play with insects, and chuck grass at each other.  This comes from playgrounds that contain natural grass or have wood or rubber mulch pits underneath them.  Caregivers everywhere can now rejoice though, as the installation of playground artificial grass in Oklahoma City will eliminate these issues.  Creating child-friendly clean areas where kids can play safely is just common sense.  Since it benefits children and those who have the responsibility of looking after them.

When it rains outside for many schools and daycare centers it means that the children may not be able to go outside for a day or two waiting on the ground to dry and for mud puddles to go away.  With artificial grass for playgrounds in Oklahoma City, this is no longer an issue.  Shortly after it rains, the kids can go outside again.  Due to the quick drainage of playground grass water drains without puddling on top of the turf surface.  Unlike normal grass that leaves you waiting on the ground to absorb it.

NexGen Lawns has already refurbished a number of school play parks and playgrounds in Oklahoma City, and we can do the same for you.

Differences Between Natural and Artificial Grass in Oklahoma City

A perfectly manicured lawn is a staple of life in OKC. But with natural grass, that means lots of work. From mowing and fertilizing to water and making sure that weeds and pests are kept at bay, keeping up appearances with natural grass isn’t easy. However, with artificial grass in Oklahoma City, every day is an opportunity for your lawn to look great.  You also won’t have to worry about all the upkeep when it comes to artificial grass.

While it’s true that you’ll need to replace your existing grass to realize the benefits of artificial grass for your Oklahoma City home.  Installation costs are cheaper than you’d think, and ongoing maintenance is essentially negligible, especially considering your valuable time. Forget about spending hours a week keeping your grass lawn looking its best.  Artificial grass in Oklahoma City requires no water, no mowing, and no regular maintenance.

All you need to do is periodically rinse off any debris and pick up any organic matter left behind by pets or pests. That’s it — no watering, seeding, weeding, or trimming needed. The best part is that your lawn always looks perfect, just like a recent cut. So, go ahead, let the neighbors think that you’re spending all your time keeping up with your lawn when you’re doing anything but.

Especially if you’ve spent decades taking care of natural grass, only to repeat the exercise week after week before all your hard work gets overrun by mother nature.  Artificial grass in Oklahoma City is the best way to enjoy your outdoor areas without feeling like you’re always falling behind. 

Simply put, NexGen Lawns artificial grass turf gives you the appearance of a perfectly cut and maintained lawn.  All without hard work.  Each day that you or your family spends out on your Oklahoma City lawn is another reminder of how nice it is to always have a perfect yard at your disposal.

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NexGen Lawns comes ideally placed in Oklahoma City to install our artificial grass products all over the Oklahoma area.  Are you looking for artificial grass installers in OKC?  Then, make sure you get in touch with NexGen Lawns to find out more information.  Browse the rest of our site to find further information about each of our products.  Then, order your new artificial lawn online today.  NexGen Lawns are the first choice for artificial grass in Oklahoma City.  So make sure you give us a call and we can discuss your options with you.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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