Bocce Ball Court Surfaces

Artificial Grass Bocce Ball Court Surfaces

Artificial Turf for Bocce Ball Court

Bocce ball has quickly become a fun game across many households that both adults and children enjoy playing.  With easy set up for a fun-filled game, many residential and commercial properties have added the game of bocce ball.  NexGen Lawns synthetic grass provide stunning court surfaces for both indoor and outdoor bocce ball courts.  Our highly skilled artificial grass bocce ball installation professionals can install premium synthetic grass courts on a variety of surfaces.  From concrete floors and patios, wooden decks, and right in your very own backyard!

An Artificial Grass Bocce Court is Hassle-Free!

We provide highly durable maintenance-free playing surfaces that are unbelievably realistic.  Once your synthetic grass playing court is installed, there is no need for watering, mowing, raking or trimming.  Thus, providing you a clean enjoyable playing surface!  Unlike regular grass, synthetic grass allows for use year round.  All without the worries of the court turning brown and becoming rough and uneven.

NexGen Lawns bocce courts not only provide for just an excellent game of bocce ball, but also can be used for the game of lawn bowling.  Lawn bowling is a perfect game for all ages from the youngest to the oldest to enjoy!  Our innovative technology allows for optimal ball roll with our smooth artificial turf courts.  Artificial bocce ball courts and lawn bowling courts gives you and your family yearly game time with our advanced drainage system.  Rain water quickly passes through the artificial grass court leaving a mud-free playing surface for your family and friends to enjoy.  No more worries of cancelling game night over a rainy day!

Give NexGen Lawns a call today to start playing on your very own synthetic grass bocce ball court!  Our expertise staff can install our high quality synthetic grass bocce ball courts both indoors and outdoors for all your fun ball rolls with family and friends!