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Synthetic Grass Sports Turf

Artificial Turf for Football, Soccer, Baseball, and More!

Artificial Sports Turf

On a natural grass sports field, scheduling activities can be difficult due to field recovery time.  As well as, maintenance can become very unpredictable and costly.  A NexGen Lawns synthetic turf system makes scheduling and accommodating multiple activities easy and your field will always be ready for game day.

A NexGen Lawns artificial turf system eliminates the need, expense, and upkeep necessary in having additional fields.  There will be no more down time waiting for the fields to be ready.  From football, soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse, field hockey, band practice and more, one artificial turf field can do it all!

The typical natural turf field will start to breakdown and show extreme wear at 100 hours of event use.  After 140 event hours a natural turf field turns into a natural dirt field.  Which becomes a muddy mess in the rain causing cancelled practices and games due to wet field conditions.  The cost of keeping a natural grass field in playable condition can exceed more than $30,000 per year, per field.  Due to chemicals, fertilizer, re-sodding, seed, water, cutting and other necessary labor.  No amount of maintenance can prevent overuse from turning your expensive natural grass field into to very expensive dirt or muddy field.

With a NexGen Lawns synthetic turf system, you can utilize your field in excess of 500 event hours as well as all the practice use you can schedule.  There is literally no limit to the activities it will accommodate, especially with the addition of lighting.  A NexGen Lawns sports turf field is equal to having four or five natural fields.  With maintenance having a minimal annual cost, the long term cost and cost per event are much lower than a natural grass field.

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