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Synthetic Putting Green with Sand Trap

Synthetic Putting Greens

Searching for high quality artificial putting greens?

Whether it is a commercial or backyard putting green you are looking for, NexGen Lawns has you covered. We have artificial putting green grass surfaces designed for any setting.

Artificial putting greens for backyards? No problem. Fake grass greens for your office? Why not?

From multiple holes to a bunker to sand traps in your backyard, our customization makes us the name in the game. Our putting green turf provides the best ball roll available. And when it comes to durability, our synthetic putting greens can catch a shot from more than 200 yards out.

For the golfer looking for a backyard artificial putting green solution without the maintenance of a real grass green. And when NexGen Lawns installs a putting green with artificial grass in your backyard, it will be custom designed. This means your putting green turf is one of a kind, and specifically for you.

Our experienced construction techniques will give you the features of your favorite course right at home. And did we mention, NexGen Lawns offers indoor and outdoor synthetic putting greens! This means you don’t have to worry about the weather and can work on your putts (or entertainment) day or night, year-round.

Top Notch Putting Green Turf

There is a misconception that artificial putting greens don’t look or feel like the real thing. On the contrary, they not only look like the real thing, they perform like the real thing as well. In fact, our artificial putting green turf is the most realistic golfing surface available.

For example, the fibers on our fake grass greens are soft and durable to provide more ball roll resistance. After all, if you are going to spend hours on the green, it better have an amazing roll.

Our artificial grass putting greens are the surface of choice all over the world due to our high quality materials. We also use a PVC cup support system for easy replacement of the putting green cups in case one should ever become damaged.

No More Excuses

With our artificial putting green for your backyard or office, you are sure to become a better golfer. Sure, you might only be installing your putting green for enjoyment. Even so, your skills over time are bound to improve. And since the green is always ready to play on, there are no more excuses not to be improving.

Since our synthetic putting greens require no maintenance, they are always ready to go. This means no trimming, no watering, no weeding, etc. Just imagine, a putting green that stays pristine all the time.

There is no reason to wait. Consider installing an artificial putting green in your backyard or porch (or wherever!) today.

“How to Choose the Best Synthetic Putting Green Turf for Your Backyard.”

Backyard Synthetic Putting Greens

There’s a lot to know when choosing a synthetic putting green turf for your backyard. Specifically, it comes down to more than just: should it be texturized yarn or slit-film yarn? Although, that is a good place to start.

But in addition to which style of yarn to choose, it’s equally important to know the ways the synthetic turf is manufactured. Further, understanding the type of infill used will help inform your decision more accurately.

Of course, the installation method and base material are paramount to a successful installation. But let’s tackle some of these considerations right here. Here are 3 important considerations when choosing your artificial grass for golf.

Texturized vs. Slit-Film Putting Greens

Texturized or Slit-Film (aka fibrillated)? This has been debated many times over. There are many advantages and disadvantages of both.

First of all, it’s important to note that texturized Yarn comes in two styles, 1) Nylon and 2) Polyethylene. For the sake of confusion, when referring to “Texturized” we will be referring to the polyethylene texturized yarn. To be clear, both nylon and poly texturized yarns are high quality.

However, the poly texturized has less problems than the nylon one. This is because the nylon yarns can have “moisture regain.” Ultimately, this means it retains more moisture and causes more movement of the turf. And yep, you guessed it, this combination can possibly be problematic.

The biggest consideration is whether you’ll be hitting long shots to the backyard putting green. Slit-film artificial grass putting greens are better for holding shots from a distance. But it’s not because of the yarn composition. Rather, it’s because slit-film putting greens allow more room for infill material.

This material is spread in-between the yarn fibers during installation. The infill material is what takes the kinetic energy off the ball at impact, not the yarn composition. The more infill material in the backyard putting green, the longer the shot it will accept.

You can still hit shots of 30 yards to a texturized putting green, but you must add some extra infill material. The problem is the amount of infill is limited on texturized putting greens.

But remember, you don’t have to use your backyard artificial grass putting green for hitting long balls. In fact, you might just want to use it for chipping and putting. If this is the case, which one should you choose?

This is the million-dollar question!

What is important to keep in mind is that there is not one right answer. The bottom line is to find what works best for you. However, there are certainly pros and cons to consider. Here are some pros and cons for both.




 Truest Ball Roll X The ball always rolls on the fibers, not the infill material. Because it’s denser more fibers encounter the ball as well as the fibers are curled over.
Truest Ball Roll Over Time


The “spring back” nature of Texturized Yarn safeguards against matting keeping the ball roll consistent. Slit-Film will  soften over time and lay over causing inconsistent ball roll.
Accepts Long Shots


Hands down, Slit-Film.


The toughest yarn fiber is Texturized, but a well maintained Slit-Film green will last a very long time. It’s a putting green, not a football field.
Natural Appearance



Both look natural. Both deserve a check here.
Less Maintenance


Slit-Film has far more maintenance since most the product is infill instead of synthetic fibers. Slit-Film infilled putting greens are also susceptible to mold and fungus growth. Texturized putting greens require infill, but it is far less that it’s not a factor. See infill considerations below.
Less Mold, Mildew


The Infill material in a Slit-Film putting green is mostly sand which can promote mold and mildew growth. If you live in the desert or dry regions this will not be a factor.
Less Expansion/Contraction Problems


The biggest negatives to Texturized putting greens have mostly come from nylon texturized putting greens. But all Texturized Putting greens will still move a little more than a Slit-Film due to the lack of heavy infill ballast. Our Poly Putt is made from polyethylene and has less movement issues than the nylon texturized putting green.
No Size Limitations


Remember, nylon Texturized putting greens have the “moisture regain” problem. Therefore, it could be risky to install a nylon Texturized putting green that is larger than a 45’ by 45’.

It is also worth noting that if the table doesn’t answer all of your questions, our staff is happy to do so. Our team of dedicated professionals can help you choose the size and infill. And beyond that, we are happy to chat about accessories or explain the installation process.

Manufacturing Considerations

Not all synthetic turf is created equal! There are some important factors when it comes to synthetic turf quality.ngl augusta putting green turf

Texturized Putting Greens: Some texturized artificial grass putting greens will show streaks more than others. This is usually a quality issue but sometimes even the highest quality texturized yarn has some streaking problems.

Also, texturized putting greens can have an inconsistent ball roll in one direction. But then a perfect roll in the other. Since we have total control over every step of the manufacturing process, our putting greens have less streaking problems.

The most important factor when choosing a Texturized backyard putting green is the backing. It’s important to know that Texturized putting greens are susceptible to expansion and contraction. This can cause puckering and wrinkling. Because of this, a quality backing is extremely important!

The best backing is a rubberized backing. If you can see the stitches on the back of a Texturized putting green, then you need an update. This means you don’t have the reinforced extra backing you may need!

If you don’t have the reinforced rubber backing, you possibly could have problems. Unless you’re gluing your Texturized putting green to concrete.

A quality texturized turf product also has a higher bulk rate on the material. This makes for a denser product. When the fibers see heat, and draw down, they are closer together.

So, how do you know if the product you’re trying to buy has a higher bulk rate? The answer is a lot of the time you can’t tell. Therefore, it is best to get samples and roll the ball on them in all directions to see if it’s consistent.

Slit-Film Greens: A quality slit-film artificial grass putting green will have sheared tops, which means the tips of the fibers come sheared. Naturally, the ball roll is better with sheared tops.

slit-film sand filled putting green

Another consideration is the denier of the Slit-Film fiber. The most popular denier sizes are 5700 and 7600 deniers. Denier is the bulk reading of the yarn which is measured by combining the width and thickness of the yarn fiber. The higher the denier, the bulkier the fiber.

The 5700 fiber is softer and will perform better from the start. The 7600 denier fiber has a longer ”break-in” period but eventually relaxes. As far as durability there is not that much difference.

Another consideration is the denier of the Slit-Film fiber. The best denier size for putting greens is 7600 denier compared to a thinner 5700. Denier is the bulk reading of the yarn which is measured by combining the width and thickness of the yarn fiber. The higher the denier, the bulkier the fiber.

NexGen Lawns carries the premium denier of 7600 for putting greens. The thicker denier provides a longer lasting putting green to give you amazing performance. Compared to a thinner denier which could break down prematurely.

Infill Considerations

Texturized and Slit-Film both require infill although the amount of infill needed between the two are drastically different. Texturized putting greens require approximately 2 pounds per square foot of fine silica sand.

This gives the putting green the needed ballast to help the turf adhere to the base material. This is especially true over undulations because the silica sand sits at the very bottom of the turf. This means it is not very noticeable and typically does not create a maintenance issue.

Slit-Film artificial grass putting greens are dependent on infill. We recommend using silca sand or color rounded sand as infill. A smaller grain of sand will fit more snugly into the base of the fibers like our 30 mesh silca sand.

We also recommend colored rounded top dressing sand for the very top. We use EnviroFill due to its high-performance. EnviroFill comes with Microban technology to help protect against mold, mildew, and bacteria. The antimicrobial sand comes in the color combination of green and black for natural-looking green.

Synthetic Grass Tee Lines

NexGen Lawns’ synthetic tee mats allow you to place a tee anywhere on the surface. Therefore, they evenly distribute wear. Unlike a hard-hitting mat, they allow you to hit down and through the ball. This means you won’t have to worry about the club face bouncing off so that “fat shots” are penalized.

No Sand Infill, No Maintenance, and No Club Shock with “Fat” Shots! Stick a Tee Anywhere on the Surface! It doesn’t get much better than that combo of benefits right there!

In terms of the pricing, NexGen Lawns offers artificial grass putting greens and turfs at the most competitive prices. We believe in transparent pricing as demonstrated by the clearly displayed prices in our product shop.

Contact us if you need help choosing the right putting green product. Our team of experts has years of product and installation experience behind them. They will confidently recommend the best product for your specific needs!

Customize Your Artificial Putting Green

Since our synthetic putting greens are customizable, your options are limitless. From size to location to style, your putting green will fit in wherever you install it. If you want multiple holes, for example, no problem!

Customization means exactly that. And again, if you need some inspiration or have questions, our team is happy to chat about your options. For some people, the idea of nearly limitless options can seem overwhelming. We are here to make it easy.

Why Choose NexGen Lawns?

NexGen Lawns offers extraordinary quality synthetic putting greens. This will give you an edge over your competition. And this is true whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner!

We provide a wide range of artificial grasses and artificial turfs to suit a variety of needs. From beginners to professional golfing requirements, we have it all.

You can rest assured that we will provide the most ideal product that fits your unique needs. And further, our team of experienced and professional installers will ensure that the job is done right. Your turf will be perfectly installed and tailored to exactly fit your field or yard.

Our artificial grass turfs are designed to help you conserve energy, time, and water. And naturally, this leads to reduction in cost as well. With no maintenance such as mowing, watering, weeding, or fertilizing required, you can sit back and enjoy. Or simply putt away!

It also eliminates the need to spend precious natural resources like water on irrigating your lawn. Besides our synthetic grass is built to last and will beautify your property and help you ace your golfing game for years to come!