Swimming Pool Surrounds

Synthetic Grass Swimming Pool Surroundings

Artificial Grass for Surrounding the Swimming Pool

A NexGen Lawns synthetic grass swimming pool surround will not only add to the beauty of your swimming pool area.  It will also keep your pool and surrounding area looking clean. Swimming pools are refreshing to dive into as a dip in the water is perfect for cooling off during the heat. But setting foot on the surrounding area after a dip? Not so much. It can be a nuisance to continually use the net or vacuum to clean out all the grass clippings stuck on wet feet along with the dirt brought in with the grass. To avoid this unfortunate situation, you can put artificial grass surrounding the pool.

Enjoy a Clean and Neat-Looking Pool Surround

Installing NexGen Lawns’ pristine synthetic grass instead of natural grass around your pool will eliminate the possibility of grass clippings getting into the pool. This will leave you with a pool that always looks clean and tidy to enjoy.

Plus it will prevent the mud from entering the pool and turning the water muddy. The best part about using artificial grass for pools is that since there is no mud, there is no likelihood of sticky mud either which can leave a big mess especially as more water from the pool seeps into it. When your patch of artificial grass around the pool gets dirty, all you have to do is hose it down.  It will go back to its shiny and pristine state. Synthetic swimming pool surrounds are not only cleaner and more hygienic but their maintenance is also easy, time-efficient, and convenient.

Artificial Grass for Surrounding the Swimming Pool

With artificial grass around the pool, there are no more muddy areas to be concerned of from water runoff or playful splashing. Therefore, without muddy areas, you’ll be left with not only a cleaner but also safer area around the pool with NexGen Lawns fast draining synthetic grass pool surrounds. Water quickly flushes through the drainage system keeping the area around the pool dry. But it’s not only natural grass pool surrounds that can be dangerous owing to the puddles of water or slippery areas that they tend to leave.

Other types of pool surrounds built of concrete or tile surfaces can be especially dangerous. Their surfaces can become slippery upon contact with water. To top it all, accidents or falls on these hard surfaces pose a tremendous risk of injury and may even be fatal. In comparison, artificial turf around the swimming pool lends a perfectly safe area with its soft surface that tends to minimize the impact of falls and absorb the shock. In addition, their mud-free and puddle-free surface reduces the possibility of slippages.

But that’s not all when it comes to the concrete vs. artificial grass distinction. More often than not, as people typically take a dip in their pools during the summer.  The concrete surfaces around the pool can heat up really quickly.  Which commonly leads to foot burns when getting in and out of the pool. In contrast, when you have artificial grass around the pool, the surrounding surface doesn’t heat up as hot even during summer.  Providing a nice, cooler surface to walk on before or after a swim, thus offering protection to your feet.

NexGen Lawns’ synthetic grass will become an immaculate swimming pool area for all your family and friends to enjoy.  The beautiful green artificial grass brightens the once dull concrete surrounded pool into a colorful oasis.  Another added benefit of NexGen Lawns’ synthetic grass swimming pool surround, is that it is also soft on the feet.  Your feet will no longer be greeted to hard rough concrete or muddy messy grass.  Instead, your feet will get to step onto the luxurious soft synthetic grass surrounding the pool.

Call NexGen Lawns to enjoy your very own synthetic grass pool surround!  Our expert staff can install our top-notch quality synthetic grass swimming pool surround.  Perfect for all your family swims and pool parties with grass-free feet!