Artificial Grass for Swimming Pools

Synthetic Turf for Swimming Pool Surroundings

Artificial Grass for Surrounding the Swimming Pool

There are many reasons to surround your pool with artificial grass. So many, in fact, that we’ve dedicated a page to promote the benefits. Artificial turf around your pool can be a game changer for the years to come.

From aesthetics and cleanliness to maintenance, artificial turf for your poolside area can make your life easier. Let’s dive in and explore some of the main reasons to consider installing fake grass around your pool.

Comfort is Crucial

A swimming pool is an icon when it comes to enjoyment and luxury. There’s nothing quite as refreshing as diving into the cool water on a hot day. And taking some laps can be as good for relaxation as it can for exercise.

Overall, nothing compares to the comfort that a swimming pool provides. However, the water shouldn’t be the only focus.

Concrete and wood can get hot, making that emergence a less-than-pleasant experience on your feet. This is as uncomfortable for you as it is for your pet, who just wants to lie poolside. Too much heat from a concrete pool deck can even be painful, causing burning or bruising. So why put up with the heat if you don’t have to?

And even on cooler days, concrete or wood pool surrounds can be rough on your feet. Since the point of a pool is to add comfort to your life, why not consider the pool area as well? Artificial grass around the pool will soften the entire pool area. This makes it easier to enjoy your time both inside and outside the pool.

Aside from concrete or wood, a real grass yard comes with its own discomforts. For one thing, natural grass can just be messy. It can be a nuisance to continually use the net or vacuum to clean out all the grass clippings. Because yes, they constantly get stuck on wet feet along with the dirt from the grass.

Make the pool area as pleasant as the pool itself by installing artificial grass around the pool. Your toes will thank you. But the benefits only start there.

Enjoy a Clean Pool and Neat-Looking Pool Area

Installing NexGen Lawns’ pristine artificial turf around your pool will provide an aesthetically pleasing environment. For one thing, synthetic grass eliminates the possibility of grass clippings getting into the pool. But when it comes to natural grass, clippings aren’t the only concern.

We all know what happens when natural grass and dirt get wet. The result is a muddy mess. Installing artificial grass around your pool will prevent the mud from entering the pool and turning the water muddy.

This brings us to another benefit of using synthetic turf for swimming pools. Since there’s no mud, there’s no likelihood of it causing a mess inside or around the pool area.

On the other hand, when your patch of artificial grass around the pool gets wet, no problem! The rapid drainage technology of the artificial turf around the pool means the ground will dry quickly. No more mud and no more clippings. This makes synthetic turf an ideal choice for the pool area.

Let the kids splash all they want, as there’ll be no mess to clean up. Your fake grass around the pool will do the job for you. Additionally, if your synthetic grass does get dirty, all you have to do is hose it down. It‘ll go back to its shiny and pristine state.

Synthetic turf for swimming pool areas are cleaner and more hygienic. No more tracking mud into the pool or making a mess of your yard. And this leads to another point worth mentioning, which is safety.

Artificial Grass Makes the Swimming Pool Safer

No more mud is beneficial in more than one way. With artificial grass around the pool, your pool area aesthetics are greatly improved. There are no more muddy areas to be concerned of from water runoff or playful splashing.

But on the other hand, without muddy areas, you’ll be left with a safer area around the pool. Mud can warp the shape of the ground and cause people to slip. Mud also holds moisture for a longer period, which leads to sitting water in your yard. This is hardly ideal for a pool area.

However, NexGen Lawns fast draining synthetic grass eliminates the worries affiliated with mud and water. Water quickly flushes through the drainage system keeping the area around the pool dry. But it’s not only natural grass that can be dangerous from the puddles of water or slippery areas.

Other types of pool areas such as concrete or tile surfaces can be especially dangerous. These surfaces can become slippery upon contact with water. Accidents or falls on these hard surfaces pose a tremendous risk of injury and may even be fatal. You’re better off eliminating these worries and risks altogether.

Make your pool area safer and give yourself peace of mind by installing artificial turf around your pool. Not only does artificial turf drain water and dry quickly, but its soft surface acts as a barrier as well. It tends to minimize the impact of falls and help absorb the shock. This means less slipping, and a more padded landing even if a slip does occur.

A Clean Pool Area for the Win

Installing artificial grass for your swimming pool area might be the last bit of maintenance your yard needs. You can forget mowing the lawn and trimming those pesky edges against the pool. No more fertilizing or watering the grass to make it grow and look clean.

One of the main benefits of a pool with artificial grass around it is the clean looking vibe it gives off. You can always rely on your pool area looking clean and tidy, and not have to consider maintenance at all. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Forget mowing the lawn and pulling the weeds. Alleviate those concerns for good by installing fake grass around the pool. Think how much more pool time you’ll actually get without the maintenance and chores!

NexGen Lawns’ synthetic grass will become an immaculate swimming pool area for all your family and friends to enjoy. The beautiful green artificial grass brightens the once dull concrete surrounded pool into a colorful oasis. Cleaner looking, cleaner feeling, and (since no clippings or mud) a cleaner pool overall.

Once your artificial turf is around the pool, you’ll wonder what took you so long to book an installation from NexGen Lawns!

Artificial Grass Installation

It’s clear from the benefits listed above that it’s time to consider artificial grass installation. Take your pool area to the next level with the help of our professional team. We’re ready and eager to install artificial grass for your swimming pool today.

We’re also available if you have additional questions about artificial grass around your pool. We understand that homeowners have concerns when it comes to projects like this. We can help you navigate not only the benefits, but your complete list of options.

Not all synthetic grass is the same, just like not all pool areas are the same. Different pool shapes, sizes, exposures to sun, and other factors, lead to different artificial turf types. Let us help you decide which is the right artificial turf for you.

Call NexGen Lawns to help set up the artificial grass around your pool!