The NexGen Advantage

The NexGen Lawns Advantage

What sets NexGen Lawns apart from the competition?

  • NexGen Lawns is a family run company that prides itself on providing the absolute best customer service.
  • NexGen Lawns’ manufacturing facilities are the only fully integrated production facilities in the world.
  • All of the yarn, backings, extrusion, etc. is produced in-house which means the quality control on our products is second to none. We are not relying on other suppliers’ materials that may fail.
  • All NexGen Lawns synthetic turf is manufactured in the USA.
  • We have the best warranty in the industry and we stand behind it 100 percent.
  • We specialize in synthetic turf! Synthetic grass and artificial turf is what we do and we do it better than anyone else. Many companies offer synthetic turf but they do not specialize in it. They may install curbing, plant trees, and perform other landscaping services; artificial turf is a piece of their business. We only concentrate on selling and installing synthetic turf, assuring that your installation will be the absolute best you can find!
  • All of our installers are certified in synthetic grass installation with the proper training and experience. Synthetic grass is only as good as its installation, if it is not installed properly it doesn’t matter how great the artificial turf is.
  • All of our grasses are manufactured with the following:
    • Low sheen and luster fibers for an unbelievably real look.
    • Oval blade technology to ensure durability and softness. This also allows multi-directional movement and improves resilience while providing unmatched softness.
    • Our proprietary reflective technology integrated into our fiber’s resin, reduces turf surface temperatures by 22 degrees.
    • Ultraviolet inhibited polyethylene fibers for UV protection without dangerous lead content. To prevent yarn from drying, cracking and fading. Each individual layer is treated for ultraviolet degradation and exposure to extreme temperatures
    • Urethane coated backing system to prevent wrinkling with rapid flow drainage at a rate of 118.3 inches per minute per square yard.
  • NexGen Lawns is Lead Free! We have the most stringent lead testing in the industry.
  • All NexGen Lawns synthetic grass is made of recyclable products which requires no mowing, no watering and no maintenance. This means no need to waste our precious water resources, no air pollution caused by lawn mowers and weed eaters and no harmful chemicals put into our earth from fertilizers and weed control products.

What does all this mean for you? It means NexGen Lawns synthetic grasses will look better and last longer than any other synthetic turf on the market.