NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass for Dogs

artificial grass for dogs

Give your home a lawn and provide a safe dog space with NexGen Lawns artificial grass for dogs. A dog may be man’s best friend, but when it comes to your yard that poses different challenges.

From digging and scratching, dead spots in the grass, muddy paw prints coming into your house, and grass that will not grow from your K9’s favorite path.

The NexGen Lawns Advantage

Maintaining a natural yard can be very difficult to do, and that’s where NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass for dogs comes in. Fake grass for dogs stops dog-destroyed yards covered in ruts and mud. Plus, with an artificial grass lawn, you will never have to mow or apply harmful fertilizers.

Manufacturing an artificial grass that could withstand the rigors of dozens of dogs running and scratching as well as controlling odor was challenging, especially for dog kennels. After many years of research and development, our ultimate synthetic grass system for dogs was developed.

NexGen Lawns artificial grass for dogs is built with strong synthetic fibers. These fibers can handle heavy traffic, especially four-legged traffic. Our K9 synthetic grass for dogs features a reinforced backing to provide your space with a strong backing to handle active pets.

NexGen Lawns artificial grass for dogs features low sheen and luster fibers for the most realistic-looking lawn. With fake grass for dogs, dogs will experience a soft grass fiber surface. Not a hard or cold surface like pea gravel or concrete that hurts dog paws. Our K9 synthetic grass for dogs also contains ultraviolet inhibitors for UV protection.

As a result, this helps to prevent yarn from fading in the sun, drying, or cracking. You and your dog can enjoy a beautiful lawn for years to come. Most importantly, our artificial grass and synthetic turf are 100% lead-free.

Additionally, NexGen Lawns fake grass for dogs can be the best grass for dogs that suffer from grass allergies. Artificial grass does not contain the allergens found in natural grass.

This can help prevent your dog’s skin from being irritated by grass pollen, which causes them to itch as well as scratch and bite at their skin. Indoor grass for dogs can help alleviate grass pollen allergies in dogs and puppies.

Fake Grass for Dogs – Your Dogs Deserve the Best, and you deserve a cleaner yard!

To keep NexGen Lawns’ fake grass for dogs area clean and odor-free we install the proper drainage system that works in conjunction with our rapid flow backing. Drainage is very important for dog runs and kennels.

Without proper drainage, lawns become soaked and mud-covered. Mud is then tracked back inside homes and businesses. By choosing NexGen Lawns artificial grass for dogs, you will never have to worry about muddy paws again! Additionally, drainage helps to keep the ground free of pet urine.

NexGen Lawns artificial grass for dogs will provide you and your pet with a neat and clean area for many years without the worry of muddy paws coming back into your home. We also use an all-natural infill that is applied to the synthetic grass that will not absorb odors.

The Envirofill infill has an antimicrobial coating that helps to prevent smelly pet odors. Additionally, natural infills are safe for pets and children. Nothing beats a NexGen Lawns K9 Synthetic Grass Pet System!

Types of Artificial Grass for Lawns, Dog Parks, and Dog Runs

There is no specific style of artificial grass for lawns, dog parks, or dog runs that is considered the best. While you might want to know the best grasses for dogs you can get, the answer isn’t that simple.

If you have a larger dog, maybe you want grass blades that are thick and tough. If you have a small dog that doesn’t spend much time outside, maybe you want something a little bit shorter and thinner. The goal is to choose what works best for you and your furry friend.

The NexGen Lawns K9 System

1. NexGen Lawns’ K9 Artificial Grass For Dogs
High-grade synthetic grass designed exclusively for dogs. Choose from our available pet grass options the right choice for you and your pet.

2. Proper Drainage
Choose from our proprietary blend of crushed rock, air panel system, or drainage blanket.

3. Odor Control
Infill: Envirofill antimicrobial-coated green infill.


DRAINAGE: Two Systems to Choose From


Proprietary Crushed Stone Base

Our proprietary crushed stone base is a more affordable yet effective drainage system. Our stone mix was created to allow for maximum drainage to keep the synthetic grass dry and free of urine. We have found that a depth of 3″ to 4″ inches is sufficient for drainage and is also cost-effective.

Artificial Grass Draining System



Air Panel System

Artificial Grass Draining System Air Panel

Artificial Grass Draining System Air Panel

NexGen Lawns air panel system is our most aggressive drainage system. They are typically used in heavy rainfall areas, terrain with less than 2% slope, or indoors over concrete where it provides the ultimate in odor control.

Thus, they are a perfect solution for commercial spaces including dog kennels, doggy daycare centers, training facilities, and veterinary clinics. Also, they work for residences that have a dog pen with a concrete floor or heavily used outdoor spaces.

The air panel system separates the K9 turf grass from the ground or concrete. Rain and pet waste are directed to a predetermined drainage area to reduce odors. Therefore, this makes them an excellent choice for controlling odors and keeping the surface dry. Dogs can quickly go outside after it rains, and dog owners won’t have to worry about wiping wet muddy paws.



Pet Grass for Home and Business Owners

At NexGen Lawns, we offer a full range of pet grass available for purchase. Our highly knowledgeable pet professionals have assisted numerous homes and kennels with the right artificial grass solution.

Therefore, we can aid in finding the right artificial grass for dogs for your space. We calculate the best pet grass to fit your space, pet usage, and budget. Additionally, we will analyze your space for the best drainage option. Understanding drainage is key when selecting fake grass for dogs.

Drainage not only keeps the ground dry but also helps with odors. Lastly, we recommend installing an odor control infill.

This will help to keep musky pet odors at bay. The end result means a highly durable synthetic grass surface for dogs to use for continual usage. While homeowners and business owners experience a low maintenance year-round green lawn.

Ready for a cleaner and safer lawn for your pet? Then, please contact NexGen Lawns today to learn more about artificial grass for dogs.

Our clientele includes both residential and commercial properties. We have assisted residential backyards, dog runs, doggy daycares, kennels, and more with our pet grass. As a result, dogs everywhere can experience a pet-friendly lawn with NexGen Lawns!

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Dogs for Dog Runs and Dog Parks

While there are many benefits of having artificial grass for your dog at home, using artificial grass at dog runs and dog parks has even more advantages.

Landscaping costs money and also requires time and a lot of planning. On a rainy day, it is inevitable — dogs are going to tear up the lawn. Escape the muddy pits and muddy paws because of the poor weatherEscape the muddy pits and muddy paws because of the poor weather. With artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about the constant landscaping repairs that come with owning a dog run or dog park.

Additionally, synthetic dog grass offers excellent drainage. Artificial dog grass doesn’t absorb the water. To get rid of dog pee sitting in the turf, simply hose it down and it will come clean and look good in no time.

If you have a section of your lawn that typically builds up with water, whether it is from lack of sunlight or how your landscaping sits, synthetic turf can help solve that problem. Thanks to the way fake grass for dogs is installed, it will avoid any pitfalls that could lead to water accumulation.

How NexGen Lawns Offers the Best Artificial Turf for Dogs

NexGen offers an advantage over other artificial grass competitors for a few reasons. As a family run company, NexGen Lawns has excellent customer service, extensive product development, and manufactures synthetic turf in North America.

In addition, NexGen Lawns offers an effective warranty and the installers are certified in synthetic grass installation. They have the proper experience and training to ensure your lawn is installed properly.



Frequently Asked Questions About K9 Synthetic Grass for Dogs

How are the dog urine and waste handled with K9 turf?

Our synthetic grass for dogs is not much different from natural grass. Urine washes through the system into the Drainage Blanket or the specially formulated crushed rock sub-base below.

Waste can be removed using your current process; only it tends to be less messy with the NexGen Lawns K9 turf. Instead of having a yellow grass patch for dogs in your lawn, synthetic K9 turf will remain green year-round and dog urine can easily be hosed off.

How do you clean synthetic grass?

Rain is usually sufficient.  If necessary, spray your synthetic pet grass with a garden hose. For a deodorizer and cleaner, PE-51 Artificial Grass Cleaner is an all-natural product that is simple to apply. It easily attaches to the garden hose to spray down the turf to help eliminate unwanted odors.

Why install a dog-friendly artificial turf at your home?

Whether you have one dog or multiple dogs at home, installing artificial turf from NexGen Lawns can help with the upkeep of your lawn. Artificial grass for a puppy and for dogs helps keep your lawn cleaner, as the durable fibers help your lawn stay green all season long.

It offers an improved smell of the lawn, cheaper maintenance costs, and is a versatile product. Our premium fake dog turfs provide excellent ground coverings for inside spaces too. We can add pet turf to a training room or kennel to your business.

Can you get rid of pet odors in pet turf?

Yes. Envirofill antimicrobial green infill helps to block bacteria from forming in artificial grass. Envirofill is used as an infill between the blades of artificial grass during installation. This product is all-natural and helps to stop dog odors.

Our artificial grass is 100% lead-free and contains ultraviolet inhibitors for UV protection to keep your yard from fading. Our advanced drainage system also aids in odor control. We recommend that the best odor control is to install Envirofill as an in-fill.

Will my dog think fake grass is real grass?

Dogs absolutely love fake grass! Many dogs will avoid pea gravel, cement, or sand, due to the areas being hard and hurtful on their sensitive paws. All dogs love grass, especially NexGen Lawns fake grass for dogs. It provides them with a clean safe play space.

Will my dog try to dig a hole through the synthetic grass?

Some dogs will try to dig through anything. Our dog run turf is extremely durable with a double-coated backing making it almost impossible to tear – but there can be exceptions. Therefore, we recommend putting a plastic nailer board around the perimeter of the dog run to discourage dogs from digging.

Can my dog play on synthetic grass in the colder months?

Yes, your dog can play on synthetic grass at any time of year, even in the colder months. While normal grass would typically become brown in the fall and winter, fake grass for dogs stays green throughout the entire year.

Dogs and children can run and play on NexGen Lawns synthetic turf during any month of the year, whether it is for a birthday party, family gathering, holiday, or simply regular playtime. Synthetic turf not only gives you a lawn that is good for your dog, but it also gives you a lawn that is good for everyone to enjoy.

How do you remove dog hair from synthetic grass?

Saturate the pet turf with water. Then, immediately follow with a soft-bristled push broom or a turf rake. Brush with the grain of the fibers. Fibers tend to lean more towards one direction than the other. Holding the push broom snug against your belt, start at one end and walk the broom to the opposite side. Don’t use brush strokes. This should remove most of the hair.

How does the artificial grass drainage system work?

Each installation of our NexGen Lawns artificial grass product comes with a bonafide drainage system that makes waste management easier, no matter what your current process is.

Without the common problems of natural grass and lesser artificial turfs that can bunch, tear or pool the gross stuff for extensive cleanup at a later time, our artificial grass drainage system whisks away any urine out of sight and leaves waste easily visible for quick and worry-free cleanup.

What is the difference between drainage systems?

NexGen Lawns provides two artificial grass drainage systems to meet your exact need. Our proprietary crushed-stone base is the perfect solution for outdoor use.

It’s maintenance-free installation has a carefully designed filtering and waste management system that utilizes synthetic grass, Envirofill, PU backing, decomposed granite, drainage rock, and weed block on top of real soil for a more natural look and behavior.

Our air panel system is great for areas with heavy rainfall, flat areas (less than 2% slope), or indoor use with artificial grass set on top of a breathable base that always keeps the top layer dry — even under heavy use or precipitation.

How do you install artificial grass with drainage?

With NexGen Lawns, you don’t have to lift a finger. Artificial grass offers so many perks and benefits, like drainage and more.

We’ll show up, prep the site and install drainage under the artificial grass layer, ensuring that everything fits together and works as expected, while also optimizing the aesthetics of how it all looks.

Only once you’re happy with the installation will we call it a job well done, and if there are any problems with the installation we’ll make it right. If you’d rather install your own, you’re free to do that, too. Just let us know if you have any problems.

What is the life expectancy of your artificial grass drainage system?

NexGen Lawns synthetic grass comes with a limited lifetime warranty. However, in our experience, our artificial grass drainage systems can last 20 years or more depending on use and exposure to the elements. NexGen Lawns helps create the best artificial grass for dogs because of its long life expectancy and excellent drainage.

How does artificial turf for dogs solve any messy lawn problems?

Outdoor fake grass for dogs helps solve your messy lawn problems by keeping your lawn dry. NexGen Lawns’ artificial dog turf is the ideal solution for lawns of all shapes and sizes. Our turf specialists measure your lawn and landscape, even around trees and garden beds, to create a well-manicured yard.

The end result creates a beautiful lawn that dries fast and includes a drainage system. In addition to keeping your lawn dry, fake grass for dogs does not require any trimming and doesn’t need to be watered, so children and dogs can play year-round without creating a messy and muddy yard.