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NGL K9 Deluxe


Cost: $3.30 per sq ft

Height: 1.18″
Face Weight: 62 ounces per square yard.
Backing: Proprietary 3 Layer Polyurethane
Water Permeability: > 800 inches per/sy
Face Yarn Type: Anti-Microbial K9 Mini “S” Blade PE/Mono + Texturized PP Thatch.

How to Order Synthetic Grass Roll:

Roll Width is 15ft x Chosen Length Option

     Width: 15ft

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NGL K9 Deluxe – Artificial Grass For Dogs

NGL K9 Deluxe Artificial Grass for Dogs is perfect for our four-legged friends! Finally, the days of muddy paws, digging holes and bugs tracked into the home by your K9 are gone. Thus, dogs can run, jump and play on NGL K9 Deluxe artificial grass all day without ruining the lawn!

As the top choice among dog owners, NGL K9 Deluxe Artificial Grass for Dogs features field green, apple green, and olive green grass blades.  As well as field green and beige thatch layer for added stability.  The 1.18-inch pile height makes this turf ideal for pets and still terrific for high-traffic landscape areas.

Designed with a mini “S” shaped low sheen and luster fiber for an unbelievably real look. Therefore NGL K9 Deluxe Artificial Grass for Dogs feels soft to the touch.  In addition made with a proprietary reflective technology integrated into the fiber’s resin, reducing the synthetic turf surface temperatures by 22 degrees helping to keep your lawn cooler in the heat of summer. As well as ultraviolet inhibitors that are mixed with the polyethylene when the fibers are created for UV protection without dangerous lead content to prevent yarn from drying, cracking and fading.  Then finally the yarn has anti-microbial additives added to it to help protect against smells and bacteria.

In addition to the soft feel and realistic look, NGL K9 Deluxe Artificial Grass for Dogs also features the strongest backing in the industry. Every grass blade comes reinforced into a 3-layer 20 oz urethane-coated backing system to prevent wrinkling with rapid flow drainage at a rate of 800 inches per hour per square yard.  Additionally, with drainage holes 1.75-inches apart instead of the standard 3″ x 4″ pattern the backing will allow for liquids to drain immediately through the synthetic grass helping to eliminate pet odor.  Thus, this premier backing provides the strength and drainage needed to provide the most realistic-looking and feeling lawn available!

Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, thus NGL K9 Deluxe Artificial Grass for Dogs will stand up to years of paw traffic. As well as giving you a low-maintenance area easy to keep clean. Saving you time, money and water!

Common uses:

  • Lawns
  • Dog Runs
  • Dog Parks
  • Kennels
  • Pool Surrounds
  • Patios, Rooftops or Balconies
  • Trade Show Grass
  • Putting Green Fringe


NGL K9 Deluxe Artificial Grass for Dogs Specification Sheet

NGL K9 Deluxe Specification Sheet

Additional information

Weight 0.68 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 15 × 1 m

1ft Sample (1 sq ft), 10ft (150 sq ft), 11ft (165 sq ft), 12ft (180 sq ft), 13ft (195 sq ft), 14ft (210 sq ft), 15ft (225 sq ft), 16ft (240 sq ft), 17 ft (255 sq ft), 18ft (270 sq ft), 19ft (285 sq ft), 20ft (300 sq ft), 21ft (315 sq ft), 22ft (330 sq ft), 23ft (345 sq ft), 24ft (360 sq ft), 25ft (375 sq ft), 25ft (375 sq ft), 26ft (390 sq ft), 27ft (405 sq ft), 28ft (420 sq ft), 29ft (435 sq ft), 30ft (450 sq ft), 31ft (465 sq ft), 32ft (480 sq ft), 33ft (495 sq ft), 34ft (510 sq ft), 35ft (525 sq ft), 36ft (540 sq ft), 37ft (555 sq ft), 38ft (570 sq ft), 39ft (585 sq ft), 40ft (600 sq ft), 41ft (615 sq ft), 42ft (630 sq ft), 43ft (645 sq ft), 44ft (660 sq ft), 45ft (675 sq ft), 46ft (690 sq ft), 47ft (705 sq ft), 48ft (720 sq ft), 49ft (735 sq ft), 50ft (750 sq ft)


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