Outdoor Sports Turf

Coordinating and scheduling activities on outdoor sports fields become a breeze with NexGen Lawns outdoor sports turf.  Our premium artificial turf transforms any one field into a multipurpose year round sports field that was once limited to only certain activities.  NexGen Lawns synthetic turf sports fields can be used for multiple events from football, baseball, softball, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, band practices, and other outdoor field venues.  One field can do it all!  Team practices, games, and tournaments can all be on the same field without wasted time on field recovery and the costly continual upkeep.

Having outdoor sports turf on your sports field eliminates the never ending field preparations of mowing, watering and resodding.  Saving you time, money, and water!  Games and practices will not be cancelled due to wet field conditions with the rapid rain water drainage system our artificial turf offers.  With NexGen Lawns your field will always be ready for game day!  Giving players and coaches more field usage time to prepare for the next match.

NexGen Lawns outdoor sports turf offers realistic performance to outdoor athletic fields.  We provide the strength and proven durability with our incomparable turf bind technology.  Our synthetic turf contains ultraviolet inhibitors for UV protection that is free of harmful lead content to prevent yarn from drying, cracking, and fading in the sun.  Every synthetic grass blade is reinforced with a multiple layer coated backing system to prevent wrinkling and allow for quick rain water drainage.

NexGen Lawns synthetic turf athletic fields can be custom designed to your specific field needs.  We can incorporate your field with school logos and turf color varieties.   We offer different infills and non-infill products for your specific field needs.  Contact NexGen Lawns artificial turf professionals today to learn more about giving your players the best synthetic turf sports field!

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  • NGL Arena Blue with 5mm Foam Pad Artificial Turf

    NGL Arena Colors with 5mm Foam Pad

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  • NGL Arena with 5mm foam pad artificial turf

    NGL Arena with 5mm Foam Pad

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