Craftsman Series

NGL Craftsman Series Artificial Grass

If you are looking to purchase synthetic grass for your next DIY home lawn project, NexGen Lawns has an amazing product line for you.  The NexGen Lawns Craftsman Series is produced and manufactured to give a competitively priced option of artificial grass.  This series of artificial grass is designed with the do-it-yourselfer or contractor in mind.  The Craftsman Series of artificial grass comes in many different options for a variety of spaces.  It’s especially great for home lawns and pet areas!  You can have fun creating your outdoor space with gorgeous artificial grass.

Craftman Series Benefits

NexGen Lawns Craftsman Series of artificial grass produces a beautiful lawn for homes and businesses.  Additionally, this artificial grass is one that comes with quick drainage.  This is due to the quadrupled hole punched polyurethane backing for four times the drainage.  Thus, this will reduce soggy puddles and give you a cleaner lawn.  The fast-draining artificial turf is great for use in dog runs to not only drain the rainwater, but also the dog urine.  This will help to reduce smelly odors in the dog run.  The Craftsman Series of artificial grass even helps to reduce the turf’s temperature through the cool fiber.  Additionally, the synthetic grass has engineered blades for resiliency to give you a stunning lawn.

Artificial grass provides you a versatile material to use throughout your lawn.  You can change your outdoor landscape in a variety of ways.  Whether you are looking to place synthetic grass between stone pavers, around the base of trees, throughout your lawn, or over your patio, be sure to contact NexGen Lawns for your purchase.  Therefore, you can soon start enjoying the amazing benefits of reduced lawn care through artificial grass.  No need to haul the lawnmower out to mow the grass anymore when you select a synthetic grass lawn.

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