Baseball Batting Cage Turf

Indoor and outdoor batting cages require an extremely durable surface to keep up with the constant foot traffic of baseball and softball cleats.  NexGen Lawns long-lasting baseball batting cage turf is the best surface built to withstand the heavy traffic without breaking down prematurely.  We carry a variety of multipurpose artificial turf to complete your surface area from parallel long-slit fiber blades, web slit film blades, multidirectional blades, and short blade non-directional blades.

NexGen Lawns baseball batting cage turf contains ultraviolet inhibitors for UV protection to prevent yarn from drying, cracking, and fading.  Every synthetic grass blade is reinforced with a multiple layer coated backing system to prevent wrinkling and allow for quick drainage across a smooth and even playing surface.  NexGen Lawns premier backing system provides unmatched strength and drainage needed to provide the most versatile batting cage artificial turf available for indoor and outdoor use.

Synthetic grass requires no mowing and can easily be blown or washed clean.  NexGen Lawns offers synthetic turf for batting cages that does not require rubber or sand infill; therefore, your surface area will always look neat and clean with no maintenance required.  There will be no messy rubber fly out to distract players while working on their batting swing, or a rubber mess left tracked throughout your home or business.

To give players feet a relief, we carry foam backing baseball batting cage turf to help add in shock absorption by providing extra padding.  By reducing the shock impact with our premier padding, it will be easier on the joints of athletes.

Need help in knowing which synthetic turf product will best suit your batting cage needs?  Have a customized order to discuss?  Give our artificial turf experts a call today!  Our highly skilled installation team can complete your indoor or outdoor batting cage with NexGen Lawns premium synthetic turf with complete expertise.

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  • NGL Arena Blue with 5mm Foam Pad Artificial Turf

    NGL Arena Colors with 5mm Foam Pad

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  • NGL Arena with 5mm foam pad artificial turf

    NGL Arena with 5mm Foam Pad

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  • NGL Agility with 5mm Foam Pad Indoor Turf

    NGL Agility with 5mm Foam

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