Indoor Sports Turf

NexGen Lawns indoor sports turf is ideal for indoor sports centers for soccer fields, batting cages, tennis courts, badminton courts, field hockey, weight-lifting, cross training, yoga, sled runs, aerobics, incline hills, sprint training, stretching, and more!  NexGen Lawns synthetic turf provides the best durable surface for indoor sports centers for strength and agility training.  Athletes and trainers will be able to enhance their performance awhile experience the aesthetics of natural grass with the highest quality indoor sports turf in the market.

NexGen Lawns offers indoor artificial turf that is maintenance free without the interruptions of rubber fly outs or constant grooming.  Our artificial grass leaves your facility with a pristine and clean space that stays green year round.  NexGen Lawns indoor sports turf contains ultraviolet inhibitors for UV protection that is LEAD-FREE to prevent yarn from drying, cracking, and fading in the sun.  Every synthetic grass blade is reinforced with a multiple layer coated backing system to prevent wrinkling and allows for quick drainage across a smooth and even surface area.

NexGen Lawns premier backing system provides unmatched strength and rapid drainage needed to provide the most versatile artificial turf available for indoor and outdoor sports centers.  Our NGL Agility synthetic turf features the strongest backing in the industry with every blade reinforced into a 4 layer coated backing!  To protect athletes and agility trainer’s joints, we carry artificial grass with foam added to the backing to provide additional cushion.  The foam backing helps to absorb the shock impact from endurance and strength training.  Keeping the safety of athletes in mind!

Looking to install premium indoor artificial turf at an indoor sports facility or health club?  Have questions regarding customizing your artificial turf order with colored turf, custom lines, or logos?  Contact NexGen Lawns synthetic turf design experts today to learn more about our installation and customization services.

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  • NGL Arena Blue with 5mm Foam Pad Artificial Turf

    NGL Arena Colors with 5mm Foam Pad

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  • NGL Arena with 5mm foam pad artificial turf

    NGL Arena with 5mm Foam Pad

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  • NGL Agility with 5mm Foam Pad Indoor Turf

    NGL Agility with 5mm Foam

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