Artificial Grass Tennis Courts

A sand-filled NexGen Lawns Synthetic Grass tennis court is a great all-weather alternative to clay or natural grass surfaces.

Artificial Grass Tennis Court

NexGen Lawns artificial grass tennis courts require little to no maintenance compared to natural grass surfaces which require continual care of watering, mowing, and fertilizers.  With our sand-filled synthetic grass court there is no rubber fly-out to distract you from your game.  Or the fear of rubber flecks sticking on your skin or clothing to pick and clean off.  Traditional tennis court surfaces enhance “foot-lock” by not allowing your feet to slide slightly when stopping or pivoting.  NexGen Lawns synthetic grass tennis courts are similar to a natural grass or clay courts and allow our feet to slide slightly.  This will make playing the game of tennis easier on your joints.  Due to reducing shock impact versus playing on hard concrete courts.

Hard concrete and asphalt tennis courts wear quickly in the weather from expanding and contracting causing courts to break and crack.  These highly dangerous cracks can cause players to trip or fall.  Additionally, the uneven tennis court makes playing difficult upon a broken surface.  NexGen Lawns synthetic grass tennis courts provide a softer and even playing surface both for your feet and joints!  Our highly durable synthetic grass tennis courts allow for you to enjoy the game of tennis year round with the fast drying turf.

If you are looking for years of enjoyment and use out of your tennis court look no further!  With a NexGen Lawns synthetic grass tennis court you will have years and years of use.  Plus, without the wear and tear on your court or body.  Our knowledgeable staff can provide our all-weather artificial grass tennis courts to personal homes, businesses, neighborhoods, schools, or parks.  Please contact NexGen Lawns to get started today on your very own synthetic grass tennis court!