Cost Comparison

When looking into making the wise investment of synthetic grass, many wonder what the cost comparison of the upkeep of a natural grass lawn versus installation of a premium artificial grass lawn.  Synthetic grass lawns not only greatly reduce the continual maintenance costs of a sod lawn, but provide an increase in your home value and added curb appeal to your property.  NexGen Lawns artificial grass provides professionally crafted landscaping perfected for both residential and commercial properties.

Below is the cost of installing a NexGen Lawns synthetic grass lawn versus installing and maintaining a natural grass lawn.

A Natural grass lawn for first year: $8,780

Installation cost of 2,500 square feet of natural grass with a sprinkler system: $6,100

Additional yearly maintenance costs: $2,680

  • Water Bill: $125 x 8 months = $1000
  • Mowing: 26 times per season = $780
  • Lawn Aeration: once per season = $100
  • Harmful Fertilizing: four times per season = $200
  • Toxic Weed Killer: four times per season = $200
  • Power Rake: once per season = $125
  • Winterize Sprinkler System: $125
  • Sprinkler System Repairs: $150

Natural grass lawn total cost by year 15: $46,300

Installing 1,500 square feet of synthetic grass and 1,000 square feet of landscape rock with no annual maintenance costs: $16,000

  • You will break even the 4thyear after installing NexGen Lawns artificial grass with landscape rocks.

Installing 2,500 square feet of synthetic grass with no annual maintenance costs: $20,000

  • You will break even the 6thyear after installing NexGen Lawns artificial grass.

Not only will you be saving thousands from no more watering, utilizing gas-powered lawn equipment, or harmful fertilizers or pesticides, but you will be saving your hard earned time!  NexGen Lawns believes in saving you time, money, and water!  We offer you the most competitively priced premium artificial grasses and accessories on the market.