Retail Display Grass

Artificial Grass for Trade Shows and Retail Displays

Artificial Turf for Trade Shows

If you are looking for a way to give your retail display the needed outdoor feel it needs, artificial turf can do just that.  By displaying your company’s outdoor products in a realistic outdoor setting will help drive consumer sales.  Thus, artificial grass will help to brighten up retail window displays by added a warm and inviting feeling to the retail shop.  NexGen Lawns artificial grass feels unbelievably realistic and customers will love not only the look but the feel as well!  Artificial grass brings the outdoors to the indoors with a striking visual display, which helps draw customers into stores.

NexGen Lawns synthetic grass provides a stunning indoor flooring surface.  Which helps furnish the outdoorsy feel to retail shops selling anything from lawn and garden to athletic equipment and apparel.  Our high-end synthetic grass provides for many creative interior designs to not only help the window display, but the interior of the store as well.  Synthetic grass provides the perfect urban trend many consumers are drawn to while shopping.

NexGen Lawns can also help bring your trade show booth to life with artificial turf.  Many trade shows, conventions, and exhibit halls come with dull hard concrete floored buildings.  Our artificial grass for trade shows comes in a wide variety of color options available.  Which helps to transform your trade show booth into an eye-catching trade show booth.  Additionally, clients will love walking onto realistic synthetic grass flooring that comes built to withstand heavy foot traffic.  Our skilled team can customize the artificial grass with company logos and designs with colored artificial turf to make your company booth stand out.  NexGen Lawns artificial turf will create that fantastic outdoor visual display your products deserve!

Contact NexGen Lawns to start designing an engaging artificial grass retail space, window display, or trade show booths.  Our design team can help customize your space with style!

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