Artificial Grass for Pets Creates Year-Round Play Area

The outdoors for your dog can leave you left with limited green grass.  This can happen from a variety of things.  Some include high-use, wet areas, and shade.  However, change up the yard to a year-round play area with artificial grass for pets.  That way your dog or dogs can go out and play even during the cooler months on a green surface.  Therefore, you no longer have to worry about trying to get grass to grow in the shade or wet areas or keeping up with high-use areas.  Instead, artificial grass for pets provides a fantastic surface for your dog to play fetch on.

Create a year-round play area with artificial grass for pets

The wonderful thing about artificial grass for pets is the ability to change up varying surfaces.  You can fence in the space along the side of your home and create a nice dog zone.  Or if you don’t have a yard, you could cover your balcony or deck with pet grass.  Therefore, whether you have a large yard or no yard at all, NexGen Lawns has numerous pet turfs to give space for your dog.  Artificial grass is weather-resistance which is truly a great advantage when dealing with dogs.  This means they will have a place to run outside throughout the year with fake grass.

With NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass, pups will love a game of fetch or run. Artificial turf provides both owners and pets a clean space to enjoy that drains rainwater quickly, leaving both the yard and house mud-free.  Not only will muddy paw prints be eliminated, but your dog will have an amazingly designed play place with artificial grass.

artificial grass for pets

NexGen Lawns’ synthetic turf dog runs provide pets with a soft play area year-round.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

NexGen Lawns can provide your furry four-legged friend with our extremely durable K9 artificial turf dog run.  No matter if it’s a small patio space or a large commercial doggie day center.  Synthetic turf provides the perfect clean and maintenance-free environment for both you and your pet.  Go ahead and start shopping today for artificial turf for your dog!

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