Can Artificial Turf be installed around the Swimming Pool?

Can Artificial Turf be installed around the swimming pool

Creating a nice backyard landscape around the swimming pool can be challenging.  Especially to keep the area looking both well-kept and have a nice appearance.  Thus, this is why many homeowners start asking can artificial turf be installed around the swimming pool.  Yes!  NexGen Lawns can give you a break from the daunting task of trying to keep the space surrounding the swimming pool clean with artificial turf.

Regular grass can leave the outlying area around the pool saturated with mud.  It’s never much fun getting out of the pool and stepping into the mud.  Additionally, this mud then gets back inside your pool leaving you with a dirty pool.  Pool water splashes outside the pool leaving the ground wet and turning muddy.  The wet grass clings to bare feet and gets grass clippings inside the water.  Thus, leaving you spending your time vacuuming the clippings out of your pool instead of swimming.

Now, you can see why so many have asked, if can artificial turf be installed around the swimming pool.  The NexGen Lawns team can re-do your swimming pool surround with the lovely surface of synthetic grass.  Our synthetic grass offers a nice plush-feeling ground that quickly drains water.  Water can permeate through the synthetic grass backing; thus, giving you a mud-free surface.  This will assist you with having a cleaner lawn with faux grass.  Additionally, artificial turf provides you with the fantastic benefits of not having to spread out fertilizer treatments, mow, or edge.  Nor do you have to waste water on artificial turf since it’s a waterless lawn.   You’ll have a gorgeous faux grass lawn surrounding your pool without the lawn duties.

Artificial Turf around pool

The elegant look of synthetic grass with pavers delivers a classy outdoor space. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Can Artificial Turf be installed around the Swimming Pool Even on Different Surfaces?

This is another question you might be thinking about if you have a swimming pool with a different surface already surrounding your pool.  Concrete can give off a colorless vibe and appears cold.  However, artificial turf can spruce up that dull appearance with not only a vibrant look but also a feeling that is soft.  Concrete can also become very slick, which can pose the risk of falling when getting in and out of the pool.  Instead, synthetic grass offers a cushioned surface to treat your feet when getting in and out of the pool.

Also, we can transform decks around the swimming pool with the softness of fake grass.  Our installers can add synthetic grass right over the top of your wood deck.  Additionally, you can get more creative when using artificial turf and add different designs.  Artificial turf can go between concrete pavers for a clean modern touch.  Weaving synthetic grass around pavers provides color back to the area without the hassle of trying to edge around the pavers.

Realism is important when choosing your artificial grass landscape.  Therefore, selecting from one of NexGen Lawns’ premium synthetic grass options ensures you have a realistic-looking surface.  We have a variety of styles and looks to give you a high-quality surface with the option of low to high pile heights.  Our synthetic grass comes with UV protection to keep your grass looking beautiful for years to come.  Add the luxurious look of synthetic grass to your space around the home swimming pool today with NexGen Lawns – call us at 888-844-0672.