Synthetic Grass Pet Decks Growing in Popularity at Luxury Condos

Stunning high-rise buildings have started to cater to not only residents but their dogs as well.  Providing the very best amenities to a condo and estate homeowner is a must-have when competing with downtown urban living.  Thus, many large units are adding open floor plans that flow into private outdoor terraces or balconies.  Now, with more and more individuals becoming pet owners the use of adding synthetic pet decks is increasing.  This is due to the perfect pet-friendly feature it adds to accommodate dogs.  Therefore, many places are including them since synthetic grass pet decks growing in popularity.  Many places are making a wise choice to place them in high-rise buildings for future owners.

Synthetic Grass Pet Decks Offer Both Style and Functionality

Making the decision to trade suburban life for urban life comes with many different living changes.  People coming from houses are used to opening their doors for the pets to run outside.  Therefore, synthetic grass pet decks growing in popularity allow condo owners to do the same.  Patios, rooftops, and balconies can all experience the same for their pets.  This is due to the way artificial turf changes the ground to a fake grass surface for pets.

The synthetic grass potty porch offers a chic outdoor space not just limited to a dog’s use. Synthetic grass can be applied across the whole deck or terrace for a stylish outdoor living space. The vibrant faux grass brightens up patio furniture and decorations for a fun and clean outdoor area. Dogs will love to run outside and feel soft synthetic fibers underneath their paws instead of a hard concrete balcony or rough wooden deck.

synthetic grass pet decksNexGen Lawns K9 synthetic grass gives pets the perfect play and potty space at both condos and residential homes. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

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