Artificial Grass and Artificial Turf in Providence, Rhode Island

Artificial Grass ProvidenceNexGen Lawns provides artificial grass Providence, Rhode Island with our unmatched quality and durability.  Therefore, we provide you with the best fake grass available on the market.  Our specialized installers work with both commercial clients and residential properties.  We can add an artificial putting green, dog run, sporting field, playground, and landscaping options.  NexGen Lawns’ fake turf comes with the utmost quality for a truly unbelievably realistic-looking appearance.  Thus, giving you confidence in knowing you have selected a premier supplier and professional installers of artificial turf in Providence.

The artificial turf installers in Providence bring the expertise and skills needed to leave your property with a fully professional installation.  Our superior line of synthetic grass products gives you many selections to work along with many environments.  Therefore, let our artificial turf installers in Providence assist you with your outdoor projects or inside applications.  To start enjoying a new lush modern landscape, call NexGen Lawns for artificial grass in Providence.

Artificial Grass Providence Options

NexGen Lawns carries an array of artificial grass Providence, Rhode Island options in our immense portfolio.  Therefore, we have some of the artificial grass Providence options and benefits listed below to assist you in learning about the selections for your installation.

Home Artificial Grass Providence

Home Artificial Grass ProvidenceA growing amount of residences have selected an easier lawn through home artificial grass Providence.  The low maintenance of a home artificial grass Providence yard comes with no lawn fertilizers, watering, or mowing.  Therefore, after a NexGen Lawns professional fake grass install, you will experience more spare time with these nuisances eliminated.  By ending your wasteful lawn watering, you’ll even help to lower your water bill!  Plus, artificial grass Providence gives a realistic-looking yard through NexGen Lawns’ high-end fibers.  Our faux turf does not yellow or fade from the sunlight or pet urine.  Thus, your new faux turf lawn will keep green for more usage all year.

Home artificial grass Providence helps to provide the kids, pets, or grandkids with a cleanlier yard.  This is due to the rapid drainage that comes with our artificial turf in Providence, Rhode Island.  Instead of seeing the kids or dogs running back inside covered in mud, you’ll experience a clean and mud-free lawn.  This is why many homes and businesses have selected fake grass to go around their swimming pools.  Artificial grass stops the messy grass clippings stuck to wet feet from going into the pool.  Therefore, treat your feet to our amazingly soft fake grass.  Why wait any longer to stop your mowing chores?  Instead, call NexGen Lawns today!

Artificial Pet Turf Providence

Pet Turf ProvidenceOur precious dogs can leave what might have been a full green lawn look discolored and muddy!  This leaves many dog owners frustrated with trying to keep their dirty paws dry, and the mud out of the house.  However, you can leave those muddy paw frustrations behind by selecting NexGen Lawns artificial pet turf Providence.  The difference comes with the rapid draining system to quickly flush rain or pet urine beneath the turf surface.  Plus, this helps to reduce smelly pet urine odors!  The artificial pet turf Providence keeps your lawn full of green through our premium synthetic fibers – even when subjected to pet urine.

Artificial pet turf Providence works for the home backyard, dog run, kennel, and commercial properties.  Dog businesses like pet spas, daycares, and training schools all can highly benefit from artificial pet turf Providence.  This is due to the new durable dog lawn or kennel that your dog clients will experience.  Instead of having a torn-up pet lawn, artificial turf provides the strength needed to handle heavy paw traffic.  Therefore, this leaves the dogs with an outstanding surface that feels great on their sensitive paws. We can create a doggy zone right in the backyard, across the entire lawn, or at your dog business.  Call to learn more about providing your pets with an excellent play surface through artificial pet turf Providence.

Synthetic Turf Providence for Sports Fields

Synthetic Turf ProvidenceSports fields with normal grass can leave you with limited athletic field time.  Instead, install or switch your field to synthetic turf Providence for sports fields.  We offer artificial turf in Providence for schools, cities, gyms, and training centers.  The decision to utilize synthetic turf Providence for sports fields offers a surface that gives athletes more field utilization.  Unlike normal grass that browns at the end of the season, and can quickly break down from use.  NexGen Lawns offers your players more playing time and your sporting club a multipurpose field.  Now, you can have numerous sports all played on the same field from soccer, baseball, lacrosse, field hockey, football, softball, and more!

A multi-use synthetic turf Providence for sports fields offers your athletes more time and saves your sporting club in field upkeep.  This is from the great reduction you will have in field maintenance by reducing watering and time spent in care.  Therefore, you will have a consistent athletic field where you will see cost savings.  Athletes can continue their training and practice past normal seasons with a versatile astro turf style field.  Plus, your sporting club or school can offer additional scrimmages, games, and tournaments.  Or even non-sporting events on a highly versatile fake turf ground surface.  We offer outdoor fields, indoor fields, batting cages, and gym training floors.  Call NexGen Lawns for synthetic turf Providence for sports fields.

Backyard Putting Green Providence

Backyard Putting Green ProvidenceThe freedom of playing golf in the enjoyment of your own home can come true with a backyard putting green Providence.  NexGen Lawns specializes in creating personal putting greens at home to help you in your practice.  A home putting green allows you the ability to choose when and how long to putt all year.  We install premium home greens that provide you with the most excellent ball roll.  Thus, you’ll be ready to host a fun game at home, or at your next match!  Whether you’re a professional golfer or an amateur, NexGen Lawns can give you a backyard putting green in Providence to play.

If you own a golf club, driving range, or indoor golf center – NexGen Lawns can revamp your business with an amazing golfing surface through synthetic grass.  Regular grass can become extremely costly in the care expenses of watering, resodding, fertilizing, and trimming.  Instead, we can remodel or add a new addition through our synthetic turf which reduces these costly expenses.  Plus, you’ll have a putting green, course, or hitting mats that stay green for year-round customer use.  This means you can stay open past the end of the normal season for golfing customers.  Therefore, call for both a commercial green and personal green to NexGen Lawns Providence for high-quality synthetic grass.

Playground Turf Providence

Playground Turf ProvidencePlaysets, slides, swings, and other play apparatuses like trampolines can become untidy beneath the equipment.  Instead, give your kids a cleaner play surface through the use of playground turf Providence.  With play equipment battling against shade, grass can quickly turn sparse in the backyard.  This means children are left with hard dirt and messy mud as a ground covering.  However, playground turf Providence keeps the lawn tidier through a great soft feeling fake turf that drains away rainwater.  Children will have a backyard that they can play on all year that is green and not sparse.  Plus, you won’t have the task of trying to edge or mow around all the playground equipment anymore.

The use of playground turf Providence at parks, city playgrounds, schoolyards, and daycares gives kids a soft and durable ground.  With these play spots frequented more, a strong ground surface is a must.  Most importantly, playground turf Providence gives a child-friendly surface that helps to protect them.  This is from the additional padded layer that helps to provide a cushioned surface for kids.  Our artificial play grass works both for outside playgrounds and indoor playrooms.  We can provide kids with a fun color-popping surface through our assortment of color selections.  To start remodeling your home, school, or park – call the professional playground turf Providence team at NexGen Lawns.

Why Opt For NexGen Lawns’ Artificial Turf in Providence?

Residents of Providence are familiar with the area’s humid climate, which includes its cold and snowy winters. This can make maintaining a green luscious lawn of natural grass difficult. Additionally, Rhode Island has strict regulations in place pertaining to the types of pesticides you can use to bolster your healthy grass.

These regulations, as you know, require any homeowner who intends to apply pesticide to their lawn be licensed. Furthermore, the term “pesticide” includes: herbicides, insecticides, weed and feed products, biological controls, fungicides and weed killers. And yes, this list even includes organic pesticides and controls. You don’t have to work with these if you have artificial grass in Providence though!

You are also aware that only some types of grass can handle the range of climate that Providence experiences, some of which being perennial ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, and fine fescue. These types of grass can be particular, and sometimes take extra (and constant) care to make them grow properly. Seed can take a long time to grow, making sod a popular alternative. However, as you are likely familiar with, sod is an expensive alternative.

But you don’t have to spend a lot of money and constantly be at the mercy of your yard. Artificial grass in Providence is a better option. Show off your always green and always manicured look and be able to boast about your residential artificial turf. After all, in an area where lawns look different from neighbor to neighbor, why not be the one who is admiring instead of working away or hiring out help to constantly make it up to standard?

Make the choice today to have the best artificial turf in Providence by turning to the lawn experts at NexGen Lawn.

Contact a NexGen Lawns artificial grass Providence installer for both the purchase and installation of artificial turf in Providence, Rhode Island.  Ask us for a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE.