How do you maintain Synthetic Grass?

How do you maintain Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass brings an aesthetically pleasing-looking lawn for both residential homes and commercial businesses.  This is one of the many reasons individuals have selected to install artificial grass at their homes or workplaces.  The fresh appearance of an always-trimmed and green lawn can bring you comfort in knowing you don’t have to mow it to achieve that look.  However, you might be wondering, how do you maintain synthetic grass?  As you may know already, synthetic grass has very minimal maintenance.  Especially once you compare it to typical grass which requires watering, mowing, and fertilizing to keep it growing and staying green for the season.  Additionally, you’ll need to incorporate reseeding to keep the grass coming back full.  However, once the warm months are over, regular grass starts to die off and fade to brown.  Then, you get to do it all over again next year.

After all the work you put into your lawn, why not have a lawn that stays green and doesn’t require all of the maintenance?  That way, you can enjoy the warmer months outside lounging, hosting family events, or playing outdoor lawn games.  Plus, once the warmer months are over you still get to enjoy a green lawn when you install synthetic grass.  Whether you have already had synthetic grass installed at your home, or thinking about opting to have it installed, you might be curious about any maintenance.  We have listed some easy ways for you to maintain your synthetic grass lawn to get the most out of your beautiful faux lawn.

Few simple ways to maintain Synthetic Grass

1. Wash it clean

Sounds easy enough, right?  Well, it is!  Rainwater can wash the artificial grass clean.  Or simply use the garden hose and wash your synthetic grass down if you don’t want to wait for the rain.  Just use your regular garden nozzle, not a power washer which could damage your artificial turf.  Just like anything else outside, synthetic grass can collect dirt, dust, pollen, and leaves.  This can leave your synthetic lawn looking a little dirty, and a quick wash with water can easily wash away the debris that might have accumulated onto your synthetic grass lawn.

Grandi Groom Turf Rake for Artificial Grass

2. Brush the synthetic grass upright

Over time walking across the grass will push down the artificial fibers.  Therefore, brushing or raking with a specified artificial grass rake will help to keep the lawn looking good by helping to brush the fibers up.  You can easily use a broom and brush across your fibers to help spruce up the lawn.  We recommend the Grandi Groom Turf Rake.  Now, this is not just your ordinary metal rake you might be thinking of that could damage your surface.  Instead, this turf rake is made of nylon tines to work down in between the blades.  The turf rake helps to bring the synthetic grass fibers upright and spread the infill around.  Additionally, making sure you have enough infill installed between your synthetic grass blades will also aid in keeping your fibers upright.

PE-51 Artificial Turf Deodorizer and Cleaner3. Deodorize it

This last step is not required but helps to neutralize pet odors if they should arise.  We recommend the PE-51 deodorizer and cleaner to help refresh your artificial grass and it leaves behind a fresh scent.  This product is truly easy to use!  This all-natural and non-toxic product made from high-quality live liquid enzymes helps to neutralize unwanted odors, which is especially helpful if you have pets.  You simply attach the bottle to your garden hose and spray your artificial grass lawn down.  You don’t have to worry about over spraying either.  Plus, the all-natural deodorizer is safe for both dogs and children.  Add it to your regular washing or as needed and you’ll be set!

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