The Durability and Maintenance of K9 Grass Compared to Traditional Grass

A dog run in the backyard of a home.

Natural grass can look beautiful and lush in the right conditions. That said, there are plenty of things that can leave a natural grass lawn looking less than ideal. And that can also mean more time, money, and effort invested on your part.

From heavy rains to a dry environment and high temperatures, grass is not always easy to maintain. If you have a dog (or a pack of pups, for that matter), there are even more issues to consider.

Holes left from digging, dead patches of grass, and more are common complaints from dog owners with natural grass lawns. Is there a solution?

More and more homeowners with pets are turning to artificial grass for pets. Why? It’s a safe, easy, reliable, and visually pleasing solution. 

High-quality pet turf:

  • Drains well
  • Is simple to maintain
  • Gives your four-legged friends a durable, comfortable surface for their outdoor excursions

Let’s take a closer look at K9 dog grass. We’ll cover what makes pet turf systems different from natural lawns, K9 grass maintenance, and more.

Natural Grass vs. Pet Turf: Making the Right Choice for Your Lawn

Natural grass is exactly that — natural.  And that can make it difficult and unpredictable to manage.

Sure, grass seed has been engineered to provide better results. Fertilizers, mowers, and other resources and tools have developed over the decades specifically to help with lawn maintenance.

However, grass is still a living organism. It can be damaged, disturbed, and even totally destroyed in the right circumstances. Weather, sun damage, wild animals, drainage issues — there are too many to name.

Even when your lawn isn’t threatened by these extreme events, it’s still dependent on you. It needs regular, routine maintenance: definitely mowing, probably some watering, perhaps fertilizer, and occasional re-seeding.

The cost of and time invested into that maintenance adds up over the years. Over the course of a full summer season, you can easily spend dozens of hours mowing. If you need to try to repair dead patches or poor growth, that means even more planning, spending, and activity.

Whether you want to just beat the heat or do something more fun than re-seeding your lawn, natural grass won’t help. It can look good, but it takes an awful lot of work to get there.

On the other hand, K9 artificial turf has been developed with specific intent from the initial concept to the final product. Designed specifically for dogs without compromising on appearance or performance for people.

K9 Dog Grass is:

  • Easy to install. There are no long-term worries about weather, temperature, and grass seed potentially not taking root.
  • Easy and inexpensive to maintain. You don’t need to mow, water, re-seed, or troubleshoot other issues. Generally, rain effectively cleans pet turf, making K9 grass maintenance a breeze. At most, you’ll occasionally need to spray a certain area with a hose.
  • Designed to reduce odor. Antimicrobial infill needs to be applied just once and reduces pet urine ammonia odor by 99%. At the same time, this pet-friendly, non-toxic infill also helps to prevent bacteria, mildew, and mold.
  • Engineered to stay green and lush. Our artificial turf for dogs won’t be discolored by pet urine or fade in the sun. Lead-free UV inhibitors help to stop drying, cracking, and fading while keeping pets safe.
  • Made to look just like real grass. Low-sheen, low-luster artificial grass fibers mimic the appearance of natural grass.
  • A way to keep your home cleaner. No more muddy paw prints indoors after wet weather! And, for pups with lighter coats, no more grass stains on them after you mow, either.
  • Designed to drain effectively. High-quality K9 grass is more than only the visible artificial turf. A complete pet turf system includes antimicrobial infill along with multiple drainage layers, including options for heavy rainfall areas.

Artificial grass for dogs offers an incredible combination of benefits. Are you fed up with all of the maintenance needs of a traditional lawn? Do you want to maximize your free time in the summer?  Then, K9 grass can be the answer.

Do Pets like K9 Artificial Turf?

A dog run in the backyard of a home, showing the contrast between installed turf and bare dirt beyond the fenceline. The soft grass fiber surface of K9 dog grass is a great choice for many pets. It’s resistant to wear and tear while providing a cushion that makes spending time outside more comfortable. It’s a play area designed for dogs — and humans, too.

The lower temperature offered by cool fiber technology keeps pets safe and able to enjoy the outside world as well. Overheating is a serious health risk for dogs, and K9 grass can help them stay cooler. An active dog is a healthier dog, and K9 artificial grass can make it safer for dogs to stay active.

Because it mimics natural grass so well, many pets quickly adapt to spending time outdoors on K9 grass. They’ll do their business, run around, play with their owners, and much more.

Pets generally don’t have issues going to the bathroom on our artificial turf products. It’s easy to clean, too. 

Rain combined with antimicrobial infill will wash away pet urine. Cleaning up droppings is just the same as a natural lawn. The most you’ll have to do is quickly spray the area with your hose.

K9 Grass Maintenance: Final Thoughts

There isn’t much to say about K9 grass maintenance because the process is so simple. An occasional rinse in dry weather is all that’s needed to keep it looking great while avoiding odors.

That’s something you can’t say about natural grass lawns, especially with pets involved. There are all sorts of potential maintenance needs. Even more importantly, no one can guarantee a natural grass lawn will consistently look as good as you want it to.

Whether you want durability for a dedicated dog run or to convert a larger lawn to reliable, synthetic, pet-friendly turf, NexGen Lawns can help. Buy K9 Grass with NexGen Lawns today!