NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Newark, Artificial Turf in Newark, NJ

Artificial Grass NewarkThe ease of artificial grass Newark has numerous homeowners and business owners remodeling for a minimal maintenance surface.  NexGen Lawns installs only the best quality of artificial grass in Newark for different environments.  Therefore, our installers provide beautiful displays of fake lawns, sporting areas, putting greens, parks, playgrounds, and dog lawns.  Artificial turf in Newark, New Jersey frees you from wasting money and time on the lawn.  Instead, you can take pleasure in seeing a fake grass Newark lawn for many many years.  NexGen Lawns can makeover not only your outdoor areas but also install quality artificial grass in Newark indoors.  Therefore, call NexGen Lawns for your purchase of synthetic grass in Newark, New Jersey.

NexGen Lawns provides professional installations on our artificial turf in Newark, New Jersey.  Therefore, the highly experienced installers at NexGen Lawns give you the best installation service with our extensive knowledge.  We offer fake grass installs in the yard, over patios, on rooftops, indoors, and more!  Thus, NexGen Lawns can change your space into a highly versatile area through our synthetic turf.  Our staff can assist you with a superior product to give your home, school, sports club, or commercial business a new artificial grass Newark setting.

Artificial Grass Newark Options

To gain more knowledge about the different artificial grass Newark options, please read the following options below.  Thus, this will help you in learning some of the artificial grass Newark options available to you and their benefits.

Residential Artificial Grass Newark

Fake Grass NewarkIf you’re thinking about the installation of residential artificial grass in Newark, NexGen Lawns can give you an amazing lawn surface.  Our fake grass changes your outdoor surface space into a lush new outdoor living area.  We provide only high-end synthetic fibers; therefore, it brings a soft touch to any area.  Whether you have a full lawn to remodel or a dull concrete space, residential artificial grass in Newark offers you a new feature from NexGen Lawns.  Once your synthetic grass is installed, you can end the lawn mowing and watering.  In addition, you won’t have to place any more dangerous lawn chemicals down either.  These toxic chemicals are dangerous to pets and can flow into our waters.

A great benefit that comes with residential artificial grass in Newark is the cleaner surface it provides.  NexGen Lawns fake grass gives a highly draining surface through the rapid flow system in place.  Rainwater quickly goes through the fake turf surface to give you a mud-free lawn.  Therefore, you will experience no more messy shoes or even muddy paws coming back inside your home.  Our installers can change your outdoor landscape from a small garden patio to the entire yard.  Plus, synthetic grass even can be placed between stone pavers and stepping stones.  Call to let our crew change your lawn with residential artificial grass in Newark.

Pet Grass Newark

Pet Grass NewarkIs it time for a new pet-friendly lawn that won’t break down?  Then, NexGen Lawns can change your lawn back to a full surface with our pet grass in Newark.  Regular grass swiftly wears under the stress of dog paws; thus, leaving you with a lawn of dirt and ruts.  Once it rains this dirt switches to mud to leave a mess outside, which is brought indoors on paws.  Pet grass in Newark eliminates the dirt and wet mud to give you a neater lawn and even house.  Our installers work on entire lawns, dog runs, and designated pet spaces.  Let us help give you a playful pet grass in Newark lawn for you and the dog to enjoy together.

Pet grass in Newark provides commercial businesses for dogs with a high-performing pet lawn.  This is due to the top quality of pet grass in Newark of NexGen Lawns.  Our excellent artificial turf gives a rapidly draining area of both rainwater and dog urine.  Therefore, this reduces smelly odors that would normally sit on top of regular grass.  This is a great benefit when dealing with multiple pets playing or training out on the pet lawn.  Thus, NexGen Lawns can change your dog spa, boarding center, and dog obedience facility to an exceptionally durable pet grass in Newark.  Your facility will look tidy and neat for your doggy clients throughout the year.

 Artificial Turf Newark for Sports Fields

Artificial Turf NewarkNexGen Lawns offers you a cost-effective way to transform your playing field through artificial turf Newark for sports fields.  Fake turf is only a one-time payment, which over time will save you in your maintenance fees.  As a field owner, you won’t have to waste money and time keeping the field well-trimmed and watered.  Instead, that time is now available for your sports players to train and play games; therefore, artificial turf Newark gives you more playing time to offer.  Artificial turf Newark for sports fields allows not only more playing time during the season, but gives a surface for the offseason.  Thus, you can include additional sporting events throughout the entire year now.

Placing artificial turf Newark for sports fields as your surface means you’ll have a multi-functioning field.  Therefore, instead of only one team sport being able to use the field, now many can.  For example, baseball, lacrosse, field hockey, soccer, and football can host games on an astro turf styled field.  This results in the ability to reduce your costs of needing to care for numerous playing fields.  Instead placing one artificial turf Newark for sports fields allows for many types of games to play.  In addition to outside installations, NexGen Lawns’ artificial sporting turf gives multi-functioning indoor applications as well.  We install indoor artificial turf in Newark for sports fields, batting cages, and training facilities.

Backyard Putting Green Newark

Backyard Putting Green NewarkWould you like to play golf at home?  Or wish you could get in more practice time?  Then, a backyard putting green in Newark offers you an amazing surface to craft your swing.  NexGen Lawns carries an extremely durable synthetic backyard putting green in Newark.  Thus, this durability gives you a space to practice all year on synthetic turf.  We custom craft our synthetic putting greens to meet your golfing needs and to work in your space.  Thus, we can add a home putting green on the rooftop, in the yard, and even inside the house.  A backyard putting green in Newark means the ability to play anytime you choose, which can improve your golf game.

An artificial putting green in Newark gives commercial spaces a great place to offer your clients year-round play.  Plus, artificial grass comes with extremely low care compared to natural grass.  You won’t have the heavy schedule of mowing and watering times with synthetic grass.  Therefore, utilizing synthetic grass will lower your costs.  We work on commercial spaces from remodeling golf courses, tee lines, and putting greens.  Once you have synthetic grass in place you will save on maintenance and even be able to offer more hours of golfing.  Since natural grass fades to leave a worn brown golfing surface.  If you would like to learn more about artificial turf in Newark, NJ for golf – call our staff today.

Playground Turf Newark

Playground Turf NewarkChildren’s playgrounds can leave the back lawn in need of assistance.  This is due to the inability to keep grass growing below heavily used play areas.  However, playground turf in Newark changes the ground back to a full fake grass lawn.  NexGen Lawns offers a truly child-friendly playground turf in Newark that gives a cushioned ground.  Unlike hard dirt or concrete-covered spaces that are dangerous for kids.  We offer a padded ground through the foam base beneath our artificial turf in Newark.  This additional cushion protects children as they play outside.  Plus, it gives caregivers great relief knowing the children are playing on the padded ground for safety.

Playground turf in Newark can provide numerous areas with a new play space.  Whether it is outside on the home lawn, school grounds, daycares, or a city park – NexGen Lawns can service you.  Our selection of playground turf in Newark comes not only in a green shade, but also additional color selections.  These fun colors of artificial grass give kids a new ground feature.  Plus, our installers even install playground turf in Newark inside.  We can change a boring classroom into a fun learning experience with a fake grass surface.  Or add a playroom at home or a child learning center with fake grass.  For more information on our non-toxic play grass, call NexGen Lawns to change your Newark, New Jersey location.

 To purchase NexGen Lawns artificial grass in Newark, call our team of Artificial Turf Installers in Newark, New Jersey at 888-844-0672.  Ask us for a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE.