Artificial Grass Nashville, Artificial Turf in Nashville, TN


Three use cases of artificial grass in Nashville

Changing into a minimal maintenance lawn is simple with artificial grass Nashville, Tennessee.  NexGen Lawns provides installation services of synthetic grass and artificial turf in Nashville, TN, and surrounding locations.  We offer numerous artificial grass products to cover a variety of environments.  Therefore, if you are thinking about the purchase of artificial grass Nashville, call the professionals at NexGen Lawns.  Our synthetic grass installations include both residential locations and commercial spaces.  Thus, we have both your house and business covered with our premium artificial grass, Tennessee.

Artificial grass Nashville not only provides little maintenance, but also a beautiful green surface.  Our professional team of synthetic turf installers brings you a surface that looks realistic.  Whether you are thinking about artificial grass outside your home or even indoors, we are here to assist you.  We install over many surfaces from the back lawn, inside buildings, over patios, decks, and more.  Therefore, whatever the location might be, give NexGen Lawns a call.  Our knowledgeable installers come highly talented to leave you left a professional installation of artificial turf in Nashville, TN.

Artificial Grass Nashville Options

The different artificial grass Nashville options from NexGen Lawns covers a variety of spaces.  Some of the artificial grass Nashville options include home lawns, parks, schools, businesses, and more.  Therefore, we have listed some of these artificial grass Nashville options below to assist you in learning more.

Synthetic Grass Nashville for Homes

Synthetic Grass in Nashville for HomesAre you searching for a new modern design for your home landscape?  Or maybe you just want something easier to deal with?  Then, synthetic grass Nashville for homes from NexGen Lawns is here to help.  We have stunning synthetic grass to change your landscape up around the outside of your house.  Whether you want a unique design crafted or a complete lawn remodel, our installers have you covered.  Synthetic grass Nashville for homes brings a lush look and feel due to our high-end artificial fibers.  We can change your boring patio, deck, balcony, or other space with our soft-feeling artificial grass.  This not only changes the texture of the ground but also the appearance with a faux green surface.

The low maintenance of synthetic grass in Nashville for homes means you’ll have the look of a trimmed lawn year-round.  No need to keep storing the lawnmower, you can enjoy a mower-less lawn with fake grass.  Say goodbye to pesky grass clippings piling up on the lawn too!  Additionally, artificial grass means you won’t have to water the lawn or apply grass fertilizers.  This means you can truly enjoy more time on your faux lawn with less upkeep.  Not only that, a waterless faux lawn helps to reduce your outdoor watering to lower the watering bill.  Give us a call to create a one of kind space with synthetic grass in Nashville for homes.

Artificial Grass Nashville for Dogs

Artificial Grass in Nashville for DogsDogs can cause quite a mess on the home lawn.  Why not give them a strong and dog-friendly lawn with artificial grass Nashville for dogs.  NexGen Lawns provides artificial dog turf that’s designed for dogs to use.  We can help you change up the whole lawn for an easy lawn for the family and dog to play or a designated dog run.  Our team remodels current dog runs of grass, gravel, or concrete to the soft and playful ground with artificial grass Nashville for dogs.  These hard concrete grounds can hurt sensitive paws.  Therefore, give your dogs a durable artificial grass lawn for a nice spot to run.  Another great thing about artificial turf is won’t discolor from dog urine and leave those yellow circles.  You and your pet can have a green fake grass surface to play fetch throughout the year.

Dog-focused businesses experience high volumes of dog traffic, which means they need a lawn to keep up.  Artificial grass Nashville for dogs provides dog spas, pet daycares, dog parks, and other dog businesses with the solution they need.  Our high-quality artificial turf comes with excellent strength for high paw traffic.  Additionally, artificial grass Nashville for dogs provides a ground without the messy mud.  This comes from the advanced drainage system that swiftly drains rainwater and dog urine.  Therefore, dogs will have drier ground to run across and even reduce odors from potty breaks.  Artificial grass provides businesses with a green lawn throughout the year to use.  This helps to keep your dog lawn looking tidy and clean for your dog customers.  Additionally, your business will reduce lawn care costs to help save money.  To switch to a minimal maintenance lawn, call NexGen Lawns for artificial grass Nashville for dogs.

Artificial Turf Nashville for Athletic Fields

Artificial Turf in NashvilleTo keep athletic fields ready for field use requires different maintenance from keeping the grounds well-watering and freshly trimmed.  This costs money and time to care for the playing fields.  Athletes and coaches are unable to use the athletic fields when they are closed for maintenance.  Instead, give your teams a place with more time to play through artificial turf Nashville for athletic fields.  This not only provides more playing field time, but also a reduction in expenses of watering, re-sodding the fields, and mowing.  Whether you have a sports club, training grounds, school fields, or park – call NexGen Lawns for artificial turf Nashville for athletic fields.

We offer different types of artificial turf Nashville for athletic fields and are here to help you in selecting fake turf.  This includes outdoor artificial turf and indoor installations.  Our team has highly skilled professional installers to work across a variety of surfaces from indoor batting cages, to training fields, gyms, and more.  We also have different color selections in our synthetic turf to give you a custom look.  A great benefit of utilizing astro turf style for your athletic fields is the multi-use it provides.  Artificial turf changes the playing field from only one sports field to a field that now a variety of sports can use.  For example, sports from softball, soccer, lacrosse, football, baseball, and more can use the same field.  This helps to eliminate the expense of multiple fields and allows you to offer more sports.  Change your fields into a multipurpose surface with artificial turf Nashville.

Backyard Putting Green Nashville

Backyard Putting Green in NashvillePlaying the sport of golf is a pastime for many individuals.  However, finding a place and time to putt can sometimes be challenging.  Therefore, call the professionals at NexGen Lawns to install a backyard putting green Nashville, TN.  A home putting green allows you to walk outside your door and golf when you decide.  That means you won’t have to rush and pack up the bags and drive to the nearest course.  Instead, you can work on your form and swing right at home!  A backyard putting green Nashville can go outside on the lawn, over the deck, patio, or even inside your house.  You won’t have the annoyance of keeping your putting green well-watered or freshly cut either.  Thus, this means you’ll have more time to enjoy the game of golf at home.

NexGen Lawns provides not only synthetic backyard greens but also putting green in the Nashville area to businesses.  We install artificial putting greens, tee lines, and courses.  Additionally, we can remodel your current putting greens with new synthetic grass.  We offer premium synthetic grass with an amazing ball roll.  Selecting synthetic grass provides your business or club with a green that has minimal maintenance.  This will help to save you on the expenses of cutting the grass and keeping it watered.  Therefore, synthetic grass will reduce maintenance expenditures.  Additionally, synthetic grass provides a surface that golfers can use throughout the year.  You can open your putting greens more when regular grass would fade away at the end of the season.  To learn more about synthetic grass putting greens in Nashville, contact NexGen Lawns.

Playground Turf Nashville

Playground Turf in NashvilleThe lawn beneath the playground equipment can quickly wear down.  This leaves children left with hard dirt beneath the playground.  Instead, give children a soft and padded surface of playground turf Nashville.  We carry playground turf with an additional layer of foam padding.  With safety in mind, this additional padding helps to cushion the ground for a softer playground area.  You won’t have to battle the shade of the equipment and buildings to get the grass to grow either.  Instead, your family can have fun on a full faux lawn together.  Our playground turf Nashville can go in just the area of the lawn the kids play or the whole lawn. In addition, we can even install artificial turf indoors for a fun playroom.

In addition to home lawns, NexGen Lawns provides schools, daycares, parks, and more with playground turf in Nashville.  We can remodel your school or park with the fun and bright colors of artificial turf.  We have a variety of choices of colored artificial grass to create a modern and colorful play spot.  Playground turf Nashville keeps the area mud-free to keep the children, playground, and even indoors tidier.  You won’t have those mud-soaked shoes tracking back inside.  Additionally, unlike playgrounds filled with mulch or pea gravel, you won’t have those pesky wood chips or pebbles that cling on clothes and shoes making a mess.  These items not only get in shoes and clothes, but they also scatter all across the grounds making the area messy.  Instead, give us a call for a nice and durable playground turf Nashville for your spaces.

Say Goodbye to Natural Grass Woes in Nashville

Anyone who has ever had a natural grass lawn knows the amount of effort that goes into growing and maintaining it. From watering, fertilizing, and de-weeding to pest control and mowing it requires a ton of hard work, maintenance, and care. Add to it climate woes and the challenges in maintaining a verdant lawn multiply. Especially if you reside in Nashville, maintaining a natural green grass lawn year-round can be especially difficult, given the harsh weather conditions here. 

Nashville is the principal city of Middle Tennessee, which is known to experience transitional weather. Hot and muggy summer climate coupled with extremely cold and wet winters can spell disaster for real grass. In the warmer months, natural grass requires excessive amounts of water or else it may be dehydrated. On the other hand, in the cold and wet winters, real grass turfs are invariably filled with puddles of water, which are not only unsightly but also dangerous, posing the risk of falls.

However, if you love a green turf (who doesn’t?) without these challenges or the added maintenance efforts and expenses, we’ve got news: you can have your cake and eat it too! With NexGen Lawns, you can enjoy a beautiful green lawn of artificial grass in Nashville minus the maintenance needs.

Save on water, money, and time with our easy-to-maintain artificial turfs. No need to spend gallons of water to irrigate your lawn. Planet conservation is the need of the hour – contribute to the cause while lowering your water bills. Plus you don’t have to spend your weekend mowing the lawn. Our synthetic grass turfs are extremely easy to maintain – all you need to do is hose it down once in a while and it will look glossy and as good as new. Enjoy your favorite activities, entertain guests, and provide a safe play area for your children on NexGen’s artificial grass in Nashville.

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