Do You Need to Water an Artificial Grass Lawn?

Do you need to water an artificial grass lawn

Switching to an artificial grass lawn can instantly give you a low-maintenance lawn.  However, many homeowners are used to their usual lawn routines, and watering the lawn is one of them.  This can leave you wondering do you need to water an artificial grass lawn.  The answer is no an artificial grass lawn does not have to be watered like regular grass.  With synthetic grass blades, you no longer have to deal with trying to keep them growing by watering the grass.  This is one of the many reasons why homeowners love having an artificial grass lawn!  You no longer have to mess with regular lawn watering.

Whether it’s a full waterless synthetic lawn, a small space, or a modern landscaping design in the lawn, wherever an artificial turf surface is placed – you don’t have to water it.  In addition to no longer having to waste water through watering the lawn, this means you’ll also save money on your outdoor watering bills through the reduction of water needed.

Drought season can make having an artificial grass lawn even more appealing.  The dry hot weather can turn any full lawn into a dried brown lawn in no time.   Oftentimes, drought season can come with watering restrictions which makes keeping your lawn full even more difficult to achieve with limited timeframes to water your lawn.  Instead, you can have peace of mind knowing your lawn will be full and green with a synthetic yard in place that requires no water.  Additionally, you’ll be doing your part to lower your outdoor water usage during drought season.

When to Water an Artificial Grass Lawn

While artificial grass doesn’t require any watering, there are times when watering your artificial grass lawn can be beneficial.  Just like any other surface outside, artificial grass can collect dust, debris, and pollen on the surface.  Rainwater can help to reduce these items and rinse your grass naturally.  However, there are times when the rainwater won’t rinse everything.  Therefore, spraying down your fake grass with the water hose from time to time can help to wash away any build-up of pollen or debris.  Simply using the garden hose a few times throughout the year can help your artificial grass look nice and clean again.

Reduction in Smell

While you don’t have to water your lawn, watering from time to time can help to reduce smells.  If you have dogs at home, then you already know the mess and smell that can come along with dogs playing in the yard.  Dog waste can saturate through the grass and into the ground causing awful odors on the lawn.  Not only are you left with bad odors, but also brown and yellow stains on the grass.  Instead with the installation of artificial grass, dog waste sits on top making clean-up easier.  The drainage from the backing of the artificial turf and sub-base below helps reduce odors allowing the urine to pass through.

Either rainwater or the garden hose can help rinse the artificial turf clean.  We do recommend to help clean and deodorize your artificial turf lawn, use PE-51.  This product is an all-natural and non-toxic deodorizer and cleaner to help combat unwanted pet smells on the lawn.  You just attach the nozzle to your garden hose and spray across the artificial grass for the reduction in unwanted pet smells.  PE-51 is safe for both pets and children!  You simply spray away to quickly deodorize the lawn.

Purchase Today and Save Water

Now, that you know the answer to the question, do you need to water an artificial grass lawn?  Contact the NexGen Lawns team to schedule your own installation and purchase of our synthetic grass and artificial turf products.  Are you ready to start your purchase today and save water?  Then, to find a certified NexGen Lawns artificial grass installer nearest you, click here!