NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Ogden, Artificial Turf in Ogden, UT

Fake Grass OgdenTo acquire the best quality of artificial grass in Ogden, call NexGen Lawns for your purchase and installation of artificial turf.   We offer homes and commercial environments the most realistic appearing synthetic grass for their properties.  This is through our highly advanced and lustrous fibers that bring a soft feeling surface.  Therefore, you can feel the difference through our high standards of quality.  We offer stunning landscaping designs, playground surfaces, sporting turfs, putting greens, and dog runs.

NexGen Lawns delivers completely professional installations for both outside and even inside applications.  Our highly crafted artificial grass Ogden installers have the knowledge and expertise to transform your surface.  Therefore, you can experience a highly functional fake grass surface for many years.  If you’re in the Ogden area, call NexGen Lawns for our exceptional durability of artificial turf in Ogden, Utah.

Artificial Grass Ogden Options

NexGen Lawns carries multiple artificial grass Ogden options to suit varying environments.  Thus, some of the artificial grass Ogden options are listed beneath to help you learn about the numerous benefits.

Home Artificial Grass Ogden

Artificial Grass OgdenThe home lawn can be a weekend killer through the duties of watering, edging, spreading fertilizer, and mowing.  Instead, give yourself more free time on the weekend through home artificial grass in Ogden.  Switching to a faux lawn doesn’t have the constant maintenance care like regular grass.  Plus, you can even gain more space in the garage by eliminating the lawnmower and saving money on your watering bill.  Why keep pushing the mower or paying someone to mow?  When NexGen Lawns services residential clients with superior quality grass that feels amazing.  It’s a lawn the entire family can use for children, pets, and adults.

Home artificial grass in Ogden gives you more design opportunities to create a new modern landscape.  The beautiful sight of a green lawn doesn’t have to be directly in the yard.  Our expert installers can place home artificial grass in Ogden over the wooden deck, across the patio, balcony, rooftop, and more.  We can give the lush feeling of fake grass fibers around the pool, between pavers, and stepping stones.  Plus, our artificial grass drains the rainwater to leave you with a mud-free ground covering.  No muddy feet, paws, or shoes coming back inside the house.  Thus, call NexGen Lawns to discuss your landscaping ideas with fake grass in Ogden.

Artificial Turf Ogden for Dogs

Artificial Turf Ogden for DogsDoes your lawn or dog run need a more dog-friendly ground covering?  Then, through our specifically designed artificial turf Ogden for dogs, we can redo your lawn for your dogs’ playful paws.  Dogs need a strong ground surface to keep up with their active running and even potty breaks.  Regular grass breaks down fast through wear and discolors from bathroom breaks.  However, artificial turf Ogden for dogs stays green and ready for their outdoor time.  Potty breaks do not discolor the surface and drain through the artificial dog turf to help reduce smelly odors.  Additionally, rainwater drains through as well to keep their paws free of mud.  Start seeing a mud-free lawn and dog through artificial turf Ogden for dogs!

Commercial dog businesses can greatly benefit through the installation of artificial turf Ogden for dogs.  We can transform your dog spa, daycare center, boarding facility, or training school to a highly durable pet turf lawn.  Therefore, your lawn will have a strong pet-ready lawn to handle multiple pups going outdoors to train or play.  Our artificial pet turf works across indoor applications as well.  Plus, artificial turf Ogden for dogs washes easily clean and helps to save you on lawn care.  Your business will not have to mow, apply fertilizers, or re-sod the dog lawn.  Thus, give your pet clients a strong and quality pet turf lawn from NexGen Lawns!

Synthetic Grass Ogden for Playing Fields

Synthetic Grass OgdenAthletic playing fields can play consistently through NexGen Lawns’ synthetic grass Ogden for playing fields.  During the offseason, athletes can have a sporting field that is consistent and allows for more use.  Since regular sod fields demand high upkeep care that limits playing time during maintenance hours.  The fields have to close for mowing, watering, and other care items.  Or completely close during off-season times when the field is no longer green and playable.  Instead, you can save the expense by reducing your fieldwork through synthetic grass Ogden for playing fields.  You can have a synthetic field without the high demands and more availability to give to the athletes and coaches.

Synthetic grass Ogden for playing fields gives you a multi-use field to have multiple sports play on the same athletic field.  Thus, through the use of synthetic turf your school or sports club can have soccer matches, baseball or softball games, football, field hockey, and lacrosse games.  One astro turf style field can now host it all!  Therefore, this helps to eliminate the need for numerous fields and saves you money.  NexGen Lawns synthetic turf comes with extreme durability to host many games, matches, and tournaments.  Plus, synthetic grass Ogden allows for use all 24 hours through outdoor lights in place.  If you’re interested in synthetic grass in the Ogden region, contact NexGen Lawns.

Home Putting Green Ogden

Home Putting Green OgdenWish you could pick up the clubs and golf in your own backyard?  Then, have NexGen Lawns install a home putting green in Ogden that gives you the best golf ball roll.  We offer premium synthetic grass for putting greens right at the comforts of home.  No membership fees, specific hours, or the nuisance of driving out to a club.  Instead, you can add value back into your home and help to improve and maintain your form and swing through a home putting green in Ogden.  We install backyard putting greens, indoor greens, and can place them over decks and patios.  Call NexGen Lawns to begin golfing on an amazing synthetic golf green.

Have a commercial business and looking to add the great amenity of a putting green in Ogden?  Or do you own a golf club or range and need a remodel?  Then, NexGen Lawns can service your company with a synthetic putting green in and around Ogden, Utah.  We can revamp your current range or course; add tee mats, and putting greens.  This includes both outside and inside golfing surfaces.  Plus, the use of synthetic turf helps to save your business greatly in upkeep costs.  You will see a reduction in trimming, fertilizing, and reduce your watering.  Additionally, golfers will have a surface to play on all year at your business!  Call us to hear more about the perks of synthetic grass for your golf course or tee line.

Playground Turf Ogden

The use of playground turf in Ogden will give the kids a colorful setting both at home and the schoolyard.  We offer many color options to add a fun design to the ground with fake turf.  Plus, the use of playground turf in Ogden means less groundwork to maintain.  The turf will not have to be trimmed, watered, or have toxic lawn chemicals applied.  Instead, kids will have a place to play all year without any messy grass clippings, mulch pieces, or pea gravel to track back inside.  No more shoes to shake out, mulch, or gravel to rake back under the playground, or grass to brush off.

The tough durability of playground turf in Ogden comes designed to handle heavy traffic.  Thus, fake play grass gives daycares, parks, and schools a surface ready to handle multiple active feet.  Our strong play grass also gives children the opportunity to play more often outside.  Unlike regular sod that changes brown, playground turf in Ogden offers a green play surface all year with no mud.  This means instead of having to cancel playtime for wet grounds for days, the fast-draining artificial grass dries fast.  With NO MUD!  Most importantly, NexGen Lawns carries playground turf with an additional layer of cushion to help pad the ground.  This brings an extra layer of protection to help keep kids safe.

To purchase highly resilient artificial grass in Ogden, call the NexGen Lawns team for an artificial turf installer in Ogden, Utah.  Ask us for a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE.