NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Bronx, Artificial Turf in Bronx, NY

Artificial Grass BronxNexGen Lawns offers the best quality of artificial grass Bronx, New York with a professional installation service.  We carry modern landscaping options through artificial grass Bronx to cover many urban environments.  Therefore, we can add artificial turf in the Bronx to your lawn, patio, rooftop, garden, and balcony.  Our fake grass applications include both commercial businesses and residential properties.  Thus, contact NexGen Lawns for your surface needs in New York from parks, dog areas, sporting fields, lawns, playgrounds, and putting greens.

Our expertise in synthetic grass means your property will be complete with natural-appearing artificial grass in the Bronx.  The installers at NexGen Lawns come highly skilled to ensure you will have only a truly professional result.  Thus, we can install synthetic turf in Bronx not only across many outdoor settings but indoor areas too.  Make the call for the purchase of artificial grass in Bronx, NY, and the surrounding metro to the professionals at NexGen Lawns.

Artificial Grass Bronx Options

NexGen Lawns supplies a range of artificial grass Bronx options to suit numerous settings from homes, businesses, schools, and parks.  Therefore, to help you with your purchase, we have a few artificial grass Bronx options below.

Residential Fake Grass Bronx

Residential Fake Grass BronxNexGen Lawns can add the modern feature of residential fake grass Bronx to your house.  Many homes are coming equipped with artificial turf due to its easy appeal.  Fake grass offers a lawn with zero mowing, fertilizer treatments, and watering.  Thus, this not only helps to lower the amount of time spent on the lawn but your outdoor water usage.  The benefit of spending less time working on trying to maintain the grass means more free time back.  We install beautiful fake grass through our high standard of quality.  Therefore, you can have a truly lovely residential fake grass Bronx landscape.

In urban areas, artificial grass Bronx offers an alternative to give you a faux grassy area at residential and commercial locations.  Thus, our installers can give you a new faux grass rooftop, patio, or balcony.  This means you can showcase a stunning new outdoor design through residential fake grass Bronx.  Our installers can install over your boring concrete or asphalt surface to leave you with a new unique area. We can create a full surface covering or just a designated area with fake grass.  Thus, give NexGen Lawns a call to help you create a new outdoor oasis through the installation of artificial grass Bronx.

Artificial Dog Grass Bronx

Artificial Dog Grass BronxAre you tired of those unsightly brown spots in the yard from the dog?  Then, artificial dog grass Bronx installed by NexGen Lawns can give you a green lawn again.  This is through our high-end artificial dog grass Bronx that does not discolor from bathroom breaks.  Our dog-friendly fake turf gives your pets a durable ground designed with their paws in mind.  Plus, if you need a green doggy space at your townhome, condo, or apartment – we can add artificial dog grass Bronx right over concrete or wooden decking.  This means they can have a personal doggy zone that washes easily clean.  Thus, install fake turf to give your dog a green area to play on that feels amazing beneath their paws.

Artificial dog grass in the Bronx brings a heavy-duty surface to withstand multiple pets.  Therefore, artificial grass remodels parks, buildings, and businesses that cater to dogs with a strong pet lawn.  The fake turf gives pets a cleaner space through the fast-draining turf.  Thus, the rapid draining turf will drain both rain and urine through the surface to give them a dry area.  This means no dirty paws to track back indoors and even fewer odors outside.  Plus, artificial dog grass Bronx brings a mower-free surface for even indoor training rooms and kennels.  For artificial dog grass Bronx at your dog park, kennel, training school, or dog daycare – call NexGen Lawns.

Synthetic Turf Bronx for Sport Fields

Synthetic Turf BronxIs it time to decrease your expenses and offer more on your sports fields?  Then, NexGen Lawns’ large selection of synthetic turf Bronx for sport fields can transform your fields.  Artificial turf does not come with the high maintenance needs of grass.  Thus, groundskeepers will not have to mow, water, or place down fertilizers.  These greatly reduced expenditures give not only savings but more time to use the fields.  Synthetic turf Bronx for sport fields gives an all-weather field for continual use throughout the year.  Thus, you can offer players more time to train and play on the artificial turf sports field.

NexGen Lawns installs synthetic turf Bronx for sports fields for both outdoor and indoor spaces.  Thus, our indoor installs include indoor playing fields, batting cages, and training center flooring.  Our knowledgeable staff will help you in making the right choice of artificial grass Bronx for your sporting needs.  Additionally, we can personalize your ground through logos and different color choices.  An astro turf style sport fields change your field into a multipurpose surface to offer more than just one sport.  Therefore, fake turf means you can host a range of different sports from lacrosse, soccer, baseball, football, field hockey, and more.  Give your players more time and more sports to play through artificial turf in Bronx, NY.

Home Putting Green Bronx

Home Putting Green BronxA popular leisure activity for many across the nation is playing golf.  However, finding the available time to drive out to putt and come back can cause a strain to keep up with practice.  This is why many homeowners have added a home putting green Bronx to their residences.  The versatility to add a home putting green Bronx to numerous surface types allows you to have a spot to play golf right in the urban areas.  Whether you want a synthetic green in the yard, on the rooftop, on the balcony, or patio – NexGen Lawns can install your home putting green in Bronx, New York.

NexGen Lawns offers not only residential putting green Bronx, but commercial synthetic greens as well.  We can assist your business by adding a great amenity for your customers through an artificial putting green Bronx.  Plus, synthetic grass has minimal maintenance and allows for use all year for customers to golf.  We also refurbish commercial golf courses, driving ranges, tee lines, and putting greens.  Our synthetic grass for putting greens gives you the very best roll through our high-end fibers.  Therefore, give your commercial green a high-quality surface through artificial grass Bronx.  Contact NexGen Lawns for your New York property.

Playground Turf Bronx

Playground Turf BronxWould you like to have less dirt get tracked back inside the home from the kids’ shoes?  Did you know playground turf Bronx provides a mud-free surface?  Yes, through our advanced technology, the children can play on a lush playground turf Bronx surface without the messes.  Regular grass wears fast and only lasts for a short season; therefore, leaving the children left with hard dirt grounds to play on.  Playground turf Bronx is different by providing children with a green area to play on all year that is even soft.  The softness comes through our installation of cushioned playground turf to protect children through our added foam padding.

The installation of artificial playground turf Bronx gives children a soft surface not only at home, but at schools, childcare facilities, and parks.  The faux grass play surface is tidier compared to messy grass clippings, mulch, and pebbles.  These small pieces end up in shoes, stuck on clothes, and tousled across the park.  However, the smooth fake grass playground gives a mess-free area for children to play.  At NexGen Lawns, we offer many bright-colored artificial turfs to create new fun zones for children.  This includes both outdoor play parks and indoor playrooms.  Thus, let our skilled staff help you provide a child-friendly surface through our playground turf Bronx.

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