NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Pawtucket, Artificial Turf in Pawtucket, RI

Artificial Grass PawtucketThe premier artificial grass Pawtucket installer to call is NexGen Lawns.  We’ve got your ground covered through our advanced artificial turf in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.  Our synthetic grass brings you the best high-quality turfs for a range of applications.  Some of our custom installations include lawns, commercial landscapes, putting greens, dog runs, playgrounds, parks, and sporting fields.  Therefore, NexGen Lawns is here to serve you both at your home property or commercial business.

NexGen Lawns will meet with you to visit about your specific installation and remodel.  Our artificial grass Pawtucket professional installers come highly skilled and trained to leave your property with only a professional result.  This includes outdoor application sites and indoor installations.  Thus, to transform your ground into a beautiful and naturally appearing faux turf lawn – make sure you call the artificial grass Pawtucket team at NexGen Lawns.

Artificial Grass Pawtucket Options

Are you searching for quality fake grass in the Pawtucket, Rhode Island vicinity?  Then, NexGen Lawns can assist you through our many artificial grass Pawtucket selections.  The list below can help you understand some of the many synthetic grass options and their multiple advantages.  For more information and other artificial grass Pawtucket options, call today.

Residential Artificial Turf Pawtucket

Residential Artificial Turf PawtucketIs it time to give yourself a lawn that feels great and looks lush all year?  Then, NexGen Lawns has the solution through our residential artificial turf Pawtucket lawn that provides a remarkably realistic appearance.  This is through our highly advanced premium synthetic grass.  Plus, why not have more of your valuable time back?  A residential artificial turf Pawtucket yard provides a surface that needs no watering, mowing, or toxic yard applications.  Therefore, instead of wasting your valuable free time on the weekend working on the lawn, you can now relax.  Or get outside and play on our high-quality synthetic grass!

Residential artificial turf in Pawtucket gives you an outdoor surface for everyone in the family.  This includes children, grandchildren, and even the family dog.  A key benefit of artificial turf is the rapid flowing drainage system to quickly drain rainwater.  This gives all your guests a cleaner surface without any mud!  Many clients love the use of synthetic grass around the swimming pool to eliminate the mud and grass pieces floating in the pool.  Additionally, our installers can design fake grass landscaping options around gardening beds, between pavers, driveways, lawns, and more.  This includes both residential and commercial landscapes; thus, call NexGen Lawns for your artificial grass Pawtucket needs.

Artificial Grass Pawtucket for Dogs

Artificial Grass Pawtucket for DogsGive your pups a new back lawn that was designed with them in mind through NexGen Lawns artificial grass in Pawtucket for dogs.  If you’re a dog owner, you know dogs can wreck a regular grass lawn quickly.  Therefore, we deliver a strong yet comfortable surface for sensitive dog paws through our soft artificial turf.  Unlike the option of uncomfortable hard gravel or concrete placed as their dog lawn or run.  Let your dog go outside to play and exercise on artificial grass in Pawtucket for dogs that come with exceptional durability.  Plus, our top-notch artificial grass does not discolor from bathroom breaks, so you’ll have a pretty green yard.

Artificial grass in Pawtucket for dogs is an excellent pick for dog businesses as their choice of a dog run, dog lawn, and kennels.  We have assisted dog daycares, boarding centers, and training schools to give their dogs a cleaner space.  This is through our fast-drying artificial grass that gives dogs a surface without mud.  Not only does it help keep the outside spaces cleaner, but the inside too through cleaner paws.  In addition, your business will save in upkeep expenditures by lowering your water usage and mowing.  This gives the staying pets uninterrupted time to use the dog lawn that keeps green all year.  To start offering a highly durable fake grass dog lawn, give NexGen Lawns a call for artificial grass in Pawtucket.

Fake Turf Pawtucket for Athletic Fields

Fake Turf PawtucketAre you looking at adding additional fields or renovating your current fields with fake turf in Pawtucket for athletic fields?  Then, NexGen Lawns can change your field into a surface that offers more athletic field usage.  Our highly experienced installers can work on your preexisting fields or add a new area through synthetic turf.  With fake turf in Pawtucket for athletic fields in place, the growing expenses that are recurring of mowing, fertilizing, re-sodding, and watering the field are no longer.  Thus, this helps to save your school or club in field care costs and gives more time to athletes without having to close the fields for care work.

We offer multiple fake turf in Pawtucket for athletic fields to utilize both on indoor fields and outdoor fields.  Thus, our synthetic turf can go outside on fields, batting circles, and batting cages.  Or inside for gym training floors, playing fields, and batting cages.  With fake turf in Pawtucket for athletic fields, you can host more than just one sport on the field.  Sports like football, softball, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, field hockey, and others can all play on the same astro turf style athletic field.  Therefore, this helps to eliminate the expense of having numerous athletic fields.  To begin renovating your school or club, give NexGen Lawns a call for fake turf in Pawtucket.

Backyard Putting Green Pawtucket

Backyard Putting Green PawtucketThe great game of golf is enjoyed by individuals of all ages in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.  This is why not only avid golfers but families are adding the fun of playing golf on the lawn with a backyard putting green in Pawtucket.  The joys of having a synthetic green in the lawn mean anyone can play at home throughout the year.  Therefore, you or the whole family can have the opportunity to work on your golf game.  This will help prepare you for the next big tournament or friendly competition.  Additionally, NexGen Lawns can add a putting green to not only lawns but over many surfaces.  This means we give you the addition of a putting green at your townhome or condo on your rooftop, patio, or balcony.

A personalized putting green in Pawtucket provides an excellent amenity to businesses looking to add a unique touch for their customers.  We can add a synthetic grass putting green to your apartments, hotels, or restaurants.  In addition, NexGen Lawns also provides synthetic putting greens to golf courses, driving ranges, and indoor golf.  We can renovate your old putting green into a new synthetic turf green for more golf usage.  Plus, by putting synthetic grass in place, you will save greatly on maintenance costs.  You’ll have savings in reducing the putting green trimming and watering.  To start golfing at home or for remodeling your business, contact NexGen Lawns for top-notch synthetic greens.

Playground Turf Pawtucket

Playground Turf PawtucketIf you’re tired of having a dirt-packed and messy play area for school-aged kids, then let NexGen Lawns transform the space into a cleaner playground.  Playground turf in Pawtucket gives schools, city parks, and daycares a durable cushioned surface without the hazards or mess.  Artificial grass placed under playground zones or at open play parks can come equipped with additional padding below to help cushion the play surface.  Therefore, this additional cushioned foam padding helps to protect young children playing.  Unlike a hard asphalt ground or packed-down dirt play surfaces.  Additionally, the soft playground turf in Pawtucket comes without the messy pieces of rubber, mulch, or pebbles that scatter around.  Or for these annoying pieces to get tracked back into cars, school, or home; thus, dragging the mess more places.

Playground turf in Pawtucket can renovate your home’s back lawn into a soft playful space.  Parents won’t have to worry about if the yard is too muddy for the kids to play.  This is due to the drainage power of our playground turf in Pawtucket that gives you a mud-free ground.  Now, the children can go play without the muddy soaked shoes coming back into the house.  This gives everyone at home a lawn to use all year for family time outside.  Plus, the mowing duty around the playground or yard will be eliminated!  Instead, you’ll have more time to relax or play on a great artificial grass surface from NexGen Lawns.  For the home or schoolyard, give the professionals a call for playground turf in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

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