NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Park City, Artificial Turf in Park City, UT

Artificial Grass Park CityDo you need an artificial grass Park City installer?  Then, NexGen Lawns highly experienced artificial turf installers in Park City, Utah, and the surrounding areas have you covered.  We offer premium quality fake grass that works across multiple applications through our specialized turf.  Therefore, we furnish stunning lawns, putting greens, sports fields, batting cages, playgrounds, dog runs, and numerous landscaping options.  NexGen Lawns can assist you both on the inside applications and outside.

NexGen Lawns delivers professional results from our tremendous knowledge and skill level of artificial grass in Park City.  Thus, through our high standards of excellence gives you not only a specialized installation but the best artificial grass products.  We help create new designs for residential homes and commercial businesses through fake grass.  No matter your surface or size, call NexGen Lawns for an artificial grass Park City solution.

Artificial Grass Park City Options

NexGen Lawns is here to assist you with all your artificial grass Park City options.  We will help you in selecting one of our many options of artificial turf in Park City to suit your surface.  Thus, below will help you in learning more about our many fake grass options and benefits.

Residential Fake Grass Park City

Fake Grass Park CityYou can have a newly remodeled lawn through the use of residential fake grass in Park City, Utah.  Why not enjoy less work around the lawn?  Instead have more time to sit back or walk across a lawn with little maintenance from residential fake grass in Park City.  Artificial grass equals no watering, fertilizing, or trimming the grass!  We can improve spaces from complete lawns to small sections.  This includes installing fake grass on the patio, deck, balcony, porch, between pavers, around gardening beds, and around the house.  We will help you transform your old sod yard into a new vibrant lush artificial grass area.

Residential fake grass in Park City gives you an amazing surface that offers everyone at home a lawn all year.  Unlike sod lawns that brown and change into mud, artificial grass gives you a mud-free lawn.  This is through our advanced system below the turf that allows for quick drainage.  Therefore, unlike waiting days or even weeks, for the lawn to dry back out, you will have a lawn that dries fast through the drainage system.  Our high-quality and soft fake grass fibers keep the lawn green even when exposed to pet waste or sunlight.  Thus, NexGen Lawns delivers you a more useable lawn through our premium fake grass in Park City, Utah.

Artificial Grass Park City for Dogs

Artificial Grass Park City for DogsThe smart pick if you’re a dog owner is artificial grass in Park City for dogs.  Why?  Well, with an artificial grass Park City surface in place, your dog or dogs will have a strong surface made with them in mind to use all year.  They can play on a pet-friendly surface that won’t break down or even change colors from bathroom breaks.  Now, you won’t have to cringe over brown or yellowed spots anymore.  Artificial grass in Park City for dogs can cover your entire lawn or a designated dog run.  Our fake dog grass gives them a lawn that comes soft.  Unlike pea gravel or concrete dog runs that are hard on their tender feet.  Therefore, treat your puppy’s feet to artificial grass in Park City for dogs.

Pet daycares, boarding centers, training schools, and dog spas all can offer their furry guests a highly durable lawn with artificial grass in Park City.  NexGen Lawns can transform your muddy and worn-down lawn into a cleaner space through our superior pet turf.  Our dog turf comes equipped to handle heavy traffic with excellent drainage.  Therefore, your new pet turf lawn allows for multiple dogs to play all year on a mud-free green yard.  This means less mess not only outside, but inside your business through cleaner paws.  So, give your doggy business the benefits that come with artificial grass in Park City for dogs – call today.

Artificial Turf Park City for Sporting Fields

Artificial Turf Park CityArtificial turf Park City for sporting fields gives athletic clubs, sporting centers, or schools a multipurpose surface.  Instead of having to maintain numerous fields for multiple sports, one synthetic field can host several sports.  A few of the sports include football, field hockey, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, and other events.  Therefore, you can help reduce wear on your grass fields by offering an artificial turf field for your athletes.  Artificial turf can help you with reducing the task of rescheduling games or matches due to wet field conditions.  This is due to the quick drainage that doesn’t leave fields covered in mud.

To give athletes more playing time on the field that also plays consistently comes with the use of artificial turf Park City for sporting fields.  Artificial turf reduces maintenance hours from watering, re-sodding, fertilizing, and mowing.  This helps to reduce the costs associated with field care to save you more money.   Players can now practice more often on an astro turf style field that doesn’t brown at the end of the season or break down.  Therefore, giving you more flexibility to host other sports or offer more training time with fake turf.  NexGen Lawns can help you with both your outdoor sporting fields and indoor centers.

Backyard Putting Green Park City

Backyard Putting Green Park CityA popular sport that can easily be added to your own home is golf.  The installation of a backyard putting green in Park City gives you a valuable addition right at your home.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice golfer or just an amateur; a backyard putting green in Park City brings everyone at home the chance to play more.  Therefore, you can maintain and even improve your golfing skills right in your own backyard.  Or you can work on your swing inside through our indoor putting greens.  Whichever location at home, NexGen Lawns can assist you with an amazing putting green.

Have a commercial business and looking to add the great benefits of a synthetic golf surface?  Then, NexGen Lawns can install or revamp your current tee line, golf course, putting greens, or mats.  Our professional installers can provide your business with a low-maintenance green by using synthetic grass.  Unlike sod which requires many upkeep hours to keep the grass well-watered and trimmed.  Synthetic putting greens help reduce maintenance costs and provide a surface golfers can use throughout the year.  We can assist you with your outdoor driving ranges, courses, or indoor golf.  Call to hear more about the benefits of a synthetic putting green in Park City, Utah.

Playground Turf Park City

Playground Turf Park CityWant to have a cleaner park or playground area?  Then, NexGen Lawns can change your messy or muddy space to a neat area with playground turf in Park City.  Artificial grass can fix up your kids’ backyard play space, park, schoolyard, or daycare.  One of the differences that come with play turf is the minimization of untidiness from mulch, sand, pebbles, and grass.  All of these items can become stuck on kids’ hair, clothes, and inside shoes.  Therefore, not only leaving a mess outside, but bringing the mess back inside the house, car, or school.  NexGen Lawns gives you a tidy and clean space with a cushioned playground turf in Park City to help protect children playing.

NexGen Lawns’ playground turf in Park City gives you a surface that dries fast after a rain shower.  Therefore, children can go back outside shortly after the rain has ended to play without the mud.  This is from the drainage system that comes highly advanced for rapid flow.  You won’t have to wait days to reschedule play dates, recess time, or outside playtime.  Our fake grass can go outside under playsets, activity centers, or even indoors for playrooms.  Additionally, we offer an array of colors of artificial grass at playgrounds.  We can add different colored turf for kids to have a fun colorful playground right in Park City, Utah.

To have a professional artificial grass Park City installer, make the call to NexGen Lawns for the purchase of quality artificial grass in Park City, Utah.  Ask us for a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE.