NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Miami Beach, Artificial Turf in Miami Beach, FL

Artificial GrassIf you are looking for superior Artificial Grass Miami Beach products and professional installers, then you have certainly come to the right place.  NexGen Lawns carries a wide range of artificial grass products specially developed over the last few decades to allow for multiple applications.  Some of our artificial grass Miami Beach installations include the lawn, sports fields, playgrounds, dog runs, and backyard putting greens.  We cater to both domestic and commercial properties for both outdoor and indoor spaces.

NexGen Lawns can directly visit you at your location to gather all the information to properly install your artificial grass with our high standards.  Our team of professional installers provides excellent artificial grass solutions with their highly skilled expertise.  We cater to large and small applications to give your outdoor space a beautiful end result no matter what size.  NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass in Miami Beach can change the way your space not only looks but functions as well.

Artificial Grass Miami Beach Options

If you are looking for a highly reputable Artificial Grass Installer and Supplier, then it’s always important to understand the different options before your purchase.  We have included a few artificial grass Miami Beach options below to help you understand more about the benefits and numerous features.

Residential Artificial Grass Miami Beach

Residential Artificial Grass Miami BeachResidential Artificial Grass in Miami Beach has been growing in popularity with the carefree lawn care it provides.  Unlike regular grass that fades and browns away after the end of the season, Artificial Grass provides residential homes with a well-manicured lawn all year long.  With NexGen Lawns artificial grass in Miami Beach, you will never have to mow or water your lawn again.  This means you will have new free time instead of having to work on the lawn over the weekend.  Or if you have been paying someone to care for the lawn, you can save your money.  Plus, you will be saving on your water bill!  In addition, artificial grass never requires fertilizers.  This helps to protect harmful chemicals from running into our water supply.

NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass in Miami Beach can be applied across the entire lawn. This includes pool surrounds, stepping stones, underneath playgrounds, and dog runs.  Our fake grass solutions contain an advanced rapid-flow drainage backing.  As a result, allows water to flow through the system to the rock base below.  This advanced system keeps water from making puddles and is mud-free.  Therefore, kids and pets can play outside quickly after it rains and not track mud back into the house!  NexGen Lawns can create a beautiful landscape at your home, while you bask in knowing you won’t have to ever mow again!

Artificial Grass for Dogs Miami Beach

Artificial Grass for Dogs Miami BeachIf you’re tired of a torn-up yard covered in dirt, mud, and patched-together grass – NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass for Dogs in Miami Beach can transform your lawn with a pet-friendly surface.  Dogs need their daily outdoor time and outdoor time is a necessity for their bathroom breaks.  However, trying to keep up with the lawn and provide your dog with a dog-friendly surface can be daunting.  With regular grass, many dogs experience grass allergies and could come into contact with harmful lawn applications.  Artificial turf for dogs helps to reduce grass allergies, and never needs to be fertilized.  Dogs will experience a playful surface that is soft for their sensitive paws unlike hard gravel dog runs.  As a homeowner, you’ll love having a green lawn again that doesn’t yellow with pet urine.  Artificial dog grass simply washes clean with water, and pet waste easily picks up.

Artificial Grass for Dogs in Miami Beach is perfect for pet resorts, doggy daycares, kennels, and training centers.  In these spaces that experience a high traffic flow of dogs, trying to keep the grounds neat is difficult.  Synthetic turf for dogs is built to handle the high paw traffic and provides a stunning green lawn.  Also, artificial turf for dogs contains an advanced drainage system to keep the grounds mud-free!  No more muddy paw prints again!  The drainage system drains water and pet urine through the system which helps to reduce smells.  NexGen Lawns are the ones to call for all your artificial grass for your dog’s needs!

Artificial Turf Miami Beach for Sports Fields

Artificial Turf Miami BeachSports fields require continued care and upkeep to keep the field in good condition for players to play on.  The high amounts of maintenance the fields required are costly and time-consuming.  Each time the field has to be prepped, mowed, or watered is fewer time sports players have for practice or games.  Artificial Turf Miami Beach for Sports Fields reduces maintenance costs and allows for more field usage.  While synthetic turf is a one-time cost, it will provide savings for many years to come.  Plus, artificial turf enhances your field and changes the playing field into a multipurpose field.  Now, turf field usage can include football, soccer, baseball, softball, band practice, lacrosse, field hockey, batting cages, and cheer practice.

Synthetic Turf Sports Fields help eliminate the costs of multiple fields when one field can do it all.  Sports players will have the opportunity to use an astro turf style field the entire year, and not just seasonal.  With the addition of outdoor lighting, a synthetic turf playing field becomes usable 24 hours a day.  A NexGen Lawns Artificial Turf Sports Fields is customized to suit your needs.  To get more out of your playing field, contact NexGen Lawns for Artificial Turf Miami Beach for Sports Fields.  Additionally, our fake turf installers provide indoor synthetic turf, batting cages, and more.

Backyard Putting Green Miami Beach

Backyard Putting Green Miami BeachA Backyard Putting Green in Miami Beach has become a very popular choice among homeowners.  Homeowners with backyard putting greens enjoy the freedom of playing golf anytime they would like.  Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not!  With a backyard putting green, you have the accessibility to play a round or work on your putting all year.  Plus, the synthetic turf surface stays green and ready for play all year long and doesn’t brown away at the end of the season.  It also doesn’t require constant care or watering like a regular putting green.  No more bothers of packing up and having to drive to the nearest course.  Backyard Putting Greens are a perfect choice no matter if you are a professional, amateur, or just a recreational golfer.  Plus, you’ll be able to help improve your game and maintain your golfing skills.

NexGen Lawns also refurbishes and installs golf courses, tee lines, putting greens, and driving ranges.  The decision to switch to synthetic grass golfing surfaces not only allows for more playing time for your customers but helps to save you money!  Additionally, the maintenance costs of keeping the grass growing and staying green are eliminated.  You will also see a reduced water bill.  Artificial grass allows golfers to tee off at the tee line without having to worry about worn spots.  At NexGen Lawns, we can provide the right golfing solution for your golf course, driving range, or home!

Playground Turf Miami Beach

Playground Turf Miami BeachPlaygrounds are a mess with flying wood or rubber mulch in the air, dirt to dig in, or mud to splatter everywhere.  For parents, caregivers, and teachers all of these items point to danger about kids’ safety.  The scare of children falling is of top priority.  NexGen Lawns Playground Turf in Miami Beach helps to clean play spaces not only safer but cleaner too.  Also, playground turf can include padding installed underneath to provide children with extra cushioning for a softer ground.  NexGen Lawns Artificial Turf for Playgrounds is built for high foot traffic, and yet soft to the touch.  Therefore, making it the perfect surface to install underneath playground equipment.

NexGen Lawns playground turf has an advanced drainage system underneath the artificial turf.  As a result, it swiftly drains rainwater.  Therefore, playgrounds stay clean.  The drainage system allows for surface areas to dry quickly.  Providing children the opportunity to go back outside shortly after it rains.  Artificial turf does not puddle water across the surface or have any mud to deal with.  A completely mud-free solution!  This means kids will stay cleaner and the teachers and parents will love the cleaner shoes coming back indoors.

NexGen Lawns has already refurbished numerous playgrounds, schools, and parks with our Artificial Playground Turf.  We can provide the same kid-friendly space for you!

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