Where to find an Artificial Grass Putting Green Installer?

Where to find an Artificial Grass Putting Green Installer

Are you a golf enthusiast or just enjoy playing the game?  Then, you have probably considered having your own home putting green.  This would give you the ability to walk outside and play whenever you want.  Or just to have your own putting green to work on your form privately.   Sounds amazing, right?  However, the instant you start to look into trying to create a backyard putting green can leave you overwhelmed.  Therefore, you might start to ask where to find an artificial grass putting green installer.  That’s where the talented team at NexGen Lawns comes in to assist you with designing and selecting the best artificial grass for your putting green, infill options, and full installation.

NexGen Lawns is your premier artificial grass putting green installer.  We work directly with our clients to custom tailor a putting green for both your space and individual style.  Thus, this means if you are looking for something vast to fill your large lawn or need just a small synthetic putting green our professionals have you covered.  Or even if you are looking where to find an artificial grass putting green installer for indoor greens or commercial properties are team can assist you.  We provide premium artificial grass products that give you excellent ball roll.

Minimal Maintenance

One of the many reasons people look into having an artificial grass putting green over a regular grass green is the minimal maintenance.  Let’s face it, when you want to play golf the last thing you want to deal with is perfecting the grass ahead of time.  Instead, artificial grass provides golfers with a putting green that requires zero mowing, fertilizer treatments, and watering.  Trying to make sure your mower deck is set up accurately to give you a well-manicured green can be tiresome.  On top of that, trying to keep the putting green grass green with fertilizing and watering can become a nuisance.  Who wants to waste their free time perfecting their putting green grass?  Instead, they could actually be playing the game!

Artificial grass putting greens allow you to golf without all those hassles.  Additionally, the putting green keeps green throughout the year, unlike regular grass that fades and browns at the end of the season.  Instead, a synthetic turf putting green gives you year-round fun.  Our artificial grass putting green installation method ensures you have a truly professional end result with top-quality synthetic grass.  That way you can work on your golf skills in the comfort of your own backyard with a green that has minimal maintenance.

Artificial Grass Putting Green Installation Options

NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass installers custom tailor a green to your space.  Whether that’s outside on the lawn or over a surface– our installers can deliver you an amazing home putting green.  Some of the different surfaces on which we can install synthetic putting greens include patios, decks, rooftops, and balconies.  Therefore, even if you don’t necessarily have a yard, our team can still install a beautiful putting green across different environments.  That way you can still putt on artificial grass in your outdoor space.

Our synthetic greens give you the option of not only different surface types to install on, but also the ability to decide what type of green you would like.  Maybe you want just a small putting green or hitting mat to tweak your form and work on your short game at home.  Maybe you want multiple holes to practice on or even a sand trap.  Or you might be looking to practice bunker shots, chip shots, or pitch shots.  Whatever it might be, NexGen Lawns has artificial grass options for you in both putting green grass, fringe grass, and bunker turf.

Professional artificial grass putting green installers

Finding an artificial grass installer is easy with NexGen Lawns.  We have certified synthetic turf installers throughout to assist you in adding a backyard putting green.  Whether you want just a synthetic putting green or have a full lawn make-over with a putting green incorporated, our talented staff can help you.  We install synthetic putting greens for indoor or outdoor applications.  This includes both residential homes and businesses.  Have some questions for our team?  Then, reach us online here!  We look forward to assisting you with our wide selection of premium synthetic grass options.