How to Choose Artificial Grass Infill

how to choose artificial grass infill

Artificial grass lawns keep increasing in popularity due to the amazing benefits that come with synthetic grass.  The incredibly realistic look to minimal maintenance of artificial grass is why many are selecting a fake grass lawn.  The realistic appearance of NexGen Lawns’ synthetic fibers and blended tones give home lawns a gorgeous look.  Once you have picked your artificial grass out for your lawn, the next item is the infill you want to use.  So you might be asking yourself, first – what is infill?  Second – how to choose artificial grass infill.  Infill sometimes can get overlooked when selecting artificial grass.  However, selecting the right infill is important to complete your artificial grass installation.

Artificial Grass Infill

Infill is the component used to help keep the artificial grass blades standing up, gives absorbency to the ground, provides a natural look to the artificial grass, and helps to weigh the artificial grass down.  All of these items of infill help to provide both the look and feel of having a regular grass lawn when you walk across it.  Without infill, you would not have the cushioned ground feeling, blades that fall flat, and excessive wrinkling occur on the surface due to no infill to weigh the turf down.

Oftentimes, when people think of infill they think of crumb rubber pieces.  Rubber can trap heat making the ground hot, as well as trap odors.  Rubber infill pieces can fly out, which means specks of rubber can cling to your clothing, shoes, hair, and surrounding outdoor items.  Instead, we offer two main infill products that are non-rubber infill for a variety of spaces and budgets.

Silica Sand

Silica Sand

Silica sand is the best economical artificial grass infill choice as well as a natural infill!  The light color of sand helps to reduce the amount of heat that is absorbed.  Silica sand is a highly popular choice of infill due to its ability to work across numerous surfaces.  We carry two different silica grains of sand, one is 30 mesh silica sand which is smaller and more commonly used for putting greens and bocce ball courts.  The other is 20 mesh silica sand which is slightly larger and used more for home lawns, athletic fields, dog runs, and the area surrounding a swimming pool.  The rounded mesh silica sand weighs the synthetic grass down without sharp points.  This helps the synthetic grass blades stand up and provide absorbency to the lawn.  Thus, giving you a nice-feeling surface.



EnvirofillWe also carry another infill product – Envirofill.  Which is highly-rounded quartz sand with a Microban coating to help prevent the growth of bacteria.  The product comes coated with Microban antimicrobial technology which helps not only prevent the growth of bacteria, but also mildew and mold.  Envirofill comes in a green color, which blends easily into the blades of artificial grass making it appear realistic.  We recommend Envirofill for lawns that dogs or children will use.  As well as shaded spaces to help prevent the growth of mildew or mold.  The Microban coating eliminates dust and is non-toxic.  Additionally, Microban disrupts the bacteria process to reduce ammonia odor from dog urine by 99%.

We also carry Envirofill for top dressing of putting greens to have the same Microban technology for putting greens or bocce ball courts.  This Envirofill is a combination color of green and black to provide a natural look to the green.  The highly rounded Envirofill fits between the blades to help promote better drainage and resist compression.

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