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Artificial Grass Charleston, SC

NexGen Lawns offers artificial grass to enhance the quality of your property and make it stand out in the neighborhood. Artificial grass Charleston is increasing in popularity because of the high level of convenience it offers year-round. The fake grass makes it easy to maintain your yard and save time tending to the lawn. You no longer have to spend your weekends mowing and seeding the grass in an attempt to maintain its vibrant color shade and keep weeds away. 

When you own an artificial lawn in Charleston, it also allows you to conserve more water throughout the year without compromising on the quality or look of your grass. You can save money on water that you would typically use to water the grass several times each week, creating a more eco-friendly environment where you reside. The artificial turf will continue to look beautiful and has a realistic appearance that will make people believe you work hard to maintain the landscape.

Charleston is the perfect place for an artificial lawn because of the warm, sultry climate during the summer season. You can stay out of the heat and stay cool indoors while still showing off a beautiful yard. You no longer have to brave the high humidity levels and can still have gorgeous green turf that enhances your home’s curb appeal. Many of the properties in Charleston have historic and quaint architecture, making artificial turf a great feature that will only enhance the beauty of your home and even boost its value.

Artificial Grass Charleston Options

If you live or work in the Charleston, South Carolina area, and are searching for quality fake turf.  Then, it’s best to learn about the many advantages and artificial grass in Charleston options available.  We have listed a few fake grass Charleston options below.  Please, call our artificial grass Charleston representatives to learn more.

Residential Artificial Grass Charleston

Residential Artificial Grass Charleston, SCHow would you like a remarkable realistic residential artificial grass Charleston surface?  Especially a home lawn that doesn’t require working away on it!  With NexGen Lawns home artificial grass you can have a simpler beautiful lawn solution.  Fake grass provides a great choice for many outdoor areas, from around tree beds, patios, hot tubs, pools, play equipment, or the complete lawn.  Plus, you will experience huge benefits all through a one-off payment of residential artificial grass in Charleston.  Artificial grass in South Carolina stops the wasteful watering; therefore, helping to save your wallet some money.

Residential artificial grass in Charleston provides a highly-made durable surface for the whole family.  This includes children, grandkids, and even the pooch.  Additionally, fake grass provides a green faux surface without dealing with any muddy lawns.  This means even a reduction of dirty shoes or paws coming back inside!  However, the less mess doesn’t stop there!  Fake grass has zero lawn clippings, or harmful fertilizers to spread around either.  Plus, one of the best advantages of a gorgeous faux yard provides is the instant amount of free time.  So, come and relax on a residential artificial grass Charleston lawn today!

Artificial Turf Charleston for Dogs

Artificial Turf for Dogs in Charleston, SCWith artificial turf Charleston for dogs placed at your home, your playful pups are bound to love the comfort of fake grass.  NexGen Lawns’ artificial dog turf comes with soft lush synthetic fibers.  Therefore, the fake dog grass provides a great dog play surface for the sensitive pads on the bottom of their feet.   Unlike the hard and uncomfortable concrete dog kennels or rough pea gravel runs.  The comfortable artificial turf not only is soft but also highly durable for active canines.  Thus, making artificial turf Charleston for dogs an excellent choice among many pet owners.

Pet spas, training centers, and dog daycares can experience many benefits of artificial turf Charleston for dogs at their dog businesses.  One of the instant benefits of dog turf comes with the elimination of constant mowing.  Therefore, reduced lawn care brings cost savings to business owners.  In addition, fake dog grass Charleston aids in reducing smelly odors with the urine passing through the sub-base to drain.  Plus, synthetic dog grass keeps the outdoor dog lawn green and does not yellow from urine.  This is especially helpful with potential clients viewing your facility to see a lawn not worn down.  Give our Charleston pet turf installers a call for both your dog business and personal home!

Synthetic Sports Turf Charleston

Synthetic Sports Turf Charleston, SCIs it time for more field playing time through synthetic sports turf Charleston?  Then, give our experienced staff a call for your players to have more field usage.  With synthetic sports turf Charleston fields, the costly and continuous upkeep required from a grass field of watering, mowing, and re-sodding stops.  Therefore, this keeps your playing field open and not closed due to fieldwork.  Instead, players and coaches can play year-round on a green astro turf style field.  Plus, as the sporting club owner, you will have savings from reducing field upkeep through synthetic field turf in Charleston.

We carry multiple synthetic sports turf Charleston to suit your field – from outside to indoor fields!  Our artificial fields provide a surface for multiple sports from football, lacrosse, baseball, soccer, field hockey, and batting cages.  Plus, artificial turf in Charleston provides a multi-use field for other events or activities like band or cheer practice.  Having a truly multi-purpose artificial turf field gives you the opportunity for more usage.  This is especially helpful for a variety of sports players to have more time for practice, scrimmages, or additional tournaments.  Thus, for more play-ability and a reduction in costs, switch your athletic field to a synthetic sports turf in Charleston!

Backyard Putting Green Charleston

Backyard Putting Green Turf Charleston, SCThe wonderful game of golf is loved by many throughout Charleston, South Carolina.  This popular game has many golfers placing a backyard putting green Charleston right at home.  Why at home?  Well, with a backyard putting green at your own home gives you the ease of playtime right at the home.  Plus, with an artificial putting green gives golfers more time to work on their swing, and helps improve their skills.  No matter what your skill level, practice greens give you the opportunity to play whenever you like.  In addition, you don’t have to deal with any closing times or expensive upkeep.  A synthetic practice green means no trimming or watering.

A backyard putting green Charleston provides an excellent addition to many businesses looking to add amenities to their guests.  In addition, we also provide synthetic grass greens for golf courses, driving ranges, and more.  We can revamp your old green into a completely new artificial turf green.  Or improve your current course through artificial golfing.  Artificial golfing surfaces aid in savings with maintenance costs; therefore, providing your course or business with large savings.  Plus, players will even have more tee time available to them with no closures for mowing.  For a personal practice green at home or a remodel at a commercial green, contact NexGen Lawns for top-quality greens.

Playground Turf Charleston

Playground Turf Charleston, SCNexGen Lawns can transform your child’s play area from a dirty and messy zone into a cleaner playground.  Playground turf Charleston gives daycares, schools, and city parks a cushioned surface without the messy hazards.  Artificial turf placed under playsets or at parks can come with additional padding underneath to help cushion the surface.  Thus, this additional foam padded cushion helps to protect children playing.  Unlike packed-down hard dirt or hard asphalt surfaces.  Plus, the soft synthetic playground turf comes without the annoyances of having messy mulch, rubber, or sand scattered around.  Or for these nuisances to get tracked back into the school or homes!

Playground turf Charleston creates amazing backyard landscapes for homes.  Parents can let their children play outside without muddy shoes coming back inside.  The mud-free surface works not only just under playgrounds, but around the entire lawn.  Perfect for a quick backyard football game!  Additionally, you don’t have to try to trim around the playground or other play equipment.  Instead, the synthetic turf stays green without the lawn work, giving you a more relaxing backyard.  Give our playground turf Charleston team a call for a safer play space at either your home or school!

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