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If you would like to have Artificial Grass installed in Colorado Springs, NexGen Lawns has you completely covered.  We carry a large selection of Fake Grass products for just about any situation.  Our vast selection of Synthetic Grass products comes highly developed.   This development has provided us with the knowledge to create different types of artificial turf for areas in different environments.  Whether you require NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Colorado Springs for your yard, dog area, playground, a backyard putting green, or for a sports field.  NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Colorado Springs has the selections to help you.

As an Artificial Grass installer in Colorado Springs, we have developed the skills and expertise to make sure your project is done correctly. We will be happy to travel to your location in the Colorado Springs area. Then we can collect all the information needed to professionally install your new fake grass. Whether it is for a commercial or domestic project, big or small, buy Artificial Grass Colorado Springs – we have the correct system to enhance your yard or sports field.

Artificial Grass Colorado Springs Options

Are you considering purchasing artificial grass? If yes, then it’s extremely important for you to know the different features and benefits of the different types of synthetic grass. Here are some of the different artificial turf options NexGen Lawns Artificial Lawn Grass Colorado Springs has below:

Residential Artificial Grass Colorado Springs

Residential Artificial Grass Colorado Springs CO

Installing Residential Artificial Grass Colorado Springs at your residence is a smart choice.  Not only will you never have to water or mow again, but your lawn will also be green the entire year.  Imagine all the time you can have back!  With the elimination of not having to work on your lawn every week killing weeds, mowing, and edging.  If you are not a DIY person then you will save money by not having to pay to take care of the yard.  Fake grass eliminates the need to fertilize.  Therefore the harsh chemicals will not leach into our water system over time.

NexGen Lawns Residential Artificial Grass Colorado Springs will also help you save money on your watering bills.  Not watering your lawn, will be helping to save one of our valuable resources, our drinking water.  A Residential Artificial Grass Lawn will help you save money and have more time for the other things you want to do.

Our advanced Rapid Flow drainage backing allows water to flow right through our Residential Artificial Grass and into the rock base below the fake grass lawn.  Thus allowing kids the ability to go outside on the synthetic grass after it rains to a clean area.  Pawprints and muddy feet that once entered your home are now a thing of the past.  Allowing you to relax in the comfort of your Residential Artificial Grass Colorado Springs Lawn in an elegant fashion.  Your dogs will enjoy your fake grass in Colorado Springs too!

Artificial Grass for Dogs Colorado Springs

Artificial Grass for Dogs Colorado Springs CO

NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass for Dogs in Colorado Springs, your dog will enjoy playing on a clean artificial turf surface.  With regular grass, your pet might like to dig things up and then track mud into the house from their paws.  NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass for Dogs Colorado Springs prevents animals from digging up the lawn.  Therefore returning your backyard to a clean place for your activities.  Cleaning up is easy on fake grass for dogs, the animal waste will not get smashed into the turf and dirt like normal grass, it sits on top of the artificial lawn for easy removal.  The K9 turf can then be cleaned off by rainwater or with a watering hose.

Our pets can also be irritated by allergies, insects, and other chemicals found in your lawn.  Pet Turf will help alleviate your pets from these irritants.  Your four-legged companions will enjoy all the benefits of Artificial Grass for Dogs Colorado Springs installed for them.

Animal parks, pet resorts, and K9 training centers are fantastic places for Pet Turf in Colorado Springs.  The animal waste cleans up easily and our advanced Rapid Flow drainage system.  It allows the pet urine to go right through to the sub-base below.  Keeping up an area with natural grass will take a lot more time and effort.  It becomes very difficult with multiple sets of paws running across the area every day.

Since concrete is cold and harsh on dogs’ paws, it can make them uncomfortable and sore.  Artificial turf for dogs comes designed to take on the ruff nature of dogs.  It provides the dogs with an area they want to be in.  Your pets will always enjoy NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass for Dogs Colorado Springs installed so they can play any time of the day.

Artificial Turf Colorado Springs for Sports Fields

Artificial Turf Colorado Springs CO

Sports fields need a lot of maintenance since natural turf has to keep well-manicured.  Which has the potential for a lot of expenses and takes a lot of time.  Groundskeepers will need to have several hours each day to maintain sports fields when the money could be saved for other items.  A one-time cost for NexGen Lawns Artificial Turf Colorado Springs will eliminate a lot of your sports field costs.  This will allow for saving money for many years.  Installing an artificial turf surface for football, soccer, baseball, batting cages, and bocce ball can improve surface playability significantly.

The performance of the athletes will improve when playing on a synthetic turf surface.  It will allow them to play consistently every time they play on the field.  One astro turf style sport field can accommodate multiple activities.  Thus eliminating the unnecessary expense of multiple sports fields.  Artificial turf will not need to be looked after like a grass field does to eliminate wear and tear.  Just to allow for the grass to be able to grow back after it is used.  With the addition of lighting, a fake turf field is usable at any hour of the day.  NexGen Lawns artificial turf offers a range of products that have the ability to fit the different needs of your sports field.  Needing assistance with your indoor or outdoor sports field?  Give us a call.

Backyard Putting Green Colorado Springs

Backyard Putting Green Colorado Springs CO

Do you enjoy time on the golf course? A lot of men and women love golfing so much that they want their own NexGen Lawns Backyard Putting Green in Colorado Springs. Why do you ask? A backyard putting green allows them to practice their skills when they want. Eliminating the task of driving to their nearest golf facility. A NexGen Lawns Backyard Putting Green complete with fake grass fringe provides you with a personal backyard putting green without the traditional golf green maintenance.

With our backyard putting green turf you can chip shots from up to 200 yards. Providing you the ability to practice chip shots with your golf irons improving your approach shots into the artificial green. Working on your game with NexGen Lawns’ Backyard or Artificial Putting Greens Colorado Springs can benefit your golfing skills and help lower your score at your next tournament or outing.

NexGen Lawns has the ability to fully refurbish Golf Courses.  With one of our artificial golf turfs, we can replace the tee lines or the putting greens.  A synthetic golf tee line allows golfers to practice their swing anywhere without creating worn spots like in natural grass.  Comparable to an athletic field, maintenance reduces significantly saving your golf club a lot of money and time.  All through having an artificial golf surface installed from NexGen Lawns.  Whether you would like to have your own Backyard Putting Green in Colorado Springs at home or at a golf course, NexGen Lawns has a solution for your golfing need.

Playground Turf Colorado Springs

Playground Turf Colorado Springs CO

Playground areas are subject to a lot of wear and tear every day from children.  They like to play and get their hands a little dirty by digging, playing with bugs, and throwing grass and dirt at one another.  This is made possible due to most playgrounds having grass or wood or rubber mulch pits out on the playground.  Teachers and even parents can now enjoy children playing anytime by installing NexGen Lawns Playground Turf Colorado Springs to remove all of these problems.  Playground turf creates a clean area that is child-friendly allowing young children to play safely.  This helps to benefit not only all the children but the adults that are responsible for watching over them.

If there is rain outside, for many children’s centers and schools that means the young kids possibly will not go outside for a few days.  As they wait on the wet ground to dry up and the water puddles to disappear.  Playground Turf on a children’s play area will stop these issues.  Once it has stopped raining outside, a playground with our playground turf allows children the ability to go outside again.  This is due to artificial playground turf designed for quick water drainage.  The area will be water puddle free on top of the surface, unlike grass that has to wait on the ground to absorb the water.

NexGen Lawns has already transformed a number of schools, parks, and playgrounds with our wonderful playground turf and we would be happy to do the same for your play area.

Why Install Artificial Grass Colorado Springs?

With a high elevation and located at mid-altitude, Colorado experiences a semi-arid climate. Although it is technically not a desert, the proximity of Colorado Springs to the Rocky Mountains translates into a short water supply. It doesn’t get a lot of rain and the area is known for its dry climate.

Given the scarcity of water in the region, maintaining natural grass in Colorado Springs is a challenging task, if not impossible. To top it all, the area experiences hot summers and cold and dry winters. Keeping your natural lawn looking green year-round can be tough, even if you water it sufficiently. Dehydration can take its toll on grass and eventually it may even die. Bald patches and discolored or yellowing grass can mar your lawn’s appearance. However artificial grass can keep green year-round without using exorbitant amounts of water for irrigation.

Synthetic grass doesn’t need any maintenance – just hosing it down on a regular basis can keep it shiny. There’s no need to fertilize it or opt for expensive treatments either to keep it free from weeds. Above all, you can minimize your water bill and enjoy a beautiful green turf in all 4 seasons in Colorado Springs with artificial grass.

Choose NexGen Lawns for Artificial Grass in Colorado Springs, Colorado

NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Colorado Springs is available to install our fake grass products in southern Colorado.  If you are interested in finding artificial grass installers in your area, then please feel free to get in touch to learn more.

You can browse more of our site to find out more information about each of our synthetic grass products. As an artificial grass supplier in Colorado Springs, we feature a diverse selection of synthetic grass products. You can even order your new fake lawn online in our store. We look forward to the opportunity to help you.

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