Give a New Pooch Soft Puppy Grass

NexGen Lawns’ puppy grass is built just for dogs in mind!  A new puppy in the family is fun and exciting.  However, they also require lots of exercise and potty training.  Finding a safe and durable surface to keep up with exploring puppy paws is easy with NexGen Lawns.  Puppies learning to gain their balance need an outdoor surface that is gentle for their small bodies.  Puppies tumble and fall a lot in the beginning.  NexGen Lawns synthetic turf for dogs is the perfect solution for young pups’ exploratory ways.  It provides a soft and gentle surface that will also keep up with their high-energy bodies.  Especially, as they grow and get older.

Just like babies, young dogs will try to put anything in their mouths.  Gravel dog runs are dangerous with small rocks they could choke on.  Concrete and gravel kennels feel hard and cold.  Grass and dirt can trigger allergies and cause them to dig holes.  A synthetic turf grass surface provides a beautiful outdoor surface that is safe and durable.  Our all-natural infill and 100% lead-free turf are safe for dogs and kids.  Synthetic puppy grass reduces grass allergies and deters digging.  Therefore, it provides puppies and dogs with the best surface.

puppy grassPrecious new puppies love their new soft synthetic grass surface to play on. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Stay Clean & Reduce Odors with Puppy Grass

With new young dogs, potty training seems never-ending.  However, a synthetic grass lawn solution allows dogs to potty anywhere on the surface.  The advanced drainage system under synthetic grass keeps lawns clean and reduces odors.  Those pesky yellow or brown spots do not happen.  The urine flows directly underneath the subsurface.  Therefore, the urine is not sitting on top of the surface causing awful odors.  The drainage system helps keep the lawn mud-free too.  Rainwater quickly flows through the turf surface to leave a drier surface.  So, no muddy paws or shoes to worry about being tracked back through the house.  Synthetic grass for dogs keeps both the exterior and interior clean with the fast drainage of the turf.

NexGen Lawns carries a full line of puppy grass available for online purchase to provide a soft and clean outdoor puppy area.  Therefore, if you would like to learn more about installing synthetic turf for your pup, contact us today.  Simply, fill out the online contact form submission.  Or you can call our pet turf experts at 1-888-844-0672.