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Sacramento is the perfect place to have an artificial lawn because the weather can sometimes be difficult to work with when you want to make a beautiful green lawn. Cool winters and scorching hot summers won’t cause artificial grass to turn brown, so you’ll be able to enjoy your lawn year-round. Plus, you won’t have to worry about doing a lot of lawn maintenance throughout all of the seasons. Artificial grass for Sacramento homes is also ideal if you have dogs, cats, or other animals. Lots of people want artificial turf in Sacramento because they’re soft and durable, making them great pet grass in Sacramento

You’ll also love that artificial grass in Sacramento is a popular option for homeowners, so you’ll feel right at ease knowing that many of your neighbors have it, too. Whether you live in East Sacramento, Midtown, Natomas, Del Paso Heights, or any of the other beautiful neighborhoods in the area, you’ll find homeowners just like you who are interested in keeping their lawns green all year round with the ease of artificial turf grass. Keeping your yard tidy with this type of grass is also ideal when you have children because it’s a great place for them to play. Plus, you’re going to love that you can cut out almost all of the maintenance that you would normally do, including the fertilizing, watering, mowing, and so much more.

Artificial Grass Sacramento Options

With the purchase of artificial grass in Sacramento, it’s important to know the benefits synthetic grass provides and the variety of features in different types available. Thus, below are a few of the different synthetic turf options NexGen Lawns offers of Artificial Grass in Sacramento, CA.

Residential Artificial Grass Sacramento

Residential Artificial Grass Sacramento, CA

Are you tired of all the time-consuming lawn chores? Then, NexGen Lawns residential artificial grass in Sacramento will transform your lawn into a stunning landscape without never-ending upkeep. You’ll have a residential turf lawn that you’ll never water or mow again! Think of all the free weekend time you can now have back. Have you been relying on someone else to care for your lawn? Then, you’ll save money by not having to pay for upkeep. Residential artificial grass requires no mowing, watering, or applying hazardous lawn treatments. With a water-less lawn, you’ll be helping to save our planet’s water and enjoy a reduced water bill. Additionally, the green lawn will stay – even with pets, sunlight, or shade.

Our residential artificial grass in Sacramento contains a highly rapid flow advanced drainage backing that drains rainwater into the base underneath the artificial grass. This gives homeowners, children, and pets a yard they can enjoy without the worry of a soggy muddy lawn that can take days to dry out. Children will be able to play on the lawn on the fake grass quickly after it rains. Your home will be free of messy muddy footprints and muddy paw prints. As your dogs will love our artificial grass in Sacramento too!

Artificial Grass for Dogs Sacramento

Sacramento, CA Artificial Grass for Dogs

Dogs are bound to love their new artificial grass for dogs in Sacramento all the same as their love of grass.  Possibly even more!  Issues continually arise with sod from mud and compacted rough dirt patches from constant running and playing in the same areas.  Dogs need a highly durable surface that is also soft on their tender paws.  Artificial grass for dogs in Sacramento from NexGen Lawns provides the solution.  Our synthetic grass helps to stop dogs from digging and tracking their mud through the interior of the home.  With NexGen Lawns fake grass for dogs, muddy paw prints are eliminated and you’ll have a beautiful lawn.  In addition, dogs can feel irritated by outdoor pesticides and insects.  Synthetic grass for dogs can alleviate these itchy outdoor allergies.

Dog spas, dog parks, dog kennels, dog shelters, and doggie training facilities are fitting areas for synthetic turf installation.  Pet waste cleans up easily, because of the ability of pet urine to flow through our drainage system.  The drainage system keeps outdoor doggy areas clean and dry to stay mud-free. NexGen Lawns’ durable artificial turf for dogs comes designed to keep up with continual four-legged traffic, and not wear down like natural grass.  Your dogs will definitely love their new NexGen Lawns artificial grass for dogs in Sacramento installed for all their fetch and tug-a-war time.

Artificial Turf Sacramento for Sports Fields

 Artificial Turf for Sports in Sacramento, CA

Keeping sports fields ready for practices and games depend upon a heavy amount of maintenance to keep them prepped and ready. Field maintenance with grass fields is extremely time-consuming and costly.  This impacts players with practice times cut short for field maintenance. Field groundsmen consume hours maintaining fields each day. However, the money spent on upkeep could be filtered back to other items. By investing in artificial turf Sacramento for Sports fields, the athletic field becomes a truly multipurpose field for baseball, softball, soccer, football, field hockey, tennis, lacrosse, tennis, band practice, cheer practice, and many more events. Investing in one astro turf style synthetic sports field provides accommodations for numerous activities. Thus, eliminating the need for multiple sports fields.

NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass sports fields provide everyone from the player, coach, and club owner a field for year-round usage. By adding lighting, the field could be used even 24 hours a day. Additionally, the player’s performance improves through having a surface with consistent play all year. Club owners will have more field usage with fields that don’t wear down or thin out quickly to host tournaments, scrimmages, and games. NexGen Lawns suits a broad selection of synthetic grass products customized to the needs of your sports field for both indoor and outdoor athletic fields.

Backyard Putting Green Sacramento

Backyard Putting Green Turf in Sacramento, CA

Do you love playing golf? Then, NexGen Lawns backyard putting greens in Sacramento is the best amenity to add to your home! Golf is loved by people of all ages and skill levels, and many are enjoying the benefits of adding a backyard putting green in their own yard. By installing an artificial grass backyard putting green, you now have the choice of practicing chip shots and short game whenever you want. Plus, even up to the ability of 200 yards! There are no time restrictions of when you can work on your golf skills. A backyard putting green in Sacramento eliminates the hassles of driving to the nearest course. In addition, they are low maintenance compared to grass greens. Working on your game will help to improve and maintain your golf skills; therefore, you can perform even better at the next tournament or competitive game.

Backyard putting greens is not the only specialty of NexGen Lawns. Additionally, we fully refurbish and install golf courses, tee lines, and commercial putting greens. Synthetic grass provides golf courses with a beautiful green to play all year without the continual upkeep costs. Golf clubs can see a significant reduction in maintenance costs and upkeep time with the use of synthetic grass. NexGen Lawns provides both homeowners and club owners with a synthetic golfing surface suited to meet your specific golfing needs.

Playground Turf Sacramento

High-Quality Playground Turf in Sacramento, CA

Playgrounds and parks can become dangerous for children that could fall on hard surfaces.  Kids become filthy with wood chips, dirt, and especially with wet muddy playgrounds. Tired of messy mulch tracked in and a dirt pit for a playground? Then, NexGen lawns playground turf provides the ideal solution. Our artificial grass solution gives kids a soft and clean play area they can use all year. Playground turf in Sacramento also gives parents, caregivers, and teachers relief in knowing students will be playing on a safe and clean surface. NexGen Lawns playground turf contains a foam padded base to add extra protection for children. Plus, this foam base helps with shock absorption to protect kids.

NexGen Lawns playground turf in Sacramento creates a child-friendly surface where kids can play without the mud. Thus, both children and teachers will not have to worry about having a canceled recess due to the outside grounds being too wet. Our playground turf quickly dries through our advanced drainage system to allow kids to play sooner. We have refurbished numerous playgrounds and school grounds. Therefore, we can provide you with the same strong playground space. Playground turf is perfect for kids with its soft fibers and colorful surface!

Why Opt for NexGen’s Lawns’ Artificial Turf in Sacramento

Residents of Sacramento understand the difficulties when it comes to caring for a natural lawn. From droughts to heat to spells of a dry climate, growing and caring for a natural lawn can take a great deal of time, not to mention money. 

It is no secret that Sacramento is far below the average rainfall and snowfall rates when compared to the rest of the country. On one hand, this is largely one of the reasons that make the region so attractive to both residents and visitors alike. When factors like snow and rain are not a concern, certain things tend to be much easier. However, these factors are not ideal for growing grass.

To put it specifically, Sacramento gets about 20 inches of rain a year, on average. This is 18 inches below the national average of 38. When it comes to snow, Sacramento sees 0 inches of snow per year, far below the national average of 28 inches of snow per year. Again, this is an attractive quality of the region, but it can make lawns unsightly if they grow at all. 

You could spend a great deal of money to manicure a lawn in such an area, but this isn’t your only option. Another that is increasingly popular in Sacramento is artificial grass. Having a lush green-looking lawn year-round, without having to worry about your rainfall, is a reality that more and more Sacramento residents are taking advantage of. In fact, installing artificial grass in Sacramento is becoming the norm.

But turning to artificial grass in Sacramento, residents are not only solving the problem of moisture but of disease as well. After all, the disease can take over a yard without needing much moisture. For example, Rhizoctonia is one such common disease.  This is a type of fungus that grows due to the Sacramento climate. Typically, this fungus creates yellow spots and can ultimately kill off the grass.

However, with artificial turf in residential Sacramento, these problems, as well as others can be avoided altogether.  

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