The Benefits of Having a Backyard Putting Green: Why You Should Consider One

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One of the most recent trends in popular neighborhoods is builders and homeowners installing a backyard putting green. And this trend is for all kinds of reasons. From practice to relaxation to social interaction, residential backyard putting greens are a fun addition all around.

Homeowners are finding joy in backyard putting greens. That’s true whether they’re watching their children spend the afternoon outdoors or having some evening fun themselves.

And when the neighbors see such fun being had, they won’t want to miss out. By installing a putting in the backyard, you will be the hit of the neighborhood.

But it isn’t just about the sporting aspect of it. Synthetic putting greens in backyards also bring a touch of class to any property. By adding amenities to your home, you can bring additional value to it. Not to mention, backyard putting greens can add an excellent appearance factor.

What more could a homeowner ask for?

Home landscapes of all shapes and sizes can benefit from NexGen Lawns’ premium backyard putting green. Whatever type of home you have, or whatever your intention for a backyard putting green, you will find value.

For example, artificial grass is highly versatile to easily install across different surfaces. Putting greens can, therefore, be placed on concrete patios, wooden decks, and shady lawns. This provides a variety of benefits for the homeowner, regardless of the type of home they own.

This means you can work on your golf skills even if you don’t have a lawn space. Our professional installers customize synthetic greens to your space. Therefore, synthetic grass putting greens give you the power to play the game of golf in your very own space.

And because of this customization, your synthetic putting green will look amazing regardless of location. The professionals at NexGen Lawns will assess any location and make recommendations accordingly. So rest assured that, no matter where you would like to have a synthetic putting green, it’s a possibility.

And before you ask, yes, this includes indoors as well. After all, you might not want to step outside and putt in the winter. And who would blame you!? But if you install a synthetic putting green inside your home, the problem is solved.

Pretty soon you’ll be playing golf year-round, and never having to worry about maintaining your turf. Let’s take a look at some of the additional perks of a synthetic home putting green.

backyard putting green

A Backyard Putting Green from NexGen Lawns Has Numerous Perks

There is not a single reason for installing a backyard putting green. Simply put, there are many. From sports to aesthetics to ongoing maintenance. Let’s break down a few of the ways that artificial putting greens can improve your property.


A perk of artificial grass putting greens is having a well-groomed surface that requires no trimming or watering. Let’s face it, the biggest cost of real grass is the ongoing maintenance that it requires. This means watering, cutting, trimming, or treating if problems should occur.

Imagine eliminating all of these costs by installing synthetic grass. Once your backyard putting green is installed, you won’t have to water it ever again. Nor will you have to hire a landscaping crew to manicure it, as it will always look its best.

Further, with an artificial putting green, you won’t have to worry about unsightly lawn diseases or weather. And yes, synthetic turf will drain and irrigate water appropriately. This results in a residential backyard putting green that stays healthy looking. And regardless of the conditions, you will be able to step out and work on your short game.


With NexGen Lawns’ backyard putting green, you can play golf all year long. An artificial putting green is ready to play on thanks to its soft turf fibers. These fibers will withstand all sorts of weather, and will not need to be maintained throughout the year.

Additionally, backyard putting greens are made of a variety of fibers. There are options based on your lifestyle and intentions. For instance, have you considered whether your dog is going to pass across the putting green from time to time? If this is the case, then perhaps something a bit sturdier is in your best interest.


With a backyard putting green, you’ll have the ability to work on your swing and game. You can maintain and improve your golf skills no matter your level of golf. Or, you can teach your kids after school from the comfort of your own yard.

Forget about the hassles of driving to a golf course to get in some practice. Morning or night, you can have around-the-clock access to a backyard putting green of your own. Just a walk out the backdoor will be all you’ll have to do to work on your short game.


Sure, saving money and improving your golf game is important, but so is having fun. One of the biggest reasons that homeowners install putting greens in their backyards is also the simplest. Having a residential backyard putting green is fun.

Whether you have kids or not, or live in a condo or house, there is fun to be had. The fact that synthetic turf makes your yard always look nice is a bonus. Neighbors and friends will see you enjoying your time on your backyard putting green. They will likely want one for themselves, but will surely ask to play on yours.

When it comes to backyard putting greens, don’t overthink it. The simplest reason is often the one you can’t argue with. Residential backyard putting greens bring fun and enjoyment to your life. It’s as simple as that.

Are Backyard Putting Greens Affordable?

One of the biggest questions we receive is whether residential backyard putting greens are affordable. However, the simple answer is yes, but since they are customizable, it largely comes down to you.

Do you want a large putting green or a small one? Do you want it specially landscaped to be a standout in your yard? Questions like this will impact the cost of your backyard putting green.

But, this is also the point. You have many options when it comes to designing and installing a putting green in your backyard. And there is no question you also have a budget you are looking to stick to. Our professionals can work with you so you get the most bang for your buck.

From choosing the particular type of turf to other affiliated factors, the cost is in the details. But since you will be involved every step of the way, no details will be a surprise. Your backyard putting green will be customized to your yard and your budget.

Consider a Putting Green for Your Backyard Today!

A NexGen Lawns’ backyard putting green can enhance your home property. This is true in terms of saving money on maintenance, improving your home value, and increasing the level of fun. Additionally, it can bring the game of golf for the whole family to play together or alone.

Golf is a fantastic game that all ages can enjoy, and nobody understands this better than we do. We provide homeowners with a realistic golfing surface for both outdoor and indoor installations. And we can provide the same for your own home.

Remember, we customize each installation to its unique space. And this means you have tons of options for your backyard putting green.

Check out our home putting green turf available for purchase through our store. We also provide all the necessary accessory items needed to complete your home putting green. Please give us a call today to start adding a beautiful golfing landscape to your property at 1-888-844-0672.

Set up your backyard putting green with NexGen Lawns today!