NexGen Lawns Artificial Turf in Tampa, FL

Artificial Grass TampaFor prime quality Artificial Grass in Tampa, NexGen Lawns provides the perfect solution. We offer the utmost quality and optimum artificial grass and fake turf selections. Our artificial grass was specifically developed for numerous applications and settings. We provide artificial grass in Tampa for multiple uses. This includes commercial settings, personal yards, play settings, putting greens, dog areas, and both outdoor and indoor sporting fields. Therefore, no matter what type of setting, NexGen Lawns provides the ultimate synthetic grass solutions.

NexGen Lawns’ team of installers possesses skillful and highly knowledgeable fake grass installation experience. Our talented installation crew ensures your synthetic grass is done professionally. We provide artificial grass in Tampa to both residential and commercial space owners who’re looking to add the stunning design and appeal of fake grass to their property.

Artificial Turf and Artificial Grass Options in Tampa

We have multiple artificial grass options in Tampa available to suit your area with synthetic grass.  To learn more about the benefits and varying features, please read the information below regarding NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass in Tampa, Florida.

Artificial Grass Tampa

Residential Artificial Grass TampaArtificial Grass in Tampa has been growing among homeowners as a popular landscaping selection.  Fake grass installed in residential areas brings multiple benefits to homeowners.  This is due to the simple and easy maintenance of an artificial grass yard.  Grass lawns require never-ending watering and trimming.  However, an artificial grass lawn by NexGen Lawns stops the wasteful lawn care.  This not only helps to save our water supplies but even aids in lowering your bill too!  Now, you can have your weekends free of lawn care and full of what you enjoy.  Synthetic grass yards are even pet-friendly!  The whole family will love having a gorgeous yard to utilize throughout the whole year.  Additionally, you won’t have to deal with dogs and kids stomping mud or dirt back inside the house.

An artificial grass Tampa lawn provides landscaping even around the pool. With synthetic turf around the pool, you can avoid those annoying pieces of grass from sticking to your feet or footwear where it becomes difficult to dislodge them. It’s no doubt a great way to leave your backyard pool free of grass trimmings too. Artificial grass also pre-empts the need for harmful lawn treatments. It helps to keep dangerous chemicals out of rivers and streams. Now is the time to give yourself the freedom from year-round lawn maintenance. NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass in Tampa will stay green so you can continue to enjoy it for numerous years to come. It’s a great alternative to natural grass that is prone to discoloration under excessive sunlight or with pet potty breaks. Contact us to begin enjoying a deluxe synthetic grass lawn!

Artificial Turf for Dogs Tampa

Artificial Turf for Dogs TampaArtificial Turf for Dogs in Tampa helps dogs experience multiple benefits on comfortable turf. Just like pet owners, dogs will adore their new synthetic turf dog run. With artificial grass for dogs by NexGen Lawns in Tampa, dogs can enjoy clean dog spaces as opposed to a dirt-packed or mud-soaked lawn. A cleaner lawn outside translates into a cleaner house inside too! No stinky mud paws to wipe down or shoes to shake off. Many dogs tend to dig, and K9 artificial turf helps to prevent dogs from digging. Additionally, clean-up is easy with artificial grass for dogs. Fake grass for dogs can wash clean with the water hose or simply with the assistance of Mother Nature. K9 synthetic grass is a pet-friendly solution for homes from potty breaks to playtime.

Artificial turf for dogs in Tampa helps eliminate the need for families with dogs to look for doggie daycares, pet resorts, training facilities, or even dog parks. K9 artificial grass in Tampa provides a soft playful surface, unlike the hard and rough surfaces with pea gravel or concrete that are typically found in public places and that hurt tender paws. Pet turf is designed to withstand the constant flow of dog traffic over its surface, as opposed to regular lawns that wear and tear quickly under the constant traffic of dog paws. Pet turf provides a durable surface that is soft. Additionally, artificial turf for dogs helps to reduce allergies and irritating lawn chemicals. These allergies and fertilizers can cause dogs to bite and scratch at themselves. For a tough and strong dog surface, contact NexGen Lawns for pet turf both at workspaces and at home.

Artificial Turf Tampa

Artificial Turf TampaIf you own a sporting field, then you understand the time-consuming and expensive care they require. The upkeep costs for keeping sports fields adequately groomed add up significantly.  Grooming is definitely required to ensure the sporting field is geared for games. However, NexGen Lawns artificial turf in Tampa provides a solution with a one-time payment and lifelong benefits. An astro style turf field enhances the look and feel of the field while saving you large quantities of upkeep costs.  Most importantly, an enormous amount of time is spent on weeding, watering, and other maintenance activities that are required for natural grass. It would allow you to use the ‘preserved’ time for other important activities like tournaments, games, and practices.

NexGen Lawns supplies artificial turf sports fields throughout Tampa. Our turfs provide a surface for a range of sports.  Including football, softball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, cheerleading, and field hockey. In addition, synthetic turf by NexGen Lawns has both indoor and outdoor applications.  Unlike basic grass, artificial turf sports fields provide players with the facility to practice all year. With more practice time available to players, players are given a better opportunity to improve their game technique and eventually improve their chances of winning.

Additionally, an artificial turf field transforms a one-sport field into a multipurpose field. Additionally, it enables sports field organizations and committees to make more accommodations to host a higher number of activities and multiple types of sports events at their venue. It eliminates the need for investment in multiple sports fields while making it easy to organize and arrange all types of activities under one roof. Fake grass fields don’t thin out like grass fields or change into a mud pit after it rains. Our artificial turf Tampa associates can assist you in improving your athletic centers.

Backyard Putting Green Tampa

Backyard Putting Green TampaA backyard putting green is an excellent choice to add to your residential home. How come? Golf is a fun and fulfilling sport that is adored by people of all ages making it a perfect choice for anyone at home. However, taking the time to get out to the golf course is hard. But at the same time, it’s important to practice golf to maintain your golfing technique and improve your game. With artificial putting green right in your backyard, you will have the choice to decide when you want to practice and play and as often as you want to.  With no restrictions or commutes that would otherwise be required for putting greens elsewhere.

Additionally, you don’t have to book playing times or be locked down to specific playing times, which gives you added convenience. Synthetic putting greens allow you to work at your own leisure. Plus, you don’t have to mess with trying to keep your putting green trimmed. Artificial putting greens bring a stunning landscaping design that aids in working on your game.

Backyard artificial putting greens in Tampa are not the only golf surfaces provided by NexGen Lawns. We offer commercial spaces with tee lines, driving ranges, mats, and also renovate or install golf courses. Whether it’s a new artificial putting green or a makeover to a current course, NexGen Lawns will aid to improve your space in Tampa. Fake grass courses aid in the reduction of course care. Therefore, this advantage will not only provide you with the golfing space in your backyard but also with big savings through the use of faux grass greens. NexGen Lawns has the golfing solutions for your synthetic greens needs. Contact us for an amazing synthetic putting green for homes and of course golfing courses in Tampa, Florida.

Playground Turf Tampa

Playground Turf TampaPlayground turf grass is the right choice for play parks and playgrounds in Tampa, Florida. Why? The reason is due to the safety aspect of playground turf grass. When children play outside, they can come in contact with hard and dangerous surfaces. However, with the highly durable playground turf, students and kids can run and walk across a soft surface. Therefore, without a doubt, artificial turf provides a safer area for children for playing outside. The soft surface of artificial grass in Tampa aids in reducing dangers. It is a needed relief for parents and caregivers. Additionally, synthetic turf playgrounds end those endless days when mud and dirt stuck on shoe soles are brought back into the house. How so? Our artificial playground turfs in Tampa have a drainage structure to quickly dry the grounds without leaving behind the mud.

NexGen Lawns’ playground turf grass gives backyard playgrounds a beautiful surface underneath equipment where children can play safely. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the play equipment keeping the grass from staying green. Artificial turf for playgrounds stays green all year with no upkeep needed. Playground turfs by NexGen Lawns provide superior play spaces for homes, schools, parks, and daycares. An artificial playground renders a year-round recess space kids will love! Allow our team to revamp your child’s play area with stunning artificial playground turf. We even have multiple color options to add colorful spaces.

Why Opt For Artificial Grass in Tampa?

Tampa is a great place to reside for people of all ages for several reasons, but the most significant and obvious benefit it offers is its amazing weather! With year-round great weather (it can get very hot in the summers but winters are pleasant) it’s a great place to raise a family, as it offers everyone a plethora of fun activities to indulge in at all times of the year!

In addition, it is home to an abundance of clean and clear beaches, restaurants that serve gourmet cuisine, cafes, and parks. Besides, it hosts quite a few lively festivals with enjoyable events. With so much to do in this beautiful, vivacious city it would be tragic to waste even an iota of your time tending to your natural grass lawn. Mowing, weeding, and watering … the list is endless.

Besides, in the scorching summer heat, if adequate irrigation is not provided to natural grass it tends to dry, wilt, and eventually die. In addition, gophers may dig out your lawn, leaving mounds of soil or earth exposed on your lawn, creating a nuisance and an unpleasant sight! Avoid these problems caused by natural grass lawns in Tampa by opting for artificial grass turfs that need no maintenance.


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