NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass & Artificial Turf in Memphis, Tennessee

Artificial Grass MemphisAre you or your business looking to purchase top-quality synthetic grass and artificial turf in Memphis, Tennessee?  Then, no need to go any further than NexGen Lawns for the purchase of artificial grass Memphis, TN.  We provide premium artificial turf in Memphis, Tennessee, and outlying metros.  Our highly specialized artificial grass works across different types of environments.  Thus, our synthetic grass installations include home lawns, athletic fields, putting greens, dog spaces, parks, and more.  This also includes indoor installations of artificial grass in Memphis.

Our professional team of artificial grass installers in Memphis brings you an amazing surface that looks realistic.  This comes from the high-end fibers in our synthetic grass products.  The brilliance of our synthetic grass brings a plush surface that feels nice at home.  Our installers come with the necessary skills and expertise needed to give you a completely professional synthetic grass Memphis installation.  We work across residential locations as well as commercial locations.  Therefore, give our team a phone call to help you in selecting the right artificial grass in Memphis for your area.

Artificial Grass Memphis Options

Our large portfolio of artificial grass Memphis options has you covered for a variety of spaces.  Therefore, to aid you in learning about the many artificial grass Memphis options, we have some outlined below.  For more information, give NexGen Lawns a call in helping you with artificial turf in Memphis, Tennessee.

Home Synthetic Grass Memphis

Home Synthetic Grass MemphisA new stylish look comes from home synthetic grass Memphis, which brings homeowners an easier lawn.  This easier lawn is due to the minimal maintenance of home synthetic grass Memphis, TN.  Instead of keeping up with the mowing, watering, and fertilizer applications – artificial grass brings you more spare time.  Those consuming weekend lawn chores can now be spent on something else or just time to relax.  We bring homeowners a truly premier artificial grass in Memphis that offers a realistic appearance with our quality fibers.  Additionally, artificial grass is both dog and child-friendly to bring the whole family a lawn to enjoy together.

The versatility that comes along with home synthetic grass Memphis can truly give a fun new look regular grass can’t.  This is due to the many different spaces that artificial grass can go across or around.  For example, fake grass creates a full look around trees where growing grass can be hard, around the swimming pool, and in between stone pavers.  Additionally, synthetic grass can go over concrete rooftops, decks, and patios.  Fake grass provides these spaces with a soft feeling to the area with our lush turf.  Our installers can remodel your home lawn into a modern oasis with home synthetic grass in Memphis.  Contact our team to start discussing remodeling your lawn with a new faux grass piece.

Artificial Grass Memphis for Dogs

Artificial Grass Memphis for DogsAre you tired of wiping your dogs’ paws off before they come into the house?  Dogs can track quite a bit of mud into the house after it rains.  Therefore, why not give yourself a break and your dog a mud-free lawn with artificial grass Memphis for dogs.  Our advanced system of drainage means rainwater will quickly dry to leave your lawn mud-free.  This not only keeps the floors inside your house cleaner but also helps to give your pets a tidier lawn to play on.  Dogs won’t have to go outside to a drenched lawn of mud that can take a long time to dry.  Instead, artificial grass Memphis for dogs offers your dog an amazingly durable yard.  Whether you are looking at remodeling your entire lawn or just the dog run, NexGen Lawns is the company to call for artificial grass Memphis for dogs.

NexGen Lawns brings our quality dog turf surfaces to not only home lawns but also dog-centered businesses as well.  We install both inside and outside dog kennels, dog parks, training grounds, and dog lawns.  Therefore, our team can help you benefit from the low maintenance of artificial grass Memphis for dogs at your business.  Artificial grass helps to save outside lawn expenses through reduced lawn care.  Our premium surfaces bring businesses a nice synthetic turf surface that brightens up dog areas.  Dogs can play on a fake grass lawn throughout the year which does not discolor when exposed to dog urine.  Additionally, quick drainage helps reduce odors.  Whether you want to remodel your current business or looking to add a new dog park, give NexGen Lawns a call for your purchase of artificial grass Memphis for dogs.

Artificial Turf Memphis for Playing Fields

Artificial Turf MemphisPlaying fields equipped with sod can leave your teams left with limited availability on the playing field.  However, you can give your teams and trainers more time through the installation of artificial turf Memphis for playing fields.  This is due to the more sports field access players will have with our advanced synthetic turf with exceptional durability.  Compared to regular grass that can wear fast to leave patches of grass and a rough field to play on.  An astro turf style playing fields helps to provide sporting clubs, gyms, parks, schools, training facilities, and more with a multipurpose sporting field.  This allows you to offer more sports on your athletic field when you have artificial turf.  Different sports from baseball, field hockey, soccer, football, softball, and lacrosse can all utilize the same artificial field.  This reduces the expenses of maintaining multiple athletic fields.

An artificial turf field brings not only a playing field with more field access but also in maintenance savings.  You will no longer have to keep the fields well-watered and mowed with an artificial field.  This reduces the upkeep costs to help save you money.  Additionally, less time spent on maintaining the playing field means the field will be open to more use.  This will bring more time for training, scrimmages, or other uses.  Whether you are looking to add new or refurbish your existing outdoor fields or indoor areas, call NexGen Lawns.  We are here to help you in choosing the artificial turf Memphis for playing fields for your space.

Backyard Putting Green Memphis

Backyard Putting Green MemphisAre you wishing for easier access to somewhere to golf?  Then, why not add a backyard putting green Memphis to your home.  You can golf anytime you decide when you have a home synthetic putting green!  No more difficulties trying to find a time and place to golf.  Instead, you can enjoy the luxury of going in your own yard to play a round.  NexGen Lawns bring customized synthetic greens directly to your home.  Our synthetic putting greens provide amazing ball roll on our quality surfaces.  Therefore, you can perfect your form or swing and not even have to leave your lawn.  We install artificial putting greens not only outside across a variety of spaces but also even inside homes.  Whether it’s over the porch, patio, or inside your home – call NexGen Lawns for your backyard putting green Memphis, TN.

In addition to home putting greens, NexGen Lawns provides commercial artificial putting greens to golf courses, inside businesses, and tee lines.  We can re-do your current green or add a new synthetic putting green.  A great benefit in selecting artificial grass for your putting greens is the minimal maintenance.  Thus, this will help you in reducing your costs of trimming the greens, keeping them watered and fertilized.  Artificial putting greens bring a surface to your customers they can use throughout the year.  Therefore, this will help your business offer more time your customers can golf.  Unlike grass that fades away after the season, artificial grass keeps green to provide a place to golf.  To learn more, contact us to get started in purchasing artificial grass Memphis for a putting green.

Playground Turf Memphis

Playground Turf MemphisHas the space around the playground on the lawn left you with a bare lawn?  Then, call our NexGen Lawns professionals to get you seeing a green lawn again with playground turf Memphis.  We can remodel your space around the playground or the entire lawn with our top-notch artificial turf.  Therefore, this will give you and your children a place to play together at home on a soft faux grass surface.  Playground turf brings a green lawn without the duty of trying to trim the grass around the playground equipment.  Or bring you the troubles of trying to get the grass to grow under a highly used space.  Let our staff help you remodel your lawn or designated play space with playground turf Memphis.

The frequently used playgrounds at daycares, parks, and schools can struggle in trying to keep the grass around the playground areas.  However, playground turf Memphis offers a strong and durable surface that’s child-friendly.  Children can play outside on a cleaner playground when compared to playgrounds filled with wood chips or pebbles.  These items get kicked around and cling on clothing to leave a mess outdoors and bring the mess indoors.  Instead, artificial turf offers a nice surface for playtime.  With safety in mind, we also offer playground turf Memphis with an extra underlayment of padding.  This foam padding helps to provide additional cushioning for children as they play.  We install outside as well as indoors for a fun activity room or playroom.  For even more fun, check out our many colors of playground turf Memphis for some pops of color to your playground!

Why Opt For  NexGen Lawns’ Artificial Turf in Memphis?

Residents of Memphis know a thing or two about lush environments. It seems everywhere you turn in Memphis you can spot greenery or gardens. This is thanks to the humid climate, high amount of yearly rainfall, and plenty of sunny days.

In fact, the generic statements don’t do it justice, when the facts are quite incredible for the area. For instance, Memphis gets an average of 54 inches of rain per year, which is higher than the overall US average of 38 inches of rain per year. Meanwhile, Memphis sees an average of 218 sunny days per year, higher than the US average of 205. Such temperatures and sunny days require a sustainable source for your grass and you might consider artificial grass as an option!

This kind of weather and rainfall makes Memphis pleasant and lush, but these factors can also make lawn care more trouble than it is worth. As you know, lawn diseases are common in Memphis (obviously, some more than others). This is because fungi and diseases thrive in moist climates. You have likely noticed brown patches, or perhaps those dark green rings that tend to form unexpectedly. These are due to fungus thriving in the soil and spreading into the grass.

These conditions also bring pests (grubs, chinch bugs, and armyworms being the most common) which love nothing more than to feast on your natural grass. These situations can all be avoided with costly and steady maintenance, or by turning to the experts at NexGen Lawns for some beautiful, green residential artificial turf in Memphis

Make no mistake, artificial grass in Memphis means you no longer have to worry about the pests, the weather, the discoloration, or the maintenance. In fact, even the artificial grass installation is taken care of.

Make the choice today to have the best artificial turf in Memphis by turning to the lawn experts at NexGen Lawn.

Contact the team of NexGen Lawns Artificial Turf Memphis installers for the purchase and installation of artificial grass in Memphis, Tennessee.  Ask us for a FREE ESTIMATE.