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Artificial Grass Auburn

Are you looking to purchase quality artificial grass Auburn, Alabama for your home or commercial location?  Then, you have come to the right location!  NexGen Lawns provides an array of artificial grass and synthetic turf for varying spaces.  Our professionals deliver stunning synthetic lawns, backyard putting greens, playground spaces, athletic fields, and dog lawns.  Therefore, give our staff a call to get started in changing your home or business space with artificial grass in Auburn, Alabama.

Artificial grass provides a beautiful surface with very little maintenance required.  Our professional artificial turf installers bring you long-lasting artificial grass with a truly realistic appearance.  Whether you are looking at an artificial turf installation inside or outside, our staff has you covered.  We work across numerous environments from inside homes and businesses to outside on patios and decks.  Thus, wherever your space might be located, call the NexGen Lawns team.  Our installers come with amazing talent and knowledge to leave you left with a professional artificial grass Auburn installation.

Artificial Grass Auburn Options

The artificial grass Auburn options from NexGen Lawns covers numerous different settings.  Some of these options include home landscaping, businesses, parks, schools, and more.  Therefore, we have some of these artificial grass Auburn, Alabama options listed below to help you in learning more.

Residential Synthetic Grass Auburn

Residential Synthetic Grass Auburn

Change the appearance of your home landscape with the modern touch of residential synthetic grass in Auburn, AL.  NexGen Lawns offers premium synthetic grass and artificial turf products for homes as well as businesses.  Synthetic grass provides the look of a nicely trimmed lawn without the constant work.  This means all those weekends of pushing the lawnmower, edging, and watering the grass ends.  Instead, you’ll have a lawn that’s easier to maintain with more free time to yourself to enjoy.  The waterless synthetic grass means you’ll reduce your outdoor water usage, which will even help to reduce your watering bill.  Additionally, you won’t have to place down hazardous grass fertilizers on the lawn.

The installation options of residential synthetic grass Auburn means you’ll have a one of kind landscape piece.  We create beautiful pieces for the lawn, over patios, decks, balconies, and more.  Therefore, even if you don’t have a lawn, artificial grass can create a green space on the patio or rooftop.  This changes those boring gray or brown areas with a splash of faux green grass.  Our synthetic grass provides you with a lush feeling surface through our high-end synthetic grass fibers.  You can feel the difference in our synthetic grass products.  Are you ready to have less lawn work and start enjoying more time with residential synthetic grass in Auburn?  Then, contact the NexGen Lawns artificial grass professionals in Auburn, Alabama.

Artificial Grass Auburn for Dogs

Artificial Grass Auburn for Dogs

Does your dog or dogs need a new space on the lawn?  Or do you need a full dog-friendly lawn?  Then, the option of artificial grass Auburn for dogs is a great solution to remodel your lawn.  NexGen Lawns provides artificial grass for dog runs, lawns, and dog parks.  Our team is here to help you and your dog with completing your home with artificial grass Auburn for dogs.  Dog runs with concrete or gravel is hard on sensitive dog paws.  Instead, give them a durable and soft dog run through artificial grass.  Thus, your dog can have a nice faux grass space for them to run and play.  Additionally, artificial grass doesn’t leave those unsightly yellowed areas in the lawn from potty breaks.  You won’t have to drag out the mower and mow the dog run or backyard either with artificial grass Auburn for dogs.

Busy dog businesses need a lawn to keep up with multiple dogs utilizing their dog lawn.  Therefore, select NexGen Lawns artificial grass Auburn for dogs as a durable solution for your business.  We can change your dog park, dog spa, or dog daycare business with our high-quality artificial turf.  Dog spaces can quickly change into muddy grounds from rainwater.  However, artificial turf provides rapid drainage to quickly drain rainwater to give dogs a drier ground to play without the mud.  This drainage helps to reduce odors from dog urine as well.  The look of artificial turf provides a green lawn for your dog clients throughout the year.  This will help keep your business looking tidy and reduce lawn care costs.  No more trimming, watering, or re-sodding the dog lawn.  Let the team at NexGen Lawns assist you with artificial grass in Auburn, AL.

Artificial Turf Auburn for Athletic Fields

Artificial Turf Auburn

Athletic fields require an ample amount of maintenance upkeep to keep them ready for field time use.  This time to care for the playing fields not only costs money but also reduces the time the fields are open to use.  Therefore, switch to artificial turf Auburn for athletic fields to lessen the maintenance expenses and provide more time on the outdoor playing fields.  Sports clubs, parks, and schools can all reduce their maintenance costs from the expense of re-sodding, mowing, and watering the playing fields.  This means athletes and sporting coaches can have more opportunities to train and practice on artificial turf Auburn for athletic fields.

NexGen Lawns carries numerous artificial turf Auburn for athletic fields and are here to assist you in selecting one for your turf needs.  We provide both outdoor artificial turf and indoor installations.  Our highly skilled installers work among different surfaces from batting cages, to indoor training fields, and outdoor areas.  Additionally, we have a variety of different colors of artificial turf to complete a custom look.  One of the amazing benefits of installing an astro turf style field is the versatility it provides.  This means artificial turf athletic fields take sports fields for one sport into multiple sport field.  For example, you can play different sports from football, lacrosse, softball, soccer, baseball, and more on a synthetic turf athletic field.  Additionally, artificial turf provides a surface to host different kinds of outdoor events as well.  Give our team a phone call to discuss artificial turf Auburn for athletic fields.

Backyard Putting Green Auburn

Backyard Putting Green Auburn

Are you left with limited golf time?  Wish you could get more putting time into your day?  Then, the addition of a backyard putting green Auburn will provide you with a high-end green right at home.  You won’t have to rush to pack up the golf bag and drive out to the nearest green.  Instead, you have the ability to play directly at home when you decide on your very own backyard putting green Auburn.  The NexGen Lawns installers deliver premium synthetic grass putting greens across many surfaces.  We can add a putting green in the lawn, over the patio, deck, and even indoors.  Synthetic grass gives you a fantastic green without the pesky chores of keeping your green well-trimmed and watered.  Thus, you can focus more of your time on your swing without the work of regular grass.

In addition to home putting greens, NexGen Lawns provides artificial putting greens in Auburn to commercial businesses.  We can help refurbish your existing tee lines, courses, and putting greens.  Our top-notch synthetic grass provides excellent ball roll.  Additionally, you will have a synthetic green with minimal maintenance.  This helps to reduce costs and save your business money through the reduction of the upkeep of trimming and watering.  This also allows you to have your putting green open more to utilize with fewer maintenance closures.  To begin your installation of a synthetic grass putting green Auburn, give our team a phone call.

Playground Turf Auburn

Playground Turf Auburn

The outdoor play areas where children play can wear and quickly turn into just dirt.  This is partly due to the wear that regular grass experiences, which leaves bare spots.  Additionally, the battle of shade from buildings and play equipment makes growing grass hard to achieve.  This leaves children left with a messy space to play outside.  Instead, transform your play area to a full lawn surface again with playground turf Auburn, Alabama.  Artificial playground turf offers children a soft lawn that looks neat.  We have numerous color selections of playground turf Auburn for fun and colorful designs.  Our team is here to help you change your play areas from your back lawn, school, park, or other play settings.  This even includes indoor play areas too!

NexGen Lawns is here to assist you in changing your playgrounds and parks to playground turf in Auburn, Alabama.  You can end the annoyance of trying to mow the grass around and underneath the playground equipment.  Artificial grass provides a nice clean surface with the fast-draining playground turf.  This allows children to play outdoors and not on mud-soaked grounds.  Other ground surfaces like wood chips and pea gravel pieces get scattered throughout the playground leaving the ground a mess.  Additionally, these items get stuck on children’s clothing and inside shoes.  This means these messy pieces then get tracked back inside.  Most importantly, we carry playground turf Auburn with an additional padded layer to help protect children.  This foam padding helps to cushion the ground to provide a nice soft surface for children to play on.

Why Artificial Grass in Auburn?

As a local resident, you might be wondering why you would want to make the move to artificial turf in Auburn. In addition to the above-mentioned opportunities that Auburn artificial turf provides, from dog runs to chipping greens, as well as waving goodbye to ongoing maintenance costs, there are other reasons to consider as well. Specifically, residential artificial turf in Auburn can enhance your overall stress levels and curb appeal for many reasons. Namely, the weather.

Sure, you are used to the wet and humid climate. Whether you are new to the area or have been an Auburn native your entire life, you are familiar that the annual rainfall averages are higher in Auburn than in many other parts of the country. Where the annual rainfall average for the country is 38 inches, residents of Auburn, Alabama see an annual rainfall average of 54 inches. That is quite a bit of water, and it means not only the ongoing need to cut your natural grass, but also to be wary of flooding. 

Flooding can be a concern for natural yards, either pooling in parts that don’t get adequate sunshine or causing disease down the road. However, installing residential turf in Auburn can avoid your flooding problems entirely, because synthetic auburn grass can be designed and installed in a way to facilitate water flow, preventing flooding from being a problem. 

Additionally, not only will this help with disease, but diseases that tend to plague Auburn lawns, in general, will not be able to latch onto your artificial Auburn grass. Certainly, you have seen neighbors with lawn fungus problems, whether cases of brown patches, fairy rings, or dollar spots. Maybe you weren’t familiar with those names, but those are some of the common lawn diseases that have undoubtedly struck your eye when walking down the street, and they are largely caused by the heavy rains, sitting water, and the fact that they can grow in the lawn throughout the year without being killed off by the tremendous cold. 

New To Auburn Artificial Turf? NexGen Can Help.

If you are in Auburn, or perhaps surrounding areas such as Montgomerey, Huntsville, or Birmingham, or any of the other surrounding areas in Alabama, the professionals are ready to install your artificial residential turf. 

By installing residential artificial grass in your Auburn home, you won’t have to worry about knowing the names or about getting treatments to prevent them or kill their growth. And further, these heavy rainfalls can also cause other things to grow aside from your lawn or the fungus within, but weeds and bushes, and other invaders that get in the way of a pristine clean looking yard. With fake grass in Auburn, forget getting on your knees and weeding ever again. Rain or no rain, your weeds are kept at bay. It doesn’t get much better than that.

And since there are different types of Auburn residential artificial grass to consider, you can make sure to choose an option that looks like it belongs, blending right in with the other natural colors of the beautiful area.

Call 1-888-844-0672 for the professional Artificial Grass Auburn Installers at NexGen Lawns for the purchase of premium Artificial Turf in Auburn, Alabama.  Ask us for a FREE ESTIMATE.