The Differences in Quality and Materials Used in Artificial Grass Products

Golf ball and hole of fake grass.

Artificial turf products are not universal in their design. Naturally, everyone has a style they prefer, and a different reason why they are installing synthetic turf. Because of this, some types of synthetic grass might be more suitable for you than others.

And if you are new to the world of artificial grass products, you might not realize the amount of materials involved. Some homeowners look to purchase artificial grass thinking that it can simply be laid on top of their existing dirt. This is not the case.

Artificial grass has installation products affiliated with it, for instance. The purpose of these products and materials is to support your new lawn. And as mentioned, the purpose of your turf might inform the type of materials and products you need.

Read on to learn more about the differences in quality materials used in artificial grass products.

Artificial Turf Products

First and foremost, it is important to know the reason you are installing artificial turf. While that might sound like an obvious notion, it is the driving factor in the type of turf you choose.

For example, are you looking to install putting green turf? There are many homeowners who want the convenience of a putting green in their backyard. And as you know, putting green grass is different from ordinary grass. This is true not only in terms of pile height but in how it handles the elements as well.

There are different options for artificial grass products for putting greens. The biggest is whether you want a texturized or slit-film approach. Texturized fake grass comes in either nylon or polypropylene. Both of these materials provide an excellent “texture” for your ball roll, but nylon tends to hold moisture longer.

There are some people who prefer the nylon feel and aren’t in a location with much moisture. On the other hand, you might want a slit-film artificial putting green. With slit-film grass, the tops of your pile will be sheared. This gives your ball a better roll.

These are the types of considerations that you have when it comes to putting green turf alone. As you can see, you can get as detailed as you want regarding the texture of your artificial grass product.

But the differences don’t stop at the texture. If you are choosing between texturized or slit-film, you also have infill considerations to be aware of. Infill is the material that will be installed beneath your artificial turf.

Many artificial grass dealers will use silica sand along with other materials to keep the sand from compacting too much. You can also choose colored sand, which we recommend, that matches the color of your artificial turf. You at least might want to use this sand on the top of the infill.

Also, you want your turf installers to be aware of the slope of your yard. If you do have rain or moisture from time to time, you want to avoid it sitting on your putting green. While all of our artificial turf products will drain water through, it needs to be kept in mind when installing.

Benefits of an Artificial Lawn

Well manicured front yard of fake grass.

As you can see, there are all kinds of options when it comes to artificial grass products. And the above-mentioned are in regards to putting green turf alone. From dog runs to batting cages to general lawns, artificial grass products are custom in their design.

And the popularity of artificial turf products is only growing. In fact, the artificial turf market is forecast to reach $7 billion by 2025. This popularity is due to a variety of factors.

As mentioned above, the option to choose affordable artificial turf products is appealing to many homeowners. And since each homeowner has their own intention for their yard, this choice makes sense.

Additionally, there are more general reasons for purchasing artificial grass. For instance, artificial grass products don’t require watering or maintenance. Imagine all the money you could save on those items alone.

And maintenance doesn’t just mean watering and cutting the grass on a regular basis. It includes treating it for diseases, which you won’t have to do with artificial grass. No more unsightly brown spots or concerns about dead patches in your yard.

With artificial grass products, you can rest assured your yard will look as good as new every day, regardless of weather.

Any Purpose, Any Season

Whether you are looking for residential or commercial artificial grass products, talk to the professionals. Having a conversation about your options will give you the confidence to choose the right grass products for you. Remember, not all artificial grass products are the same, so knowing the details is helpful.

As long as you stay focused on the purpose of choosing artificial turf, the professionals will direct you accordingly.

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