Change your Home with Backyard Synthetic Grass

Change your lawn to a fully modern and comfortable design with backyard synthetic grass!  NexGen Lawns can bring you a brand new look on your home lawn through a modern look.  Artificial turf offers a nice feeling surface on the back lawn that features a beautifully bright and lush surface.  The backyard is therefore bright and cool and sculpted in synthetic grass.  This is due to the best quality of artificial turf that comes from NexGen Lawns.  Our artificial grass comes with high craftsmanship and realistic-looking synthetic grass fibers.  Thus, artificial grass will provide you with a beautiful lawn.  You’ll experience not only a great feeling and looking lawn but also a truly easy-to-maintain yard.  Why keep wasting your weekend time mowing the lawn?  Instead, change your home with backyard synthetic grass.

Backyard Synthetic Grass is perfect for Outdoor Entertainment

A great benefit of backyard synthetic grass is that it provides a water-saving yard.  Therefore, it looks amazing around the patio and pool!  No yucky wet grass clippings to stick to your feet when you get in and out of the pool.  Artificial grass not only requires no water but is low-maintenance and always ready for a backyard cookout or family gathering.  This means you won’t have to rush around mowing the grass and bagging grass clippings before a gathering on the lawn.  Instead, you can feel relieved that your backyard synthetic grass will be ready for your next outdoor event at home.

Faux grass can easily installs across the yard, over patios, decks, and around pools.  Thus, this means if you even don’t have a lawn, artificial grass can give you the feeling of a lawn across different surfaces.  The simplicity of artificial grass also gives homeowners a beautifully landscaped yard without any worries about taking care of the lawn or if it will be too wet for your next weekend event.  Artificial grass also quickly drains water through to leave a dry and mud-free lawn for all ages and even the dog to enjoy.

backyard synthetic grass

The artificial grass surrounds the pool and patio to keep the outdoor entertainment space clean.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

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If you’re ready to get started on your own home makeover with artificial grass, visit NexGen Lawns’ large selection of premium fake grass for backyards available for purchase.  We have numerous options that cover different surfaces with synthetic turf.  To schedule your faux grass installation or for any questions, please contact our team at 1-888-844-0672.