Change your Sports Complex with Multiple Sports Turf Fields

Sporting fields experience quite the use between all the different games, tournaments, practices, scrimmages, and other activities.  This can leave you left with a worn-down field that can turn unplayable, which leads to cancelations of scheduled games.  Instead, change your sports complex with multiple sports turf fields.  Your sports facility can see the benefits of synthetic turf playing fields.  This is through deciding to change your sports complex with multiple sport turf fields.  Switching to sports turf fields transforms a standard one sports field into the possibility of also playing multiple sports.  For example, you can now have the ability for your athletes to play soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse, and more.  All of this flexibility, therefore, gives the playing fields at sports complexes more time and teams more opportunities for playing games and tournaments.

Sports Turf Fields

Host a variety of sports games and tournaments with a sports turf field.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Multipurpose Sport Turf Fields Provide More Revenue Venues

Synthetic turf helps communities in a variety of ways.  The increased availability to also host events and tournaments helps to boost the local economy with more revenue.  Your city will have more opportunities to bring in revenue through hosting events and tournaments on artificial turf.  This helps everyone from the sports complex to hotel owners and restaurants.   All of this is through the more time and versatility synthetic turf playing fields provide to sports complexes.  Additionally, synthetic turf offers a multipurpose field that allows for more than just one sport to be able to host tournaments.  Therefore, you can have soccer, softball, baseball, and even other tournaments throughout the year.  This gives your sports facility the ability to host an array of different sports throughout the entire year with artificial turf installed.

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A NexGen Lawns synthetic turf playing field reduces maintenance costs with the elimination of mowing and watering.  Our playing fields provide a realistic look with a highly advanced drainage system to quickly drain rainwater to leave it dry and ready to play on the fields.  With a fast-drying field, your games and tournaments can stay on track.  Say goodbye to cancellations to wet playing fields!  Check out our wide selection of sports turf available for purchase.  Additionally, if you’re ready to discuss a multi-sport field; contact the NexGen Lawns team today at 1-888-844-0672.   We also offer synthetic turf for added amenities to your facility from playgrounds, parks, golf courses, and dog parks!