Looking to Change it Up with Artificial Turf at your Dog Daycare?

With many of us ready for summer vacation plans, owners have often been left boarding their dogs while they are away.  If you own a doggy daycare, why not provide a great play surface for pet owners to take their dogs to?  Therefore, when pet owners are away the pets get to enjoy a mini-vacation as well.  Installing artificial turf at a dog daycare facility offers a truly high-quality surface with NexGen Lawns’ durable dog turf.

Choosing artificial turf to cover large outdoor grounds provides a cleaner space with the turf’s fast-draining ability.  Dogs can run around and not become a muddy mess or tear up the sod lawn.  Prior to artificial turf, dogs are often left running around with splotchy grass and dirt mounds that turn into mud piles with the water hose or rain.  This leaves not only the dogs messy but the inside of your facility dirty too with mud tracking back inside.  Instead, go with artificial turf at your dog daycare.

artificial turf dog daycare

Dogs love running, playing, and relaxing on realistic feeling artificial turf.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Installing artificial turf at your dog business whether it’s a daycare, boarding center, or manner school provides a low-maintenance solution.  Regular sod grass quickly tears up with the numerous dog paws running across the grass.  This can leave you left with a dog lawn full of ruts.  Not only is the ground unsafe, but then you have to fill the holes and re-sod.  However, artificial dog turf provides a full green lawn for dogs to play on for years.  That way you can reduce your lawn care expenses.  In addition, your dog business will be more eye-catching with a nice full and green faux dog yard.

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NexGen Lawns can also help any doggie daycare center or personal home become a much cleaner and happier facility with NexGen Lawns canine artificial turf.  Our canine artificial grass helps reduce odors through our advanced drainage system and all-natural in-fill.  This will eliminate muddy paw prints brought into facilities and homes.  As well as, the uneven grounds that dogs can trip and hurt themselves on.  Businesses will also no longer have to worry about the hassle or re-sodding to keep up with all the paw traffic.

Give NexGen Lawns a call today for a year-round play space.  Your pets will be sure to thank you that you did!  In the meantime, check out our artificial turf dog daycare to purchase.