Change your lot with Artificial Grass Parking Lot Medians

Parking lots and storefronts can just look drab with the concrete everywhere.  Placing medians down can break up the solid concrete to look more appealing.  However, trying to grow and trim the grass in the median is difficult.  Especially the task of trying to keep the small space well-watering.  You could just end up with dead brown grass between the median.  The small grassy areas require landscaping crews to continually try to mow the hard-to-reach spaces.  Therefore, change your lot with artificial grass parking lot medians.  Artificial grass allows the median to be refreshed in color with faux turf.  This helps to brighten the space up.  No mowing!  Additionally, this helps keep up with heavy pedestrian foot traffic walking along the parking lots and to the shops.

You can relieve your ears from having to hear loud commercial landscaping noise buzzing right in front of your business.  As well as, customers out walking and shopping by.  Therefore, you can make a  wise investment in artificial grass to reduce landscaping costs. Whilst also lowering the noise attributed to the loud gas-powered lawn equipment.

artificial grass parking lot medians

Artificial grass covers downtown parking lot medians that experience heavy foot traffic.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

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Small parking lot and shopping medians can be difficult to upkeep along busy shopping streets.   Grass cannot keep up with constant pedestrian traffic walking over it; therefore, it also turns into worn-out dirt pits or mounds causing tripping hazards.  The artificial grass helps provide for an even walking surface, reduce their water usage, eliminate mowing, edging, and applying toxic fertilizers.

NexGen Lawns can help your city or commercial property space reap all the added benefits.  Give NexGen Lawns a call today to help save on your lawn care costs. Your ears will thank you for never having to hear a lawnmower again with artificial grass parking lot medians.