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Artificial Grass Chicago

NexGen Lawns provides outstanding quality of artificial grass in Chicago available for purchase.  Our premium artificial grass in Chicago means you will receive a highly developed turf with lustrous fibers.  Therefore, you will have a realistic appearing lawn through our artificial turf in Chicago, IL.  NexGen Lawns offers you a range of artificial grass in Chicago to serve across different applications.  We carry premier synthetic turf in Chicago for home landscaping, playgrounds, parks, dog yards, sporting fields, and putting greens.  Therefore, we have your ground covered through many artificial turf options in Chicago, Illinois.

The exceptional team at NexGen Lawns means you will have professionally skilled and experienced artificial turf installers for your project.  Our Chicago synthetic turf installers have a vast amount of knowledge to deliver you a proper end result.  We work on residential artificial grass installations and commercial properties.  This includes both indoor spaces and outdoor artificial grass applications.  Whether you reside in Chicago or the greater metropolitan area of Chicago, NexGen Lawns is the artificial turf installer to call.

Options for Artificial Grass in Chicago

NexGen Lawns supplies you with a variety of options for artificial grass in Chicago for a range of spaces.  To learn more about the artificial turf available, please continue reading below about the great advantages of artificial turf.

Residential Artificial Grass in Chicago

Residential Artificial Grass Chicago

A popular landscaping option for homes in Chicago, Illinois is residential artificial grass.  This in part comes from the mass benefits that you as a homeowner will receive from synthetic landscaping grass.  Residential artificial grass in Chicago provides a lawn that has very little maintenance.  Unlike the chores that come along with a regular grass yard which include mowing down the grass, watering, and putting down fertilizer treatments.  Why not end those grass maintenance chores?  Instead, selecting residential artificial grass provides a waterless and mow-free lawn.  Additionally, you won’t have to put down those harmful fertilizer chemicals.  This means you’ll have the added benefit of a lower watering bill!

Another great thing residential artificial grass in Chicago provides is a lawn free of grass clippings and mud.  These items can leave you left with a messy yard full of old grass trimmings or a water-logged lawn.  Instead, you can have a yard that looks neat, which means even cleaner shoes coming inside the house.  A perfect lawn solution for children and pets!  Now, you’ll have a fake grass lawn that stays green year-round even when exposed to pet waste and the sun.  Contact NexGen Lawns to improve your outdoor lawn space in and near Chicago with residential artificial grass.  Whether you would like a full fake grass lawn remodel or just a small area, call for a new beautiful residential artificial grass lawn.

Synthetic Grass in Chicago for Dogs

Synthetic Grass Chicago for Dogs

Not only can we experience the comforts of fake grass, but dogs can too!  Synthetic turf in Chicago for dogs offers an amazing dog lawn that’s both long-lasting and soft.  Dog paws will have the soft surface of synthetic turf to play across.  Not a hard surface like concrete or pea gravel that can be hurtful on their sensitive dog paws.  The strength of NexGen Lawns synthetic grass in Chicago for dogs means you’ll have a truly durable dog lawn.  Whether it’s for one pet or many, our artificial turf is built to handle the heavy paw traffic through our reinforced backing.  The rapid drainage that comes with synthetic grass means pets can play outside and not track back in the mud.  Additionally, the drainage even helps with odors.

The numerous benefits of synthetic grass in Chicago for dogs are why many dog businesses have added it to their dog lawns and parks.  The best artificial turf offers a clean look to any business and the turf comes manufactured to withstand heavy use.  Our strong synthetic grass fibers mean you’ll have a lawn ready to handle those active pets.  Additionally, artificial grass comes with less lawn work to help save your business money.  Our synthetic grass in Chicago for dogs is 100% lead-free and contains UV protection to help keep it from cracking or fading.  Thus, you can enjoy an artificial dog lawn for many future years.  Let NexGen Lawns help you remodel your dog boarding facility, training school, or park through synthetic turf in Chicago for dogs.

Artificial Turf in Chicago for Sports Fields

Artificial Turf Chicago

NexGen Lawns brings you many different kinds of Chicago artificial turf for sports fields.  Therefore, our staff can assist you with which artificial turf for sports fields would best suit your sporting surface needs.  The versatility that comes with artificial turf means you’ll have an athletic field that can host many sports.  Some of these include soccer, field hockey, baseball, lacrosse, softball, and football.  This means one artificial turf sports field in Chicago can cover multiple sports without needing to have multiple playing fields.  Additionally, we offer different artificial turf color selections to help you customize and enhance your astro turf styled athletic field.

Chicago’s artificial turf installation for sports fields will help to save club owners, schools, and parks in continual care, valuable time, and maintenance expenses.  Therefore, an artificial athletic field will provide more time to focus on your games and athletes.  As well as, allowing more access to the players and coaches to the field with a fast-drying field due to quick drainage.  This helps reduce cancellations because of wet field conditions.  A cost-effective method to improve and transform your athletic fields comes from selecting synthetic turf for Chicago sports fields.  We offer outdoor sporting turf as well as indoor artificial turf for training centers and gyms.

Backyard Putting Green in Chicago

Backyard Putting Green Chicago

Give yourself some extra practice at home through the addition of a backyard putting green in Chicago!  Golf is a sport loved by all ages and is a great amenity to add to your home.  Synthetic grass means the putting green will be ready for use without having the work of grass with heavy watering and trimming.  NexGen Lawns can install our exquisite backyard putting green in Chicago to help you with your golf skills.  We have the best ball roll across our stunning artificial greens.  Even if you don’t have a yard, our installers can add a putting green across rooftops, patios, and balconies.  Therefore, you can still have the pleasure of golfing at home on a synthetic green.

Have a tee line, commercial course, or putting green that needs some refurbishing?  Then, NexGen Lawns can help your business with our artificial grass.  We can remodel your current area or add something new with our synthetic golf grassArtificial grass doesn’t have the high maintenance demands of regular grass.  This means you will have minimal maintenance to help you in saving both upkeep time and costs.   Therefore, artificial grass can bring you huge savings with reduced maintenance.  Make your first pick for artificial grass in Chicago to NexGen Lawns for your artificial putting green.  Our clients include residential homes, commercial golfing locations, and businesses.

Playground Turf in Chicago

Playground Turf Chicago

Complete your park or playground space with the brilliant surface of playground turf in Chicago.  NexGen Lawns offers many styles of playground turf in Chicago that offers a soft and neat ground.  To help protect children playing, we offer playground turf in Chicago with an extra foam pad layer.  This additional padding gives cushioning to the ground with the safety of children in mind.  We provide artificial grass installations for backyards, parks, schools, and daycare facilities.  If you don’t want just green fake grass, you can add a spark of color to your play space with our many color choices.  Our installers have remodeled a large number of schools and home playgrounds, let our staff do the same for you with our premium playground turf in Chicago, IL.

The playground turf in Chicago not only feels soft when compared to hard grounds but also is even cleaner.  Items like wood mulch and pebbles end up all over the grounds, stuck in shoes, and on clothes.  This means you’ll have a messy playground and a mess coming back inside.  NexGen Lawns uses a non-rubber infill that keeps children free of messy rubber flecks.  Therefore, both the children and the play area will stay tidy.  Even after it rains the playground will stay clean due to the rapidly draining fake turf to keep the area mud-free.  This is a great benefit to parents, caregivers, and teachers to keep children clean.  To start a playground turf Chicago install for your home, park, or school setting – call NexGen Lawns.

Why Opt for Artificial Grass, Chicago?

Chicago experiences cold and snowy winters, warm summers, and overall unpredictable weather throughout the year. It not only faces frequent variations in temperature but also humidity levels. Why would we choose natural grass over synthetic turf in Chicago?

Unfortunately, unpredictable weather is not conducive to the growth and maintenance of natural grass, which is why synthetic grass in Chicago makes so much sense. The need for excessive watering in the summers and having to navigate lawn puddles in the month of May when it rains the most here, can be a nightmare for homeowners.

If the maintenance needs of natural grass are not met it can die quickly, giving way to discolored or yellow tufts of grass, unlike artificial grass. Worse, it may lead to bald patches in the lawn which create muddy conditions during the snowy season and rains. All of these challenges can mar the look of your lawn as well as the overall curb appeal, something you’d never have to face with the best artificial turf in Chicago. Plus, it can pose a cleaning hassle not only outdoors but also indoors as muddy feet introduce dirt into your house.

Besides appearance, bald patches and dry yellowing grass can feel rough and hamper your comfort and convenience, whether you’re using your lawn as a lounging space, as a play area for children, or to entertain guests. On the other hand, NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass in Chicago can provide a soft synthetic turf for all your yard activities, whether it is late spring, summer, or early fall. And it can help you save hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis in the form of lawn maintenance costs in Chicago by switching to Chicago’s own artificial grass solution.

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