NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Schaumburg, Artificial Turf in Schaumburg, IL

Artificial Grass SchaumburgPurchase your artificial grass in Schaumburg, Illinois from NexGen Lawns for a premium artificial turf.  We service our highly advanced artificial turf in Schaumburg and surrounding metros.  Therefore, our staff is your professional artificial grass Schaumburg installers to call.  We offer many types of artificial turf for a variety of environments.  Some of our artificial grass services include backyard putting greens, lawns, playgrounds, dog runs, athletic fields, and more.  The high quality of NexGen Lawns artificial turf brings you a stunning piece for your home, park, or business.

NexGen Lawns installers bring our clients a professional service through our high-end artificial grass in Schaumburg, IL.  Our skilled and extremely proficient team members come with exceptional craftsmanship for residential and commercial locations.  Thus, NexGen Lawns artificial grass Schaumburg is here to assist you with your needs for your next remodel project.

Artificial Grass Schaumburg Options

No matter if you need an indoor or exterior installation, NexGen Lawns brings you many artificial grass Schaumburg options.  Therefore, to help you get started in learning more about synthetic turf, we have listed a few of our artificial grass Schaumburg options below.

Residential Synthetic Grass Schaumburg

Residential Synthetic Grass SchaumburgIs the pesky lawn work tiring you out and leaving you with less time on the weekends?  Then, remodel your lawn with residential synthetic grass in Schaumburg.  NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass comes with an unmatched softness with realistic-looking fibers through our high-end synthetic grass.  Therefore, you’ll have a beautiful faux lawn and less lawn work.  Residential synthetic grass in Schaumburg means you don’t have to mow, water, or put down those toxic fertilizers.  Instead, you’ll have more time for yourself to spend on something else besides those lawn chores.  Make your home lawn a stunning backyard oasis with residential synthetic grass in Schaumburg, Illinois.

A residential synthetic grass in Schaumburg provides a lush ground covering for many years of enjoyment.  Instead of watching your grass wear and brown due to shade, pick artificial grass for those hard-to-grow spaces and around the shaded roofline.  Synthetic grass provides you with a full green lawn even around trees and landscaping beds.  Additionally, fake turf can even go over your patio, deck, and balcony for a unique look.  Or you can get creative and weave synthetic grass between stepping stones and pavers.  Whichever the look, residential synthetic grass in Schaumburg can give you a new landscape at your home or even your business landscape.  Therefore, call the NexGen Lawns installers for your artificial turf in Schaumburg, IL.

Artificial Grass Schaumburg for Dogs

Artificial Grass Schaumburg for DogsDoes your dog track dirt and mud back inside your house?  Are you looking for a more dog-friendly yard?  Then, NexGen Lawns is here to help you revamp your home yard with artificial grass in Schaumburg for dogs.  Our pet turf brings you and your dog a cleaner surface to keep the lawn mud-free.  This means cleaner paws coming back into the house too.  The rainwater and dog urine quickly goes through the drainage of artificial grass Schaumburg for dogs for a mud-free yard.  Additionally, this will also help to reduce smelly odors from pet urine.  You can have a lawn that not only has fewer smells and mess, but also a green lawn.  Our artificial grass for dogs does not discolor from dog urine.

Artificial grass in Schaumburg for dogs provides more than home lawns with a new look.  Additionally, artificial grass helps dog businesses with a highly durable surface for the high-trafficked dog yards.  NexGen Lawns assists dog boarding facilities, puppy training schools, dog spas, and more with experiencing a cleaner dog play yard.  Our artificial dog turf comes with extreme strength for multiple dogs.  Additionally, artificial grass in Schaumburg brings your business a nice green lawn with reduced maintenance.  This means your business can save money by reducing outdoor lawn care that would come with regular grass.  Therefore, start your remodel of your doggy business with artificial grass in Schaumburg for dogs to reduce maintenance and a tidier lawn.

Synthetic Turf Schaumburg for Athletic Fields

Synthetic Turf Schaumburg for Athletic FieldsThe installation of synthetic turf in Schaumburg for athletic fields replicates the appearance of being on grass inside and outside fields.  NexGen Lawns has you covered with our extremely durable artificial turf that provides athletes with a consistent field.  Synthetic turf in Schaumburg for athletic fields brings you the benefit of a multipurpose athletic field.  Thus, you can reduce your need for caring for numerous playing fields.  One synthetic turf Schaumburg for athletic fields provides a field to host numerous sports.  For example, soccer, softball, lacrosse, field hockey, football, baseball, and more can play on the same field.  This will help you in reducing your expense of having different playing fields.

The exceptional durability of synthetic turf Schaumburg for athletic fields comes equipped for high traffic from practices, games, and tournaments.  This means the strong playing field will greatly lower your maintenance to give you a more versatile athletic field.  Unlike a grass sporting field that requires continual care and expense to keep them well-conditioned.  Additionally, grass fields leave you with limited time to utilize the fields and are left with cancellations due to wet playing fields.  However, astro turf styled synthetic turf Schaumburg for athletic fields drains rainwater quickly to leave the field mud-free.  This helps to give your players fewer cancellations and more time to use the playing fields.  Whether you need an indoor playing field, batting cages, or something outside, give NexGen Lawns a call.

Backyard Putting Green Schaumburg

Backyard Putting Green SchaumburgThe love of golf has many homeowners looking to add the popular game directly to their homes.  At NexGen Lawns, we carry and install a premier backyard putting green in Schaumburg.  Our high-end synthetic putting grass means you’ll have the best right at home.  Therefore, you can work on your form and swing whenever you decide at the luxury of being at your own home.  A backyard putting green in Schaumburg is perfect for the whole family and for playful competitions with friends and family.  In addition to the backyard, our installers can place an artificial green over your deck, patio, and more.  Whether you want a backyard putting green in Schaumburg or one inside your home, call our professional team to add a custom synthetic green to your residence.

A fun addition to your commercial business is a synthetic putting green in Schaumburg.  NexGen Lawns installs commercial putting greens, tee lines, courses, and more.  We can add the great amenity of a personalized synthetic green with multiple holes.  Our synthetic putting greens come with high-end fibers for a great ball roll.  A key benefit of artificial grass is reduced maintenance.  The high demand for watering and keeping the green trimmed stops with artificial grass.  Therefore, this helps to save you money in your maintenance costs and offers your clients more time on the putting green.  An artificial putting green is great to add at driving ranges, restaurants, hotels, and more.

Playground Turf Schaumburg

Playground Turf SchaumburgThe shade and activity around the backyard playset make keeping the grass growing highly difficult.  This leaves children left with a messy and hard play area.  However, why not change out the messy ground to NexGen Lawns’ kid-friendly playground turf in Schaumburg, IL.  Artificial play turf provides you with a lawn that holds strong through our excellent turf durability.  Thus, this makes fake grass a great choice for lawns and playgrounds.  Additionally, playground turf in Schaumburg provides a beautiful landscape that’s easy.  The hard task of trying to edge around all the play apparatuses stops when you have artificial turf.  Instead, you can sit back and watch the children play on a nice surface that is lead-free.

The playground turf in Schaumburg from NexGen Lawns not only helps creates a cleaner home lawn but also school playgrounds, parks, and daycares.  Artificial grass offers a cleaner area for kids, unlike messy mulch, pebbles, or grass that scatters around.  Not only do these items leave the playground messy, but they also bring the mess back inside shoes and on clothing.  Additionally, an important aspect of playground turf in Schaumburg is the additional padding.  The extra layer of foam padding helps to cushion the ground and help absorb the shock.  Whether you need an outdoor playground space or an indoor playroom, NexGen Lawns has a variety of options for playground turf in Schaumburg in multiple colors.  Contact us to change your playground into a colorful fun experience with playground turf in Schaumburg, Illinois.

For your commercial or residential purchase of artificial grass in Schaumburg, call NexGen Lawns at 1-888-844-0672 for our professional artificial turf installers in Schaumburg, Illinois.  Ask us for a FREE ESTIMATE.