NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Northbrook, Artificial Turf in Northbrook, IL

Artificial Grass NorthbrookAre you in the market to buy artificial grass in Northbrook, Illinois?  Then, make your purchase of artificial turf in Northbrook from NexGen Lawns for unmatched quality and exceptional durability.  We carry a large selection of synthetic turf and artificial grass Northbrook developed through extensive research.  Therefore, you will experience technologically advanced artificial grass in Northbrook, IL.  At NexGen Lawns, we not only supply synthetic grass but also install it.  Our teams of professional installers work across different types of outdoor and indoor surfaces.  Thus, for your purchase and installation of artificial turf in Northbrook choose the premier provider of synthetic grass from NexGen Lawns.

The stunning end results of your artificial grass Northbrook installation will leave you left with a beautiful lawn.  This comes from the high-end artificial fibers from NexGen Lawns that showcases a realistic look.  In addition, the craftsmanship of our knowledgeable artificial turf installers provides you with a truly professional installation.  Whether you are looking to purchase an artificial grass lawn, a backyard putting green, playground turf, artificial dog grass, or synthetic turf for sports – NexGen Lawns is your artificial grass Northbrook company to call.

Artificial Grass Northbrook Options

To meet varying surface needs, NexGen Lawns carries many artificial grass Northbrook options.  Therefore, if you need a residential artificial grass or a commercial playground turf, NexGen Lawns has the artificial grass Northbrook options for you.  Please continue to read to learn more about the synthetic grass and artificial turf Northbrook, Illinois options.

Residential Synthetic Grass Northbrook

Residential Synthetic Grass NorthbrookA beautiful lawn is easily achievable through the purchase of residential synthetic grass in Northbrook.  NexGen Lawns brings homeowners a natural-looking lawn without the work that comes along with regular grass.  This is due to the lustrous synthetic fibers that bring softness to the ground.  Therefore, you’ll enjoy a nice lawn with minimal maintenance from synthetic grass.  The weekend duties of mowing, watering, and placing down harmful fertilizer will stop with artificial turf.  This allows you to have more time for yourself or to enjoy other activities.  Additionally, you’ll even help save water due to your reduction of lawn watering.

Our residential synthetic grass in Northbrook is great for the whole family and is even pet-friendly.  Now, you no longer have to worry about mowing the grass before it’s time to go outside to play with the children or have a gathering.  If you don’t have a lawn space and would like to create a green space, residential synthetic grass Northbrook provides one for you.  NexGen Lawns installers work across varying environments from concrete patios to wood decks and balconies.  Therefore, we can give brighten up your outdoor setting with synthetic grass.  Our artificial grass can change your landscape in a variety of ways from going in between stones, around the swimming pool, and beneath trees.  Give our team a call to change your landscaping with residential synthetic grass in Northbrook, Illinois.

Artificial Grass Northbrook for Dogs

Artificial Grass Northbrook for DogsIs your dog leaving you left with a struggling or ruined lawn?  Then, transform your home lawn or dog run with artificial grass Northbrook for dogs.  NexGen Lawns brings homes a durable pet turf so that you can have a long-lasting lawn.  Artificial grass Northbrook for dogs provides residential lawns with a clean look that is mud-free.  This is due to the rapid drainage of our artificial grass Northbrook for dogs that quickly drains both rain and dog urine.  Additionally, this helps to even reduce odors and our pet turf does not discolor when exposed to dog urine.  The mud-free pet turf surface means you won’t have those muddy paw prints across your floors.  Our installers provide full lawns with artificial grass Northbrook for dogs to dog runs, please give us a call for more information.

NexGen Lawns provides our strong artificial grass Northbrook for dogs to not only homes but also businesses.  If you have a business looking to add a dog park, dog run, or kennel, we can remodel your space with our quality pet turf.  Surfaces like concrete or pea gravel create a rough ground and can hurt paws.  Instead, give your commercial dog space a soft pet turf that comes with exceptional durability.  Artificial grass has minimal maintenance and provides your business with a clean look.  Additionally, artificial grass will even help lower your outdoor maintenance costs. Contact NexGen Lawns for your purchase and installation of artificial grass Northbrook for dogs.

Artificial Turf Northbrook for Athletic Fields

Artificial Turf NorthbrookThe staff at NexGen Lawns is here to help you in selecting from the many choices of artificial turf Northbrook for athletic fields.  We carry multiple artificial turf Northbrook for athletic fields to cover a variety of surface needs.  Therefore, our team is here to help you with which synthetic turf works best for your area needs.  The great benefit of artificial turf Northbrook for athletic fields is the great versatility it brings.  You’ll have a multi-use field to use in a variety of ways.  Sports from softball, soccer, football, lacrosse, and more can all utilize the same synthetic field.  This will allow your sporting club or school the ability to host more sports with artificial turf fields.

The installation of artificial turf Northbrook for athletic fields will save you both in upkeep costs and time.  Therefore, you can decrease the time the fields are closed for maintenance care.  This means you’ll have more time available to utilize your fields, which will help provide practice time to your athletes.  Additionally, you’ll reduce the cost of upkeep expenses to help save you money.  Artificial turf Northbrook for athletic fields provides a surface that you can use throughout the year.  This means you can play more tournaments, games, and practices throughout the year on an astro turf style field.  NexGen Lawns not only installs outside areas, but also indoor artificial turf applications.  We install in gyms, sporting clubs, batting cages, and more.  For more information regarding artificial turf Northbrook for athletic fields, contact our staff today.

Backyard Putting Green Northbrook

Backyard Putting Green NorthbrookWould you like to get more time for golf?  Sometimes busy schedules can leave you with limited time to go out to golf.  Thus, bring the game of golf to you and your schedule with a backyard putting green in Northbrook, Illinois.  NexGen Lawns installs custom backyard putting green in Northbrook to help you with your game.  We install across a variety of environments, whether you are wanting a synthetic putting green outside in the lawn, over the deck, or even indoors.  Our synthetic grass provides a beautiful surface with an exceptional ball roll.  You’ll have a luxury backyard putting green in Northbrook to add value to your home and the ability to play when you decide.

NexGen Lawns installs and renovates existing commercial putting greens, tee lines, and courses.  We can add a stunning synthetic putting green to your business both inside and out.  Synthetic putting greens from NexGen Lawns provide you with a brilliant surface and minimal maintenance.  Regular grass greens require numerous maintenance hours to keep the green trimmed and well-watered. Thus, you’ll be able to reduce your expenses in maintenance, watering, and fertilizer treatments.  Synthetic grass offers your business a surface that stays green throughout the year; therefore, you can offer to golf more to your customers.  To learn more about artificial grass in Northbrook for putting greens, contact our professionals.

Playground Turf Northbrook

Playground Turf NorthbrookThe premier quality of playground turf in Northbrook from NexGen Lawns provides a soft play surface for children.  Our artificial turf play grass brings a soft ground through an extra layer of padding.  This padding is highly elastic and helps to aid in shock absorption to help protect children.  Playground turf in Northbrook can go in the backyard, underneath play equipment, parks, schools, and more.  We can brighten up your playground with our many color selections of artificial turf.  Therefore, your playground can be fun and unique.  Artificial turf can go not only outside, but also indoors for playrooms, classrooms, and gyms for colorful and soft ground covering.

The high activity at playgrounds and park areas can quickly turn messy.  However, playground turf in Northbrook provides a cleaner surface through rapid drainage.  Rain quickly drains to leave the ground mud-free.  That way children can play soon afterward and not wait for days until the mud goes away.  Mulch and pebbles scatter across the playground leaving the ground messy.  This leaves you left with always trying to sweep the pieces back.  Playground turf Northbrook can give you tidier ground and no mud.  Our installers have helped numerous daycares, playgrounds, and schools and can do the same for you.  Give us a call to change your playground or park with the exceptional quality of playground turf in Northbrook from NexGen Lawns.

Call the artificial grass Northbrook professionals at NexGen Lawns staff to purchase your artificial turf in Northbrook and for our professional artificial grass installers in Northbrook, Illinois.  Ask us for a FREE ESTIMATE.