NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Elgin, Artificial Turf in Elgin, IL

Artificial Grass ElginIf you are contemplating the purchase of artificial grass Elgin, then you have found the place to look.  NexGen Lawns furnishes synthetic turf and artificial grass in Elgin with the best quality.  Our large portfolio of artificial grass products provides you with numerous selections for different types of areas.  We install artificial grass in Elgin for backyard putting greens, lawns, parks, athletic fields, dog runs, and more.  Therefore, we can help you across varying environments with our multiple selections of artificial grass Elgin, Illinois.

NexGen Lawns offers you premium artificial grass Elgin for your home installations and commercial projects.  Therefore, if you need a new landscape at home with fake grass or a modern commercial design with synthetic turf – NexGen Lawns installers are here to assist you.  Our professional services cater to both outdoor artificial grass applications and indoors.

Artificial Grass Elgin Options

To help you in your purchase of synthetic turf, we have listed some of our artificial grass Elgin options below.  Therefore, you can read more about NexGen Lawns’ many artificial grass Elgin options and benefits.

Residential Artificial Grass Elgin

Residential Artificial Grass ElginChange your lawn to a superior surface with residential artificial grass in Elgin.  NexGen Lawns carries residential artificial grass Elgin that will enhance your home landscape.  Artificial grass offers home lawns a landscape with minimal maintenance.  This means you won’t have to mow the yard, water the grass, or place down grass fertilizers.  Instead, you’ll have an easy-to-care-for lawn without time-consuming yard chores.  You can have your weekends back to spend on something else besides the lawn.  Our premium residential artificial grass Elgin brings you realistic appearing fake grass that can enhance your home or even commercial landscaping.

NexGen Lawns residential artificial grass Elgin provides you with a family-friendly lawn.  The children, grandchildren, and even the dog can all play across a fake grass lawn.  You’ll have a ready-to-go lawn for family gatherings and cookouts.  Additionally, a great feature of residential artificial grass in Elgin is the advanced drainage.  Water rapidly drains through to give you a mud-free lawn.  This means you won’t have dirty shoes or mud coming back inside your home.  Therefore, you’ll even have cleaner floors inside.  This great feature is why many homeowners have incorporated residential artificial grass in Elgin at their homes and even around their swimming pools.

Artificial Pet Turf Elgin

Artificial Pet Turf ElginIs the dog ruining your lawn?  Why not switch to artificial pet turf Elgin for a superior pet-friendly surface!  NexGen Lawns can remodel your home lawn or dog run with a soft surface that comes highly durable for dogs.  Dog runs filled with rocks or concrete can hurt pet feet causing sore paws.  Instead, artificial pet turf Elgin gives your dog a more comfortable surface through our soft fibers.  Our artificial pet turf Elgin comes with the strength needed to keep up with your active dog.  That way you and your dog can have fun outside playing fetch on artificial pet turf.  Additionally, you won’t have to wipe off your dog’s paws before they come back inside with the mud-free artificial pet turf Elgin.

Dog training schools, daycares, and park all can change their surfaces to the pet-friendly artificial pet turf Elgin.  NexGen Lawns has transformed numerous dog facilities with our premier artificial pet turf.  These places endure heavy use and need a tough surface to keep up with the high activity.  That is where our artificial pet turf Elgin provides you with both a strong and quality surface.  Additionally, the rapid drainage of our artificial turf provides an even cleaner lawn.  Both rainwater and dog urine will drain through to help reduce smelly odors.  Cleaning up pet waste is also easy since the waste sits on top of the artificial pet turf instead of getting smashed into the dirt of regular grass.  The artificial turf can then easily just be rinsed off with water or rain.

Synthetic Turf Elgin for Athletic Fields

Synthetic Turf ElginTo keep outdoor athletic fields well-maintained means a continual maintenance schedule.  With numerous athletic fields, this means numerous hours and expenses to keep them in good playing condition.  While fields are being maintained, this means less time for teams to train due to field closures.  However, synthetic turf Elgin for athletic fields is a one-time cost that greatly lowers your field upkeep and allows for more time on the fields.  Schools, parks, and sporting clubs will have a cost-saving athletic field through synthetic turf.  Fields won’t have to close for watering, fertilizing treatments, or mowing.  This equates to more field time you can offer to your teams to train and play.

A great benefit of synthetic turf Elgin for athletic fields means you can accommodate more sports on the same field.  Thus, this will help to reduce the unnecessary expenses of having to care for multiple sporting fields.  If you add outdoor lights, you can even use an astro turf style field for 24 hours.  Sports like soccer, softball, baseball, football, and lacrosse can all play on the same playing field.  Synthetic turf Elgin for athletic fields offers a consistent surface to help the performance of athletes.  NexGen Lawns provides outdoor playing and indoor playing fields.  We install indoor artificial training fields, batting cages, and more!  Call today to go over synthetic turf Elgin for athletic fields for your training center, park, school, or sporting center.

Backyard Putting Green Elgin

Backyard Putting Green ElginDo you love to golf?  Or wish you could have a place to learn to golf at home?  The addition of a backyard putting green in Elgin can give you just the place to play and learn.  A backyard putting green Elgin offers you the place to work on your skills anytime at home.  At NexGen Lawns, we bring you synthetic grass with the utmost quality.  Thus, you’ll have an artificial putting green with an excellent ball roll.  The addition of a backyard putting green in Elgin will help you work on your game and even add value to your residence.  You can gather the family around for a friendly match on the lawn.  Don’t have a lawn?  No problem, our installers provide synthetic greens over decks, patios, and even rooftops!

Have a commercial driving range or a golf course?  Then, NexGen Lawns can refurbish your business or club with synthetic grass greens.  We install synthetic putting greens, golf courses, and tee lines.  Synthetic grass offers you a green surface for more time to golf with lower maintenance.  Thus, you can save money and reduce your maintenance.  The demanding mowing and watering schedules will end.  Want to incorporate something new at your business or apartment complex?  Then, add an artificial putting green either inside or outside at your business to give your guests a great amenity.  Make sure you call NexGen Lawns to change your business to a minimal maintenance surface with synthetic grass in Elgin.

Playground Turf Elgin

Playground Turf ElginThe wear at the school playground, park, or back lawn can create the ground quite messy.  This means children playing will also get dirty in these play spaces.  The dirt or mulch at playgrounds gets not only on children but brought back inside.  However, playground turf in Elgin can give you a cleaner ground without the mess of mulch or dirt.  Artificial turf offers a child-friendly ground that keeps green throughout the year.  You won’t have to deal with trimming around the playground equipment.  Nor watering or fertilizing the grass.  Instead playground turf Elgin offers children a ground covering for playtime throughout the year.  We offer different color choices of artificial turf for a bright playground space full of a range of colors.

NexGen Lawns provides playground turf in Elgin with additional padding for children’s safety.  The padding is a foam pad that aids in shock absorption.  Therefore, children will have extra cushion while they have fun playing on soft playground turf in Elgin.  Artificial turf brings a quick-draining ground to give you a mud-free lawn.  Unlike normal grass that creates mud puddles.  This means children can go outside to play shortly after the rain has ended.  You won’t have to worry about muddy shoes coming back inside.  Playground turf Elgin can go not only outside, but also inside playrooms and school gyms.  Call our staff to change your outside or even indoor play spaces into the soft and colorful ground with playground turf in Elgin, IL.

Select NexGen Lawns for your purchase of Artificial Grass in Elgin, Illinois.  Our artificial turf Elgin installers provide both residential and commercial installations.  Ask us for a FREE ESTIMATE.