NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Joliet, Artificial Turf in Joliet, IL

Artificial Grass JoiletTo purchase top-of-the-line artificial grass in Joliet, Illinois, NexGen Lawns is your company to call.  We furnish superior artificial turf in Joliet and surrounding areas due to our high quality.  Our fine-crafted artificial grass in Joliet covers a wide variety of different surface types for commercial properties and residential homes.  A few of our applications include backyard putting greens, synthetic grass lawns, dog runs, play spaces, batting cages, athletic fields, and more.  Therefore, for your purchase of artificial grass in Joliet, contact the professionals at NexGen Lawns.

At NexGen Lawns, we offer installation services of our synthetic grass Joliet products for both outdoor areas and indoors.  Our highly knowledgeable artificial grass Joliet installers come with high-end skills to leave your space left with a beautiful professional result.  Therefore, call NexGen Lawns to discuss with our experienced staff about your artificial grass Joliet purchase and installation.

Artificial Grass Joliet Options

We have listed some of our range of artificial grass Joliet options below to assist you in your purchase.  Therefore, we welcome you to read more about our artificial grass Joliet options to gain more knowledge about the advantages of artificial turf.

Home Synthetic Grass Joliet

Home Synthetic Grass JoiletThe use of home synthetic grass in Joliet will transform your lawn into a lush green faux lawn.  The yard work required to keep the normal grass growing and keep green can be tiresome.  However, why not give yourself some relief and utilize an easier surface with home synthetic grass in Joliet, IL.  Artificial grass provides a realistic appearing lawn that has no lawn mowing, fertilizer applications, or watering.  Therefore, this helps to give you valuable time back to spend on something besides the yard.  Our premium synthetic grass products provide stunning looks for landscaping at homes and commercial businesses.  Additionally, synthetic grass aids in reducing outdoor water usage and maintenance costs.

Home synthetic grass in Joliet offers a lawn for the whole family to use together.  Our synthetic grass is soft for children to play on.  Additionally, artificial grass in Joliet is even dog-friendly.  One benefit of synthetic grass is the quick drainage system.  Rainwater quickly drains to keep the ground free of mud.  That way after the children or dog is done playing outside; you won’t have muddy shoes or paws coming inside.  Home synthetic grass Joliet covers multiple areas outside from the patio, deck, and around the swimming pool.  Our installers can change up your outdoor space with our vibrant synthetic surfaces.  Call to discuss your property and the purchase of home synthetic grass in Joliet, IL.

Artificial Grass Joliet for Dogs

Artificial Grass Joilet for DogsHave a dog or multiple dogs at home?  Why not treat them and yourself to a new home yard that is designed with dogs in mind.  Artificial grass Joliet for dogs comes built with high durability for active canines.  Dogs can ruin a yard quickly; thus, NexGen Lawns has you covered with an easy-to-care-for surface of artificial grass Joliet for dogs.  Artificial grass provides your dog with a lawn that is soft to play on unlike dog runs filled with gravel or concrete.  That way your dog can play fetch outside on a softer surface and you’ll have none of the grass mowing chores to do.

The exceptional strength of artificial grass Joliet for dogs is built with top-notch quality from NexGen Lawns.   Therefore, artificial grass is a smart pick for any dog business.  Our staff is here to assist you with installing a new artificial turf dog lawn, park, kennel, or run.  We have provided dog care centers, training facilities, and boarding centers with our quality fake turf.  Artificial turf helps provide your business with a cleaner space through rapid drainage.  The fast-drying artificial turf means you’ll have no mud for a tidier space.  Additionally, the drainage will even help to reduce odors.  You’ll have reduced lawn expenses through no more mowing, watering, or fertilizing.  Artificial grass Joliet for dogs will not leave your dog yard with yellow or brown spots through our quality artificial grass that doesn’t discolor from urine.

Synthetic Turf Joliet for Athletic Fields

Synthetic Turf JoiletDoes your sporting field need a different surface?  Or are you looking into adding an additional field?  Then, NexGen Lawns can change your field through synthetic turf in Joliet for athletic fields.  Whether you need to renovate your preexisting athletic fields or looking to install a new field, our team members are here to assist you.  Synthetic turf Joliet for athletic fields gives you a field that offers more.  You will have more time on the field through the reduced field maintenance time.  Additionally, this also helps to reduce your costs to save you money.  Athletes will have more access to the fields due to fewer closures for field maintenance work.

Synthetic turf Joliet for athletic fields provides a highly durable field surface for both outdoor fields and indoor settings.  Therefore, athletes and coaches can train and play games on a strong field surface both indoors and outside.  We install batting cages, indoor sporting turf, and more.  Synthetic turf Joliet for athletic fields gives you a playing surface to cover many sports.  Therefore, sports like soccer, softball, football, lacrosse, baseball, and more can utilize the same field.  Now, you will have a multi-purpose field by using an astro turf styled field.  This will help to reduce the need for multiple athletic fields.  One synthetic turf field in Joliet can give you a highly versatile field; therefore, contact NexGen Lawns for more information.

Backyard Putting Green Joliet

Backyard Putting Green JoiletDo you wish you could play some golf more often?  Well, how about right in your own lawn with a backyard putting green in Joliet from NexGen Lawns.  We provide homeowners with a custom backyard putting green Joliet to work on their swing directly at home.  This means you can have the opportunity to golf anytime you decide at home on an amazing synthetic green.  Our premium synthetic grass fibers provide you with a high-quality green.  We can craft an artificial green on the lawn, over your back patio, or even across the deck.  Additionally, we install indoor synthetic putting greens right inside your home.  Contact NexGen Lawns to start working on your golf game right in the comfort of your own lawn.

Have a business that could use a new synthetic putting green?  Or maybe you are looking into adding a putting green to your business for a fun amenity?  NexGen Lawns can renovate your current green to a new synthetic golf surface.  We install synthetic grass for tee lines, golf courses, and putting greens.  Synthetic grass offers you savings for your business through reduced upkeep costs.  You will not have to deal with trimming the green or heavily watering your putting greens when you switch to synthetic grass.  Whether you need an indoor or outdoor synthetic green, call the pros at NexGen Lawns to get started.

Playground Turf Joliet

Playground Turf JoiletDo you need a surface that’s cleaner for your playground area?  Then, NexGen Lawns can remodel your space with playground turf in Joliet.  Playground areas can quickly get messy with active children.  Playgrounds with wood mulch, pebbles, and grass can leave the area and the children messy.  This is due to the mulch and grass pieces scattering around the space getting stuck on children.  However, playground turf in Joliet can help keep your play area tidier.  Children can go outside to play and not have mulch pieces get tracked back inside with them.  Most importantly, we offer playground turf in Joliet with additional foam padding.  The padded underlayment helps to pad the ground to give an extra layer of cushioning.

Playground turf Joliet provides backyards with a playful and beautiful ground.  That way children and grandchildren can play outdoors on a green lawn all year.  Unlike a browned and worn down regular grass lawn that leaves children left with limited playtime on a full green lawn.  Additionally, playground turf in Joliet is easier to care for around the play equipment.  You won’t have to try to edge around the playground base and mow around the swing set.  The children can play outdoors on a soft synthetic lawn and you can enjoy the reduced lawn maintenance.  We offer our playground turf in Joliet even in different colors.  Call our team to change your lawn, school, park, or even indoor playroom with playground turf in Joliet, Illinois.

To purchase artificial grass in Joliet, call NexGen Lawns at 1-888-844-0672 if you are searching for a professional artificial turf installer in Joliet, Illinois.  Ask us for a FREE ESTIMATE.